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Adam Sandler

I Did NOT Dine and Dash!

8/12/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Sandler is being accused of stiffing a small Massachusetts restaurant, but it looks to us like the restaurant owner is a publicity hound.

Here's the low down.  Adam is filming a movie in Peabody, MA.  Last month, Adam's company, Happy Madison Productions, made a deal with a restaurant -- A Taste of Italy -- to cater a meal for the cast and crew.  The owner brought the grub and got paid and everything was hunky-dory.

But the restaurant owner claims the production company asked him to stock up on food for 2 BBQ's the following week.  He claims he did just that, but Adam's company never called, leaving him with bags full of groceries to the tune of $2,500.

The restaurant owner says Adam's company wouldn't pay, so in retaliation, he put a sign in the window of his restaurant which read, "ADAM SANDLER ATE HERE AND NEVER PAID."

Reps from Adam's production company tell TMZ .. they never made any promises about catering future BBQ's and as far as they're concerned ... it's case closed.

And, we're told, Adam has never eaten at A Taste of Italy -- and we're guessing he never will.


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Throwback kid    

Maybe Adam dashed because they didn't make them EXTRA SLOPPY?

1134 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Sadly, this is the funniest thing that's involved Adam Sandler since the late 90's. Ah, the good old days when Sandler could make a funny movie. It seems he's put his foot down and made it clear that his movies from now on are just painful to watch and flat out dumb. He seriously hasn't made a funny movie since the Wedding Singer.
Punch Drunk Love was a good movie but that wasn't a comedy. Maybe he should just stick to dramas because he seems to have lost his comedic abilities.

1134 days ago


What kind of movie is he making? Another following the script: baby talk babble, cut to face making, now make like a monkey, run around the room, return to baby talk babble. Sandler and all the SNL alumn have worn out that script...Or is this a murder/robber mystery set in the usual South Boston location like Afleck and Damon have worn out? Sandler, show us something new.

1134 days ago


Agreed the restaurant owner should have gotten a signed po or otherwise got the production crew to do***ent the request, but I am sure this owner didn't suddenly get the idea to order a bunch of food that would not normally be consumed by their regular patrons. HM Productions should be sued for the cost of the food not the cost of the finished meals, because that was the owner's loss. Let the Arbitrator or coourt-appointed mediator bring the parties together but that lawsuit should proceed. As for teh "Adam Sandler ate hera and did not payu" that is actually not true and could open them up for legal action themselves.

Not to worry, Adam hasn't made a funny movie in almost a decade and is turning into an overfed aging teenager.

And yes, I am a north shore native, living in MA for life! I hadn't eaten at this restaurant before but there are a lot of places like that in town.

1134 days ago


So many of the "elite" do this and do it often. They talk up and tell merchants, proprietors and others that they want to use their services and then nothing happens. If you are in the position to generate and promise doing business with the working man, then follow through. I worked in the luxury business for 12 years and so many rich folk treated businesses and their people like they were second class citizens, many, many times leaving them holding the bag and the bill for merch or services ordered and then never used or picked up. I am glad this man put this sign in his shop! And somewhere along the way Karma will come into play with these types of users!

1134 days ago


for the record, I worked on Chuck and Larry as a NON-UNION extra...i fyou know what it means to be non-union then you know that we get only a small precentage of what SAG artists get, including extra sodas snacks, crafty stuff. On this set when Mr. Sandler was made aware of this , the following day there were sodas snacks and crafty for everyone, nut just SAG artists...this never happens on set and furthermore is not protocol. In my opinion, a production company _ Happy Madison that would go out of their way to suply things that were not required of them to supply....would NEVER do something like not pay a bill...this story is for the dogs, or for the trash, this restaurant is off of my places to eat in Massachusetts. I have worked on several sets, Adam Sandler is one of the best Actors/Producers I have ever encountered and I have been around plenty who I would not say the same thing about. He is as real and honest as they come!!!!

1134 days ago

Throwback kid    

Adam lost me with the Longest Yard, what was he thinking? He is short, small and weak with no athletic ability, he couldn't play high school football and we were supposed to believe he was an ex NFL QB? He should stick to what he knows, doing stupid movies where he is in his 40's but talks jibberish and baby talk

1134 days ago


I find this hard to believe since they have been filming on CapeCod ,Ma were I live and his company has done nothing but help our island with great donations to our towns ya its a pain to have the extra traffic here in the summer but it's helping our towns

1134 days ago

Ben Dover    

production company are dirtbags and should cover at least half. and yes sandler should step up & tell prod comp to take care of it, even though legally it's not his fault.

1133 days ago


THERE HAS TO BE some kind of miscommunication. I would have to see this with my own eyes before I believe Adam Sandler would deliberately walk away from paying. I do not believe the accusation against him and I sincerely hope Adam will quickly clear his good name. He strikes me as a very decent, decent man who does not deserve this kind of publicity. Good Luck!!!

