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Raiders Legend


Sells Super Bowl Rings

8/10/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL legend Ray Guy -- widely considered the GREATEST punter of ALL-TIME -- has been forced to sell off his three SUPER BOWL rings after filing for bankruptcy back in the spring.

61-year-old Guy -- a seven-time Pro Bowler -- banked a total of $80,100 for the three rings he earned during his 14-year NFL career ... two while the Raiders were in Oakland ... and one after the team moved to Los Angeles.

The rings (pictured above) were purchased by an unidentified buyer through an L.A. auction house.

After the sale, a clearly saddened Ray told the Augusta Chronicle, "I don't want to talk about it. I'm not trying to be hateful, but sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do."

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Jphn R, Jacobs    

Punters back then were lucky if they made a decent paycheck, and some of them got injured many times from vicious tackles to stop the punts. Punters were usually small compared to the other players!!!

1177 days ago

Jphn R, Jacobs    

Maynerd: You are the IDIOT! Punters in those days, before you were born, got terribly LOW paychecks, compared to star punters these days!!!!!!!!!!

1177 days ago


A fool and his money soon part!!

1177 days ago

victor thome    

80,000 grand not bad should of got more for being the best punter of the nfl while he played as for you people posting negative comments go play some touch football you bitches!

1177 days ago

joe letourneau    

It is a joke that the best punter to play the game has to sell his rings (And why is he not in the hall of fame)

1177 days ago


if i had raider ring you'd never get them from me. you would have to rip my fingers off first.

1176 days ago

Joe Raiderhead    

Ray Guy is the Greatest punter ever!!!!!!!! Still not inducted to the Hall of Fame and now forced to sell his THREE SUPERBOWL rings.... Yet Jamarcus Russell has Millions and never amounted to ****!!! The league and Al Davis should be very embarrassed!!!!! Bleeding Silver and Black since 63..............

1175 days ago


that's so sad...I feel bad for him. But I don't understand how these players are so bad in investing the money they've earned during their careers. We hear this over and over.

1174 days ago

Earl Mann    

I know who bought them and after the time limit passes when you no longer need to liquidate assets. I know the law has changed, it used to be anything of value obtained before 6 months passed, anything of value you earn or recieve after 6 months you no longer need to report it.

1111 days ago


its sad to hear this. thats why i promote to others in my circle to be sure to have payroll deductions from income that will go into an IRA/401K/CD, etc. If its taken off the top, you wont miss it, nor will you have to worry about it later because you got a jump on it. Its better to save now and need it than not to save now and not have it later on.

1078 days ago


It is one thing to be a sports enthusiast, but when youre a 100% NFL fan, to hear of the likes of the great RAY GUY being forced to sell his Super Bowl rings is heart breaking. But you also have to consider the cir****tances and stories of other former greats who received far less. I was in Atlantic city, San Francisco, and NY where I learned of professional athletes whose championship rings were sold for a couple hundred dollars, and these were good deals (in their minds). Pawn shops Ive been to have also had some unbelievable deals on Olympic medals. At least Ray Guy still has his head above water, and some kind of accountability for what he earned.

1058 days ago


First off when he played I imagine he we getting around 76,000 a year at the end of his career and far less in the 70's It may not even have been that much. NFL pay was not that great until the late 80's strike happened. I feel bad for the guy and so should you. I agree that the money was not a lot for championships rings he should have got much more. As far a bankruptcy goes there are not too many Americans that would not find themselves in this situation for say you were out of work for a few months or years. I personally find it distasteful that we look at people with such contempt when they really did nothing wrong except run out of money to live on. I had a similar thing happen to me and had a credit rating over 800 and was out of work for awhile and not will be paying back my crediters fo the next five years. Oh with interest I will be paying them back 3 times more then I borrowed and will have that stigma on my credit report for ten years to boot. With all the people that are suffering due to lack of work available its time to revise your thinking and have some compassion on a aging man who worked hard and finds himself with few options. I hope others recover from our recent recession and find work in this upcoming year. God speed my friends.

1033 days ago

Eric Anderson    

What about topless dancers when they take off their rings in the women's locker room? One gal in particular left her diamond solitare on the wooden locker room bench and when she looked a dancer passing by took the solitare off the bench and out the door with her friend. Problem is that after the theft she now has a personality resembling the person that owned the ring.

422 days ago
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