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The Situation

Police Chief Orders Internal Affairs Investigation

Over Encounter with Cops

8/11/2011 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation may have unwittingly gotten some cops in big trouble ... because a police chief in New Jersey has launched an internal affairs investigation ... to determine if his officers crossed the line when they saw people in The Situation's car break the law and then allowed him to skate.

TMZ has video of The Situation, swarmed by cops, as he sat in his Ferrari with 2 female passengers on top of one another.  It's illegal for more than one passenger to sit in a bucket seat, and also illegal for them not to wear seat belts.  The passengers could be cited for their actions and The Situation could be cited for unsafe operation of a vehicle.

According to at least one witness, the officers got The Situation to sign his autograph on their ticket books, and then let them drive off without consequence.

0811-the-situation-mini-videoPolice Chief Thomas Palmisano tells TMZ ... he's reviewed the video and has ordered an internal affairs investigation, adding if the officers crossed the line, they will pay.

And get this ... Chief Palmisano will use our video when training officers -- we're guessing to show them what NOT to do when they encounter celebs on the road.


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I'm guessing that these NJ cops were rejected as Jersey Shore cast members so when they saw this blading, pigeion toe'd idiot they got wood.

The most the'll get is a notation in their file but I'm sure the other NJ cops are razzing them to the fullest.

And should wee congratulate New Jersey for once again looking like a state full of idiots.

1136 days ago


Even MORE reason to hate this ******* show.

1136 days ago


How pathelic for police officers to envy "The Situation." Also shows how shady and stupid officers are. their behavior reflects in all officers

1136 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

The worst part is that they recognized this loser. That must mean that they actually watch the show. How truly pathetic.

1136 days ago


After reading all the previous comments I won't hurt anyones feelings by saying that it's the Brain Dead Pathetic Morons who watch this Junk on MTV that gave these talenless Dweebs the money they have. Now they've taken their stupidity to Italy? I'm at a loss for words.

1136 days ago


The fact that an idiot of his ilk has a Ferrari just shows how the US got itself into such financial trouble. Paying buffoons to be stupid for your entertainment while cutting education and health-care is not a good long-term fiscal strategy.

1136 days ago

Ben from Baltmore    

Thank God that Chief Thomas Palmisano is no Lee Baca. At least Chief Palmisano has the balls and the will to discipline his officers when they are caught red handed giving celebs special treatment, unlike Sheriff Baca and LA Police Chief William J. Bratton.

1136 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

please. and now how is that 'breaking the law'?? to have 2 passengers in one seat. what if there is 7 people and only one car? just leave the others behind to walk or take a cab? some laws are a little too irritating and annoying. i've seen people get away with far worse. while smoking marijuana....and killing a baby.

1136 days ago


I think TMZ shoulda played their game "The wave, the peace sign or the bird". No one noticed that chick in the passenger seat flippin' off the camera? Sly...

1136 days ago


To the COPS I quote Fred Sanford, "YOU BIG DUMMIES!"

1136 days ago

rose dawson    

This is so stupid. Why the hell do they need an internal investigation when they're using the freakin EVIDENCE as a TRAINING VIDEO!? AND its sick how this guy Mike "Sitch" reportedly made about $5 mill last yr. Gets paid about 100k per epsiode now to club & f*ck, has a line of clothing and just signed two 6 figure contracts with a tuxedo comp and a tanning salon comp. Who knew that in America u don't need a degree to be rich u just need to do reality tv.

1135 days ago


Did I get this right, they are opening an investigation over SEAT BELTS??!! All the crap cops get a way with and THIS is what they investigate?! SMOKE AND MIRRORS per usual. How about doing some REAL work!

1135 days ago


Absolutley RIDICULOUS!!! If it was ANYONE ELSE they would have been ticketed for sure! Why should this douchebag get away with it just because he is on tv??? I refuse to say famous. Cops need to get their heads out of their azzez and DO THEIR DANG JOB!!!! For SHAME!!!

1135 days ago


Typical Jersey cops and I say that as a lifelong New Jerseyan.

1135 days ago


I also took a video and this entire situation is being blown out of context.What's the big deal, my nephew visiting from Houston is a fan of "The Jersey Shore" as for myself, "I'm an old guy". There seems to be an uproar over the actions of Police, from what I saw they were being very polite, the guy from the show "Mike-The Situation" obliged and signed an autograph.

1134 days ago
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