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Kayte Grammer to Camille:

Kelsey's Penis

Didn't Like You Either!

8/11/2011 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's wife, Kayte Grammer, has come out swinging at Camille Grammer, for opening her big mouth and claiming Kelsey has a small penis.

Kayte tells TMZ, "Perhaps the fault lies not so much with the member in question but rather with the inspiration at hand."

There's clearly plenty of hatred to go around, because the Grammer camp has not publicly commented on the bitter, ongoing Grammer divorce -- until now.

Kayte is responding to Camille's comment, "Big hands, big feet, big disappointment."



No Avatar

Oval Beach    

Well, I can imagine with her stretched out Vajay-jay, for Kelsey it was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway...alls fair in love and war I guess.

1167 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Kelsey sure likes them big-mouthed broads. Food for thought...

1167 days ago


Well if Camille's ***** wasn't as big as the ******* grand canyon with all the men she was doing behind Kelsey's back, maybe she would actually had felt something.

1167 days ago


Ha! I'm glad the new wife finally spoke up.
Camille needs to keep this issue private. I'm single but if I were married then unfortunately divorced I doubt I would ever trash my ex in public. THat is the father of her children and she comes off looking like a LOSER. Dishing the crap on your ex over a glass of wine with your girlfriends is one thing. Camille was only relevant bec who she was married to Now her next best strategy is to talk smack about him to stay relevant. If she was banging someone else and happy she wouldnt be such a conniving wench. And soooo unpleasant and talk about aging badly? I have Chanel bags that are smoother than this skanks face--she has NO room to talk

1167 days ago


Geezus pretty soon Kelsey's penis will take on a life of it's own. Howdy Ho Kyle!

1167 days ago


So GROSS! I think the last thing anyone wants, is to picture Kelsey Grammer's penis- YUCK! He's so disgusting.

1167 days ago


Didn't really dispute her comment, tho. She just said she doesn't have a problem getting him erect, which isn't what Camille complained about.

1167 days ago

the truth    

i am so happy he got rid of this wanna be star. i can not stand this nasty ugly fake ass B.shes just jealous because she doesn't have it anymore ! the only thing she has going for her is being married to Kelsey.THATS IT. Other then that shes nothing.shes ugly inside and out. I'm sure she has an echo in that hole of hers cuz the skank has been around. she loves use her and throw her away.stop using your X name to try and get a head. your done and you no it.

1167 days ago

Ms. Bri    

Why did she even respond, sure they are married now. She should go back behind the scenes really could care less what a woman who was cheating with a married man has to say.

1167 days ago


enough camille remember hes the father of your children, cant you both show a little class, its over get over it, hes moved on so why dont you.

1167 days ago


Don't care, but what a pathetic lot!!

1167 days ago


A small one is a small one is a small one. No amount of inspiration will change that.

1167 days ago


Why did she even respond, sure they are married now. She should go back behind the scenes really could care less what a woman who was cheating with a married man has to say.
Quite frankly, I totally forgive Kelsey for cheating on Camille. She is a vile ******* and if anyone deserved to have the rug pulled from underneath her spoiled a$$ it's her. Did you watch RHOBH??? This woman thinks she is sooo gorgeous that every female with a vagina is jealous of her. I thought it was funny how HOT she thinks she is. Someone hold a damn mirror up to this broad

1167 days ago


with all the money he has, i'de take the money,keep my mouth shut about his penis cuz it would be stuffed with somebody else's

1167 days ago


That was filmed months ago right when he left her and!

Of course she was bitter!

Sorry, but Katye the mistress whore defending him doesn't help!

1167 days ago
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