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Lawrence Taylor's Sex Victim

My Pimp Should ROT In Prison

8/10/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lawrence Taylor's underage prostitute is lashing out against her former pimp -- begging the judge to throw the book at the scumbag after he pled guilty to allegations he used her in a sex trafficking ring.

The girl in question -- buttressed by the one and only Gloria Allred -- will be holding a news conference today at 3pm EST (12 noon PST) ... in front of Federal Court in New York ... to speak out about the nightmare. We'll be LIVE STREAMING the entire thing.

Allred tells us the girl -- now 18 years old -- believes Rasheed Davis deserves "the maximum sentence in prison" ... and according to Gloria, that's 10 years.

It's not likely he'll get that much time -- Rasheed's lawyer is asking for the minimum allowable sentence of 5 years in prison ... but prosecutors are gunning for 10.


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some guy    

Always thought LT got kind of a raw deal in this case. I don't like that the chick was underage, but I got a feeling she lied. Chick seems like she's been around the block a couple times, already.

1179 days ago


and lawrence walks because he has a high priced lawyer. sounds fair, why don't they go after more pimps, I would say if they are in the pimp business they are also in the drug business. 2 birds with 1 stone.

1179 days ago


I'm sorry but I think L.T. got the short end of the stick here....I belive the YES she was old enough to know what she was doing and LIED about her age....She a whore...young but she got what she went in and money. Her age is just that....her age...she went into the hotel room with her eyes and legs open

1179 days ago


The smell of money must be somewhere in the air if Gloria "The F*cking Vulture" Allred is involved.

1179 days ago


Why does one have to make a comment in order to like or dislike someone's else's comment? TMZ, That Sucks!!

1179 days ago


It won't be worth watching...there is no way Gloria will ever top the video of her stroking the baseball bat with a gleam in her eye...can't be done!

1179 days ago


shes a low class whore who chose that cancerous looking cow named gloria as an attorney....isnt prostitution illegal and shouldnt this walking AIDS Virus be charged with whoring, along with her pimp!

1179 days ago


The Wicked Witch of Jerusalem swoops in with her broom to save the day (and get airtime)

1179 days ago


couldn't have been that much of a nightmare for that girl if she keeps putting herself out there over and over again to try and get a few minutes of fame

1179 days ago


I hope Gloria isn't in this for the money because LT doesn't have sheeeeeeeeit! Come on, the guy is smoking crack for christ sakes!

I swear, the sight of that bitch just makes me want to yak all over myself.

1179 days ago


Gloria Allred is a waste of skin...

1179 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

Which one is the pimp? The black guy or the white woman? I can't tell. Both are pimps to me.

1179 days ago


Why does TMZ continue to cover anything Allred does? She is a fame whore!

1179 days ago


Gloria is like the s*** in my toilet bowl!! Poor x-ho...She needs a good attorney, to be taken serious!! Good luck with that!!!

1179 days ago


AS I've stated before--Gloria Allred is a professional dingbat.

1179 days ago
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