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Adam Sandler

I Did NOT Dine and Dash!

8/12/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Sandler is being accused of stiffing a small Massachusetts restaurant, but it looks to us like the restaurant owner is a publicity hound.

Here's the low down.  Adam is filming a movie in Peabody, MA.  Last month, Adam's company, Happy Madison Productions, made a deal with a restaurant -- A Taste of Italy -- to cater a meal for the cast and crew.  The owner brought the grub and got paid and everything was hunky-dory.

But the restaurant owner claims the production company asked him to stock up on food for 2 BBQ's the following week.  He claims he did just that, but Adam's company never called, leaving him with bags full of groceries to the tune of $2,500.

The restaurant owner says Adam's company wouldn't pay, so in retaliation, he put a sign in the window of his restaurant which read, "ADAM SANDLER ATE HERE AND NEVER PAID."

Reps from Adam's production company tell TMZ .. they never made any promises about catering future BBQ's and as far as they're concerned ... it's case closed.

And, we're told, Adam has never eaten at A Taste of Italy -- and we're guessing he never will.


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You tell that to all the people walking by looking at that sign thinking Adam's a Dbag.

1176 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Adam should sue for defamation.....

1176 days ago

Scotty G    

Adam is a pretty classy guy and wouldnt purposely stiff a working Joe. Either "A taste of ****aly" got confused or there was never a deal, regardless back off my boy Adam...

1176 days ago


Here we go again, someone making a claim with no proof. If I was a business and someone said "stock up for more" I'd say sure thing, "sign here".

1176 days ago


I have lived in Peabody MA for over 25 years and I have NEVER heard of this Restaurant!

1176 days ago


Annnnddd the restaurant owner's 15 minutes of fame are up... *tick, tick, tick*... now. We can now all go about our business.

1176 days ago


Sounds like the business owner doesn't know how to run a business. If someone said, "Stock up for 2 BBQs next week," he should have said, "Just have someone from production come down tomorrow and sign the catering agreements, and we'll take care of that."

Anyone who orders food just from one person (who may or may not have had any spending authority) mouthing off to order more food was asking for trouble.

If the food had been really good, they would have been back.

1176 days ago


The restaurant owner is a jackasss. Did he get anything in writing stating the company ordered the food? Did he get a deposit? Did he speak to someone that was in charge (financially), or did he just speak to crew members that did not have the authority?

This seems like a bad business decision by the restaurant owner. He should learn from it instead of acting like an ass. When he get***** with a defamation lawsuit and have to shell out more money for an attorney, maybe he'll learn to do things differently.

1176 days ago


This place has awesome pizza!!

1176 days ago


Its very nice that you let him eat there for free.. That is what you should of done..

1176 days ago


>campy: 9 hours ago
>Jewish. Guilty as charged.

Campy --> *******. Guilty as charged.

1176 days ago


usually this kind of negative attention is not a good thing. I sure as heck wouldn't eat at a restaurant with a sign like that on the door just to avoid the crazy person who owns it.

1176 days ago


In today's economy small business's like this restaurant cannot afford to have $2,500 worth of groceries wasted. I am sure this man did not go out an purchase the food without fully being under the impression that he would recover his money. If Adam or anyone having anything to do with this agreement whether it was warranted or not, it should be honored and Adam or the production co should cover this mans charges. $2,500 in a penny in the bucket to the stars and just out of class Adam should pay it.

1176 days ago


Adam Sandler doesn't take the time to learn his lines for his movies anymore, that is why he improvs so much now making a scene drawn out and unfunny.

1176 days ago


not cool. there was no deal and the guy got star struck. bad business.

and i'm sure he used the food anyway and is just trying to get his 15 minutes

1176 days ago
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