1133 days ago


I was on the production staff and let go because of my comments about this. I was right there when the head guy named "Marcio" hired this guy to do 2 BBQ's. He told him to be "on call" 4th of July week. This caterer and his sister said "are you sure?, this is a very busy week for us". Marcio said "yes, do you mind traveling to the Cape?" the caterer said"we will go anywhere you want us" they agreed on a price of $5000 and Marcio also promised more work after the 2 BBQ's. For Adam to say it never happened is just not right, this was the only little place they used for extra food, I know they paid all the other places (hooters, hilltop, kowloon, etc..) they would not dare stiff them. Adam, do the right thing and go to this place and write them a check. Stop acting like a rich ********.

1133 days ago


This Guy.. who runs this restaurant.. his real name is Roger Williamson .. check him out on He is a con artist and has stolen thousands from single mothers and even tried to get girls to sleep with him by pretending to be a movie producer!

Adam Sandler should sure this man for all the bad things he has done to people (good people) that could not afford to sue him themselves.

Everyone.. please look this guy up... he is HORRIBLE! He tried to scam me out of 25,000 a few months ago!

1133 days ago

Glenn Guglia    

To Adam Sandler and the employees of Happy Madison Productions, I, on behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, hope you will not hold the tomfoolery of this one person against us. You are welcomed and admired in our state. For the man who has with no doubt fabricated these lies, we are sorry. The caterer that lays claim to the name of “A Taste of Italy” in Peabody, MA is operating out of the restaurant that just had its grand opening on 04/26/2011 as the “Little Italy Café” located at 65 Main Street, Peabody, MA, the restaurant where the infamous "ADAM SANDLER ATE HERE AND NEVER PAID" sign hangs in the window. Does it seem strange to anyone else that the owner of a restaurant would go to such lengths to draw attention to his situation, yet his name is never mentioned in any of the articles?
This man came to the attention of the Boston Police after running an ad in the Boston area actor’s trade publications/internet sites looking for actresses to audition for a part in a movie with Ben Stiller. This news clip from Boston’s WCVBtv is self explanatory.
He has used several aliases to avoid detection over the years. He has presented himself as a lawyer and used an actual lawyer’s credentials to con a person out of a $7,000 retainer stating he would represent the person in court. He is now on probation for his actions and was ordered by the courts to pay retribution. He claims disabling health conditions prevent him from working. If he prepare food for employees of Happy Madison Productions, that constitutes works and I’m sure the DOR and IRS would like to hear from Happy Madison Productions concerning any money paid to “A Taste of Italy” in Peabody, MA for services rendered, as he owes in excess of $40,000.00 in back child support Women have taken restraining orders out against him, not only in Massachusetts, bilked many landlords in the area out of thousands in rent and has made appearances in small claims court as people try to reclaim the money this man basically stole from them.
If you know this man as several of us do in the area, you’d know the infamous sign wasn’t hung in retaliation or even free publicity. It’s all about the money and yet another one of this con schemes. QUOTE: “Happy Madison Productions, made a deal with a restaurant, A Taste of Italy, to cater a meal for the cast and crew. The owner brought the grub and got paid and everything was hunky-dory.” Not happy with just one paycheck, this clown went back for seconds and wants paid for something that was not agreed upon. After all what’s $2,500 to Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Productions, they have millions.

DISCLAIMER: All information mentioned is of public record.

1133 days ago

Glenn Guglia    

"Adam, do the right thing and go to this place and write them a check."

Mr. Sandler make the check payable to the Department of Revenue and ask that the money be sent to his small son in North Carolina then Roger Williamson will only owe $35K in back child support.

1132 days ago


You are now talking about a former employee, the owner of this restaurant is a woman, a single mother and you are trashing her because of a former employee? This information you posted could have only come from one person and that is Marcio the Chef or Adam's production team who did threaten us about releasing this information. This was all a set up with Adam's production team. They have threatened us in person when they made us drive to Cape Cod to be paid only to have people there to threaten us with physical harm. Marcio knows that a woman is the owner of this cafe but insisted on the former employee to give his name, sign paperwork just so they could link him to this and trash our credibility at the same time. The fact is we delivered FREE pizza that everyone loved. Then we delivered 5 sandwich platters which we were paid for. At that time we were hired to do TWO BBQ's at $2500 each for a total of $5000 and NEVER got paid a penny until we called Adam's Agent, his Manager and the home office of Happy Madison Productions. Then after a 3 1/2 week chase we only got 1/2 of what is owed and promised. Since Marcio & Happy Madison want to trash us because of a former employee and still owe us $2500 WE WILL BE FILING A COMPLAINT IN PEABODY DISTRICT COURT ON TUESDAY MORNING. You BULLIES think you can treate people like this? talk trash about people? No Matter what you want to say about one of our employees/former employees it does not change the fact you owe us $2500. SEE YOU IN COURT MARCIO & ADAM.....get your facts straight you, try making a movie that is actually FUNNY and stop trying to screw people at the box office......

1132 days ago
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