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Ashton Kutcher

Scores HUGE "Men" Paycheck

8/10/2011 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judging by the audience reaction Friday night, Ashton Kutcher is an instant hit on "Two and a Half Men," and judging by the bottom line, he's being handsomely rewarded with a paycheck that approaches a million bucks an episode.

There are reports that he's raking in $700,000, but we know it's much higher.  Ashton is actually getting between $800,000 and $900,000 an episode.

True enough ... Charlie Sheen was making a lot more -- $1.25 million an episode, plus profit sharing which brought him to $2 million per show.    We're told Ashton will get the often-elusive "back end" profits as well.

Ashton has instantly become the reigning king of TV in the salary department.


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They needed someone fast, and they like Ashton who won't cause Charlie problems, and that was the money he wanted and the money they think will make it worth it for them. It is also meant to show they trust him. The key point (for them) is not what else the money could have been be used for, but how much advertising the show will pull in.

Stop being mean. If Kutcher is a one trick pony, he certainly know how to make that trick work, because audiences want to see him and producers want to work with him.

And why would in concern you that his wife is 15 years his senior? Do you go after every male star with a younger wife (that is, most of them)? You'd never call a 50 year old man married to a 35 year old woman a "grandpa". What utter nonsense. As long as they're happy, all is well.

Best of luck, Kutcher!

1134 days ago


Ashton is the man!!!! Can't wait for the new Two and a Half!!

1134 days ago


Just curious.....where's Demi been lately? Haven't seen or heard from her in a while. They used to be twittering incessantly about how much they're in love an d all that. But in the last month or more, we haven't heard anything from her, or from him regarding her. I think there's mayja trouble in paradise....

1134 days ago


Ridiculous..I like Ashton but there's no way to replace Charlie Sheen...this show will not last long.

1134 days ago


a waste of money........curious seekers will watch in the beginning just to see how this piece of crap will fail....then CANCELLATION! Seen this happen too many times....only one show I know of that made it past 5 years after a main charater left and that was Cheers!

1134 days ago


That check won't last long. Who is going to watch the show. Anyway, shouldn't he be home with his wife Demi? This clown can't act!

1134 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

OK... I am a fan of the show. I was a fan when Sheen was on, and probably will be with Kutcher stepping in. Kudos to the witers. But wow... all this drama, money and attention over a TELEVISION SHOW? The world needs a reality check, and I am not talking reality TV. *gag*

1134 days ago


Awwww Julie B, let's call the whaaaambulance for you honey. It's not fair, people can't eat! wah wah wah!!!! Cry me a river, build a bridge and get the feck over it already. That's the way of the world, if you can't afford to eat, sell your computer and buy some mac n cheese. Go back to school Bitching about other people having more money than YOU is pathetic. There is always going to be someone better looking, richer, smarter, etc. You need to work on your issues, chick. This is a wake up call to GROW UP and quit whining. I said GOOD DAY.

1134 days ago


@ men: please refer to my post to JulieB. You need to get over it, seriously. It's not the rich's fault that you are not rich, it's YOUR fault...blame your parents for not leaving you any money.

1134 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

No actor or actress is worth even a fraction of that cost.

1134 days ago

John T.    

Vegas odds say He will not make a go of it. He doesn't have enough talent. Does not dress or act mature enough to pull it off.

1134 days ago



1134 days ago


I still have no interest in watching this guy on television or watching Two and a Half Men.

1134 days ago


Ashton Kutcher is not worth that money. Notice her is 35 and the only awards he gets are from 12 year olds

1134 days ago


He gets more money than Jon Cryer. JonCryer should be pissed.

1134 days ago
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