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Oksana Grigorieva 911

"He's Losing Blood Badly!"

8/23/2011 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Oksana Grigorieva -- moments after her teenage son put his hand through a stained glass window in July, slashing his arm wide open.

Oksana screams frantically into the phone, "A huge chunk of meat is missing out of his arm!" 14-year-old Sasha faints in the middle of the phone call.

According to reports, Sasha -- Oksana's son with actor Timothy Dalton -- was treated at a local hospital and released soon after his bloody accident ... but not without several stitches.


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1128 days ago


I believe the single goal of the pharmaceutical companies is to have ALL of us on some kind of pill, that we have to take 2-3 times a day!

1128 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


And today's 'nicest person' gos to Fud!

Too funny!

Fud: don't think I'm knocking you. You ARE a nice person!

I'm knocking Scooty who changes who is the worst and who is the best as the wind blows!

It's very very funny. A look back thru her profile reveals this too clearly. Get a laugh from it!


1128 days ago


No Sam, some things never change! You are an a s ******* and always will be! You always have to degrade or participate in the degradation of someone. You're the lowest on the team, and that's your punishment, you have to be you. Sorry ass that you are!

1128 days ago


Scotty: 14 minutes ago

I believe the single goal of the pharmaceutical companies is to have ALL of us on some kind of pill, that we have to take 2-3 times a day!

LOL! Love it! YES! That's exactly right! As long as the pharmaceutical companies are making money and their shareholders are happy, then they figure everyone needs to be taking pills for one thing or another!

1128 days ago


Sam -- thanks for thinking I am a nice person. I try, but I know that I get my cranky-pants on from time to time.

Scotty and I have knocked heads before but we seem to be in a good place. I don't mind knocking heads from time to time with people, but when I'm able to make peace with that person and find understanding, though not necessarily agreement, then I feel a sense of admiration for that person.

Heck -- you and I have knocked heads too, Sam, and I love ya'!

1128 days ago


Well, I found a super-duper deal on a Vixen Sky Scope at an auction today, so my son and I are going to try and find 'something' out there. His mind is already starting to conjure up discovering a new planet! I guess it could happen...I just want him to have fun. Ahh--stargazing with my little this will be a memory to tuck away for the future. Good night everyone...take care.

1128 days ago


I have listened to the 911 call once to the end, and again at the beginning to make sure I heard something correctly.

Oxy clearly states that Sasha shut the door very hard, and that glass chips cut him. Having done many leaded glass projects as a hobby, I can tell you that even small chips, if you happen to step on them can cut deep. If you have ever cut yourself on broken glass, and then on a piece of broken crystal, then you know the difference.

I have this to say. Without some force to the glass itself, it would not break. Also, this glass is leaded, which gives it strength. There would have to be large pieces of leaded glass to achieve the damage. I haven’t seen the front door of this place, so I can’t say how big these pieces are.

I will say this. After the initial hysteria, which is perfectly understandable, Oxy calmed down and did what she was supposed to do. She even asked right from the getgo whether she should put pressure on the wound, and that question was ignored.

As for Sasha asking if it will leave a scar. The answer is, of course it will. But, I read this question differently. This is a young man, not concerned about his injury, but trying to downplay the urgency of the situation, as many of us do.

All in all, I think Oxy did exactly what any mother would do. Her son is injured; she’s on the phone with 911 and she’s trying to cope not only with that, but with a crying child in the background. She not only soothed Lucia, but did a fairly good job on Sasha.

For that alone, she deserves some respect.

1128 days ago


Masked Bunny: less than a minute ago

I agree. She is dumb as a box of rocks--but she did her part and got it done. THAT's what counts.


Thank you Sam, High praise, which is probably not deserved.

1128 days ago


If I were his mom I'd have gone through his room later, after he was stabilized, looking for paraphernalia and liquor bottles. He IS 14. His remark that it was just a friend in the room (screaming? That's what it sounded like she asked about) and that they were "JUS*****ching a movie" when he came out and woke up on the floor raises many red flags as it would with anyone who has been around teen punks much, and cares enough to pursue it. His voice sounded worried and defensive. Hey, Ox, bad company much?

1128 days ago


Hi folks!

Well, I’m impressed. Sasha is one brave young man. He was exceptionally quiet and calm during that. It was very hard to hear Lucia crying though, she was clearly traumatized by the whole thing.

I’m confused though. At what point did Oksana run out into the street clutching Lucia, as said by Rubbish on Line’s eyewitness?

I guess there was no nanny on the scene, so maybe it was the paramedics who told Oksana to go outside with Lucia.

Also funny how it went from Sasha losing his balance and putting his hand through the glass to Sasha slamming the door and some glass chards cut out a ‘huge chunk of meat’.

I think Oksana’s vocabulary is a hoot.

1128 days ago


She's still a lunatic. I don't know any mothers who would shriek louder than the patient and frighten a baby like that, poor Lucia. I'm not impressed but at least she called 9-11.

It's my belief she has never hired a nanny or anyone else she said she was going to except a non-English speaking maid (probably an illegal alien); more money for her and it would mean too many "outsider" witnesses to various conversations that must go on in her household.

If this had happened to Mel with Lucia, she'd have called the police on him, and reported him for child abuse, by the way!

1128 days ago


Oh I'm not impressed with Oksana. She was dizzy as usual. I was impressed the a 14 year old boy was calmer than his mother. I was expecting him to be screaming and wimpering in pain, not calmly worried about how he will look afterwards. But hand it to Oksana to exchange beauty tips during a crisis, she told him men look better with scars.

Also with Lucia, at one point the baby was quiet and then Oksana started talking to her and sounded like she got the baby all riled up again.

But all in all she did what she was suppose to do and got through it. Sorry Sam, I stole that one from you cause it about sums it up.

1128 days ago


There is also an emergency room very close to her. It's strange she didn't wrap him up and take him there herself.

He was weirdly disconnected IMO, not stoic. It struck me as an extremely unusual reaction to an injury for a 14 yr old boy, worrying about his appearance and being "different" in high school? Maybe it was displaced fear but it wasn't pain. First you hear groaning, then he's having a "seizure", then he's quickly sitting up speaking perfectly well wondering about his scars??
When people pass out, they aren't coherent for some time. He seems to have picked up his mother's knack for drama. And to say men look better with scars?? WTH?

All I know is that SHE scared the c r ap out of Lucia.

1127 days ago



you lack logic. in one comment you say you doubt she ever hired a nanny or anyone else (non-english speaking) so there's more money for her. THEN you say that she should have taken Sa*****o the ER herself.

So what wud she have done w/ Lucia....leave her at home alone? Or w/ someone who didnt speak English?

1127 days ago
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