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Camille Grammer

Kelsey's Got a SMALL PENIS

8/10/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer is seriously lacking in the man department -- at least according to his ex-wife Camille ... who STRONGLY insinuated yesterday that the actor has a small penis.

In a recent promo for "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Camille describes Kelsey ... "Big hands, big feet, big disappointment" -- and last night in New York, she said it's true ... telling us, "It was a lot like that. I had that for 13 years, unfortunately."

Kelsey Grammer Small PenisYou know what they say, it ain't the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean -- but it helps a lot when the boat has millions of dollars.


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me, myself and I    

Isn't this what all chicks claim after getting burned? Immature. Let it go and move on with your sad pathetic life. Do it for the kids sake.

1168 days ago


So... you didn't take him for a test drive before you married him? Decided maybe a little weewee was worth it if you could have lots of shopping money? Btw sweetheart, have you looked in a mirror? cuz you are one fugly cow.

1168 days ago


I'm thinking the truth is that she has a HUGE vagina.

1168 days ago


And she craps herself, neither one of them are perfect human beings. At least he is likable. She is a nasty ****.

1168 days ago


She seemed pretty desperate to hold onto that penis a year ago, even though she claimed that he also cross dresses.

Camille is a sociopath and Kelsey handled her the best way possible. He humiliated her, ran far,far away and then immediately replaced her with a non-prostitute.

1168 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Something typical an old hag would say after being dumped for a much younger and prettier woman. Get a life Camille... what there is left of it.

1168 days ago


Well she just proved that she is a money grubbing whore. It wasn't to small for her to marry it and take it for everything it is worth. Somebody make her dissapear, please!

1168 days ago

Jim Deen    

But he can still score a younger and hotter woman than you. Stay classy, old lady.

1168 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Here's hoping she gets sexually assaulted and gets AIDS from it. The world needs less worthless human beings.

1168 days ago


low blow..... and be glad it's not big or gag reflexes would be reeling..... kelsey only has what god gave him, and listen honey: you are cleaning up financially for saying that crap..... i suggest you shut your mouth before you get sued for defamation.....

1168 days ago


She didnt have a problem with that teeny pecker when she was marriedto him!!

1168 days ago


What a classy whoure that women is. Cann't wait for her kids to read that about their dad... nice !

1168 days ago


Sorry, guys, but size definitely does matter.

1168 days ago


Hey Camille... if fake ***** were as easy to have "installed" as fake tits, then you and Kelsey could have gotten a two-fer' discount. Hmm?

She's an empty shell in more ways than one so its not surprising that this is what's she's spewing. I'd actually forgotten about her... must be some sort of televised program coming up that needs promoting, eh Cami...

At least the RHoBH makes her out to be the villain, and doesn't just blow more smoke up her ass. They know she's so starved for attention that she'll do anything to get a few more minutes of "fame".

And though it's a bit of a non-sequitor, I would love to see Camille and Kelsey do a season of celebrity apprentice at the same time. Not that that would ever happen though...

1168 days ago


it would take a woman with a huge vag to say something like this...the bitter whore needs a two by four since shes been stretched that wide...who listens to this non human.....very low woman to say something like that...she didnt mind when she had her meal tickets and he was married tjust a whore scorned!o her

1168 days ago
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