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Kayte Grammer to Camille:

Kelsey's Penis

Didn't Like You Either!

8/11/2011 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's wife, Kayte Grammer, has come out swinging at Camille Grammer, for opening her big mouth and claiming Kelsey has a small penis.

Kayte tells TMZ, "Perhaps the fault lies not so much with the member in question but rather with the inspiration at hand."

There's clearly plenty of hatred to go around, because the Grammer camp has not publicly commented on the bitter, ongoing Grammer divorce -- until now.

Kayte is responding to Camille's comment, "Big hands, big feet, big disappointment."



No Avatar


Now she says this! Who the f--k cares bitch! Maybe you have a HUGE *****!!!

1115 days ago


It's perplexing why Camille never made that claim when she was with him. Sour grapes (no pun intended).

1115 days ago

N.O. Lady_is_a_wh*re    

Damon: 3 minutes ago

That was filmed months ago right when he left her and!

Of course she was bitter!

Sorry, but Katye the mistress whore defending him doesn't help!

Hello? Mistress whore? Kayte is not the one with soft porn out there! I'd cheat on that bitch in one minute! Camille has done playboy and PORN that is no class act. I dont care if she slept with Kelsey while he was married. She didnt take vows he did . Hey women stop being pissed at the other woman. Hold your man accountable. People screw people over to get what they want. That's life. If Kelsey wanted to stay with Camille he would have!!!!! He clearly is happier. Angelina and brad
Leanne and Eddie
Tori and Dean
who gives a eff? Most couples have a sorted history. I dont agree with cheating and would have ended the relationship first but lets also stop acting like gullible morons:)

1115 days ago


i love how any women who has a bad break up goes right to saying the man has a small one so funny

1115 days ago


Just a thought.....Maybe the problem is with the size of her Vagina and not the size of his Penis..... Hello Hello Hello in there !!!

1115 days ago


hmmm... well when Kayte gets left for another younger woman guess who will be laughing.

1115 days ago


Hey Kayte...did not realize you are directly related to
MR you call Kelseys little bitty pee pee
"WIBURRRRRRRR"? I bet you can tear the heck off the
top of a carrot with those enormous choppers. Bet old
Kelsey doesn't trust Wilbur too close to those choppers....

1115 days ago


Camille needs to keep her trap shut. She got plenty of money in the divorce which she did not deserve. She should be very grateful for what she has considering she was a porn star/stripper before she married her rich husband.

1115 days ago


Camille your beautiful. He deserves it after the way he treated you. Team Camille!!!

1115 days ago


but the question is...does anyone really care?

1115 days ago


STFU about how poor Camille was cheated on.

This woman has a horrible personality.
She probably drove him into Kayte's arms.
She got MILLIONS from Kelsey
Hey Camille go find a new boyfriend with a big penis and shut up!
It shows how much she wants him back and how she has not moved on at all.
I'd be too busy doing the pool boy and shopping on Rodeo Drive if I was a recently divorced hag with millions
Camille is a damn pain and NO ONE likes her.

1115 days ago


looking at Camille and you know that Kelsey had to pay the whore before she'd let him near her...Once a useless skanky goldigging bottle blonde bitch always a whore. Camille is mad because Kelsey dumped her skanky azz for a younger woman and got to say a better looking woman. Camille is just as low as dog poop.....a scorned bitter whore is all i see in this bitch! the bitch dont talk about her fake tits...her fake plastic surgery face thats falling.....I could go on about this tramp!

1115 days ago


It's really not the size of the "Foot", it's the size of the "Boot" that makes a snug fit.

I think Camille should have had her "Boot" botoxed along with everything else she had worked on.

1115 days ago


Camille needs to get over it. She can still do the ex hollwood wife crap. The two of them were just not happy together Kelsey moved on.

1115 days ago


I have to agree, Camille is very plastic looking.

1115 days ago
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