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Oksana Grigorieva 911

"He's Losing Blood Badly!"

8/23/2011 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Oksana Grigorieva -- moments after her teenage son put his hand through a stained glass window in July, slashing his arm wide open.

Oksana screams frantically into the phone, "A huge chunk of meat is missing out of his arm!" 14-year-old Sasha faints in the middle of the phone call.

According to reports, Sasha -- Oksana's son with actor Timothy Dalton -- was treated at a local hospital and released soon after his bloody accident ... but not without several stitches.


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I wouldn't put it past this nut case to have cut her sons arm herself.

1123 days ago


When I first saw that photo I thought that was Octomom (tm).

1123 days ago


does anybody care?/...when is this loser gonna go away?? cant TMZ come up with some better news than this??

1123 days ago


Yes, OinkSkanky made a 911 call but this does not in any way redeem her as a good parent. Parents, unless they are mentally ill, will make the call in an emergency situation. It's just common sense that parenting skills are much more involved and complex then this one incident. She does not prove a *&@ thing except she has some common sense. She's still a sociopath and a soulless, gold-digger. Ultimately, none of this information about their private lives needs to be broadcast to the world. If it were me at 14, I would be furious at my mother being used time and time again for her own gain.

1123 days ago


I only wish Oksana went through the window. >:(

1123 days ago


Did anyone notice she said he shut the door hard (read slammed it), I bet they were fighting, he didn't just lose his balance they were having an argument. He was really worried about his appearance.

1123 days ago


It's interesting this story is coming out just after her allegations that Mr. Gibson traumatized her son. It comes off as if she (her P.R. team or whomever) is trying to clean up her image as a more caring parent in the face of yet more excuses to extort Mr. Gibson and her shady past. It all sounds dirty to me.

1123 days ago


yap all you want
Oxy did a fine job, she looked after her children.

So when was she out running around?

1123 days ago


Mother of the year....

1123 days ago


Oxy's favorite site still says that witnesses saw her running around outside with the baby in her arms screaming , so she must have ran outside before she called 911 which is strange.

1123 days ago



Wasnt it posted on ROL that OG was out running around like a crazy woman when Sasha cut himself? Strange how once again (when it works to "their" advantage) ROL is the gospel.

1123 days ago


Ira Black: about an hour ago
2idios: The fraus must be having a collective melt down.
YOU LOSE!!! SORRY LADIES - all this time spent trying blame her!
IRA BLACK, Hurry back!
I guess you had to run since you cant have fun
blaming Oksana for something the silly kid done!
See how u run when you learn OG was the one to call 911!
Oh before I forget. Just who was it that planted that story with ROL of Oksana running out into the street screaming with Lucia in her arms ?

From DAY 1 when I first heard that story I felt someone had something to hide. And it wasn't Mel Gibson.
Ira, why would you refer to ROL? Isn't ROL all LIES? Yet you bring it up as a reference?

Odd how u use it when it "fits" the need...yet when it's supporting OG and trashing Mel, ROL is just garbage!

1123 days ago


Some people on here took ROL as gospel when the tapes were released

1123 days ago


Come ya bunch of losers...for over a year it's been said that ROL is just lies and OG's mouthpiece and nothing but garbage so DONT use them as you're back-up ammo now!

1123 days ago


I doubt he ACCIDENTALLY put an arm through a stanined glass window. This woman has messed this kid up, and like Mel ranted on the tape, he has impulse conntrol, behaviour and anger issues. I'm sure this will not be the last time we'll be hearing about him and I worry about him taking out his issues on Lucia as she's the cash cow and he's treated like a stepchild.

1123 days ago
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