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Bristol Palin

Strolls Through Motherhood

8/11/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Bristol Palin
Sarah Palin's 20-year-old unwed daughter Bristol Palin took her adorable two-year-old son with Levi Johnston, Tripp, for a stroll in L.A. on Wednesday.

The teen abstinence spokesperson is getting ready to shoot her new reality show with her former fellow "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Kyle Massey.

One person you probably won't see on her show is Levi's sister Mercede, who just called Bristol "evil" and a "sociopath" in a Playboy interview.

How do you like them family values?


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Bristol is such a sweetie and totally gorgeous as well. Love her!

1132 days ago


So tired of people thinking this girl is something to look up to. Why always use the term 'unwed mother'?... because the Palin's preach and shove morality down everyone's throat while there own family is getting drunk on wine coolers and screwing.. that's why, she is the very definition of a hypocrite. There are plenty of unwed mothers out there actually caring for their kids who don't have millions of mommy's dollars to support them. Go applaud them.

1132 days ago


I agree! The person who wrote this is just trying to be snide prob because they are anti Palin.....please start referring to the following celebrities as "unwed mothers". Halle Berry,Padma Lakshmi, Kourtney Kardashian, Selma Blair, Alexis Knapp, Natalie Portman, I could go on and on. These ladies have the courage and the MONEY at least to have the kids they were probably not intending to create so kudos to them. But don't use the term "unwed" to be condescending to Palin's daughter. Whether or not you agree with the mother's politics has nothing to do with her daughter.

1132 days ago


she is NOT a celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1132 days ago

Hamptons dude    

Just another hillbilly. I'm surprised she's wearing shoes. Abstinance spokesperson? That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!!
Where di the boobs come from?

1132 days ago


Hey, TMZ, when you write one of your many, many stories on the Trashdashians, do you start the story with, "Kris' daughter and unwed mother, Kourtney..." Are you kidding me? Make sure you start every piece of crap celebrity story that involves a single monther with, "the unwed..."

1132 days ago


I love Bristol Palin. Read her book and loved it. Can't wait to see her reality show.

As for the gnat's sister, she can go to hell.


1132 days ago


looks to me like she got a boob job too

1132 days ago


First of all guys...really? There are about a million unwed mothers in hollywood and that's what you have to use for a Conservative politicians’ daughter. Do we have an agenda here or what?

Also, the fact that she’s Sarah Palin’s daughter is not her fault nor does it make her stupid. She didn’t ask for all the publicity until she went on Dancing with the Star’s, but the fact that she is making a living (public appearances, Dancing with the Star’s, TV show) is working. There are a number of other public figures offspring who never work a day in their life, drug addicts and less than great parents, but you don’t feature them with their kid on your site and label them unwed-mother or father. What about Ryan Philippe…you didn’t label his picture un-wed father. I thought Harvey had more standards than that and the fact that this picture is labeled this way is disgusting.

1132 days ago


Too old for a pacifier...geez

1132 days ago


Just curious, why don't you describe Angelina Jolie as an "unwed mother"?

1132 days ago


Emphasis on "unwed" mother I see. Forget that the nation is crawling with them. But no, let's slam the Palin's every chance we get. GAWD you guys are obvious.

1132 days ago


@gtreel. Maybe it's because Bristol has made thousands of dollars on the speaker circuit talking about abstinence. Where are the Palin family values? And her son just knocked up a woman and is finally married her before the birth. Where are the Palin family values?

1132 days ago


Riiiiight. Because EVERY teenager in America always does exactly what their parents tell them. Further, perhaps Bristol is taking what is perceived as a negative to turn it into a positive to try and help others to make "better" choices for lack of a better term. For a bunch of liberals you folks sure are narrow minded.

1132 days ago


Bristol get that binkie out of that boys mouth!

1132 days ago
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