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President Obama


After Burger Lunch

8/11/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


President Obama's personal credit rating seems to be doing just fine -- because the Commander-In-Chief slapped down some plastic to cover the bill at a burger lunch yesterday ... and tipped more than 35%. 

Obama hit up Ted's Bulletin restaurant in D.C. yesterday where he surprised a group of campaign volunteers who had won an essay contest.

Sources connected to the restaurant tell TMZ ... the President ordered a plain cheeseburger, fries, and side salad ... and an ice cold glass of water to wash it down.

We're told Obama asked for the bill personally -- and picked up the tab for the entire group on his credit card. In total, with tip, Obama dropped over $200.

One person who was inside the restaurant tells us, "He couldn't have been nicer."

The "surprise" wasn't as impromptu as it seemed ... we're told secret service swept through the restaurant with a K9 unit earlier that day -- and the restaurant was closed to the public.


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The guy closes a restaurant so the workers have only one customer and TMZ thinks this is a good thing ? The guy is a punk and should be kicked out of office.

1135 days ago


Our Douche-Bag in Chief eats a cheeseburger and fries(and probably smokes a cigarette after he's a smoker!), and his not-too-small wife wants to make the rest of us eat carrots and broccoli. Another example of the Dems and their "Do as I say, not as I do" attitude. What a tool.

1135 days ago


Please....I come here to escape from this crap. But isn't it nice that he can go eat a burger don't forget how much you enjoy a burger and fries every now and again cause if he stays in office you won't since the regular folks need someone to tell them what is good for them.

1135 days ago


I see Mrs. Obama's message of healthy eating for children was lost on most people. The fact is that alot of children are not being fed properly or exercising enough. Her message was clear, get active, get healthy! She didn't say never enjoy a hamburger and fries! I can see why the United States has the most overweight population if they can't even understand the message she was trying to send!

1135 days ago


Meanwhile - after the TMZ Staff cleaned themselves up after an Obama story - the POTUS used a Credit Card that used to have a $10k limit but was recently dropped to a $5k limit to buy a burger.
Yeah great......YIPPEE! Hope and CHANGE! (vomit!)
When are you ignorant TMZ people going to pull your heads out of your "DNC's" and wake up to being smoke screened?!

1135 days ago


He is a socialist that is trying to start class warfare with his obamacare and policies. For those that play the race card when you criticize Obama, think about how race played into the election when 97% of blacks voted him in? I don't care what color he is, he is a socialist. smaller government is the answer and stop blaming the big businesses (job creators) for our problems, demonizing them. All morons stay home on voting day.

1135 days ago


As i looked at other stories on this site that has just gotten more and more stupid; I've noticed that if the staff at TMZ would realize they live in a broke State like CA that has been ruined by Liberal Policies and thought a bit more deeply than just "Legalize WEED" and "Lady Gaga is fierce" they may be able to influence minds in a better direction that the failed practices of Liberalism.
I bet Harvey doesn't run his little Mecca of TMZ as a Liberal. Bet you have to perform and produce to remain viable - isn't that right Harvey? Or do you allow people to get a paycheck for doing nothing like our Government?
Stupid Liberals......wake up.

1135 days ago


yes Sam, all idiots should stay home on voting day, yourself included. Are you people really this stupid? "hes wasting our tax payers money" he gets a salary as president, he also donated all the profits from his book to charity. And hes trying to help the middle class but he is blocked at every turn. You right wing racist idiots need to take a long look in the mirror. And LOL @ "Job Creators" show me the statistical proof that says they are job creators. We've tried this trickle down **** before. Guess what? it didn't work. Tea Party people are insane, they are the party of no scientists no economists the party of no facts.

1135 days ago


He only left 35% becuase he can't do math. Meant to leave 15%. Kind of explains the deficit:)

1135 days ago

Rob D in S.C.    

LOL I'm sure he will expense it or it was a Gov. credit card. I'm always very generous with other people's money. $200 never bought so much good publicity. Im sure all of the 3 major liberal news agency's will be all over it at 6:30 PM tonight...........

1135 days ago


To the people who think this burger lunch was on the taxpayers dime: You have no idea how many power lunches at huge greedy corprations occur every single day. The cost of those would make your hair curl. There is more corporate welfare and waste than you could imagine. All at the expense of the consumer and also the taxpayer who bailed them out under the bush admin.

1135 days ago


yeah im sure that our president who graduated from Harvard Law and Columbia University can't do math. And I'm sure the deficit is his fault. ROFL, do you people not remember 2000-2008? Clinton left bush a SURPLUS. Bush came in, deregulated wall st. gave the rich huge tax cuts and started programs without funding, Not to mention the two wars. You right wing idiots are ruining this country. Its like Bush and Obama went to lunch, Bush ordered lobster, steak the most expensive **** he can find, then when the bill came he left and now hes being ridiculed for the bill. Hes fought on EVERYTHING by the Right. Which isn't surprising considering they've made it pretty clear all they care about is making sure he only serves one term. So they assisted in that by holding the countries credit hostage over the debt ceiling.

1135 days ago


What a great Photo Op, Let's put this in perspective, they have to close the rest. to the public, so no waiters or waitresses are making any money, he pretends to be one of us regular people (you know the ones that have gotten laid off, have no insurance, can't afford a hamburger, and for a meal of unhealthy food (by his Bit*hy wife's standards) he leaves a 35% tip, that we will pay for in the long run cause it will go on his expense account. Oh yeah he is just a great guy LOL LOL LOL HA HA HA HA !!!! HE IS GARBAGE!!!

1135 days ago


ITs not Obamas fault you lost your job, you people are all pointing fingers at the wrong people. Point to the republicans, all they care about is lining the pockets of their rich buddies. You people are so ignorant, his wife is a bitch cause she wants our kids to eat healthy? you people are ******* lunatics. Have fun with a country run by the likes of idiots like Mitt Romney or Bachmans crazy ass

1135 days ago


julieb - I don't pay taxes to Corporations unless I choose to.
aj - yeah this trickle down stuff has worked before. It was called the 80' Economy in our life times. That was when Harvey first did coke and slept with a guy - good times good times.

Hell can any of you bleeding brained hippie libs give one example of a Democrat idea that EVER worked out well? I mean one that doesn't cost other people to spend thier money with no end in site? I mean Social Security is bankrupt - so is medicare and medicaid........
And did you know that WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, Bosnia, Somalia, and now Libya were all wars started by Democrat Presidents. And how about who started the KKK, Jim Crowe Laws and fought against the civil rights laws from the 60's......anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Yeah that's right all started by and donw by DEMOCRATS!!!
Wake up you brain dead mushes.......a black faced jockey/yard ornament was invented by a DEMOCRAT!
Stupid sheep.

1135 days ago
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