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Camille's Penis Jab

Sour Grapes

8/11/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Harvey and Dax think Camille Grammer is ragging on Kelsey Grammer's package because she can't get past the fact the he dumped her. Max doesn't care about the size of Kelsey's package, but he's obsessed with Camille's naked pics.

Plus, the guys think Sesame Street made a big fat mistake shooting down gay rumors about Bert and Ernie.


(5:30) Harvey and Dax think Camille Grammer looks pathetic -- and wounded -- for making fun of Kelsey's alleged small penis.
(12:01) Breaking news ... Max stumbled upon nude pictures of Camille from back in the day. Now he's "a fan."
(17:10) Cops in New Jersey may be in BIG trouble -- after getting autographs from The Situation instead of giving him a ticket.
(23:00) Harvey recently got a ticket -- and respects the cop for not letting him off, despite being a fan of the show.
(28:05) Now Max wants to date Camille -- and is using an ex-girlfriend to try and set it up. Amazing.
(29:20) Obama tips big at a burger joint -- and Jason knows the people who own the place.
(39:05) Bert and Ernie AREN'T gay???
(48:10) Mike calls in to talk about becoming a dad! Congrats!


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what does TMZ stand for? (if anything.)

1138 days ago

Kevin Ross    

No, Bert and Ernie are not gay... i beleve they are played as brothers sharing a room... treat in context as a childrens show... would real brothers sharing a room think that they are gay if they do...

But it does ask a question... should they now bring in a gay charater to the show.

1137 days ago


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why is it admirable that a cop gave Harvey a ticket. It's his freakin' JOB to give you a ticket. Do you ever go into any other business and think how great it is that they made your milkshake? IT'S HIS JOB.

1137 days ago


I think that Camille is 100% able to say whatever she wants .... he dropped her for someone that could be his child ... he stated that he was okay w/ the split of their children "I take the boy you take the girl" ... seriously a**hole!!

1137 days ago


I think that Camille is 100% able to say whatever she wants .... he dropped her for someone that could be his child ... he stated that he was okay w/ the split of their children "I take the boy you take the girl" ... seriously a**hole!!

1137 days ago



1137 days ago


I am sure she is happy to lose the guy-- especially if his package is less than First Class. She is a nice lady, he is a cheesy guy-- she should have expected this. Love his money,Honey, you earned it! and I could not be happier for you.

1137 days ago


One other thing, he is flatfooted and walks like a duck..Ever see it? Who can get it on with a guy like that? His money is the only attractive thing about him.. He gets a zero on the sex appeal scale-- a BIG ZERO

1137 days ago


I think if Camille saying Kelsey has a small penis is the worse thing she does, people need to get over it. Kelsey is a disgusting human being, a horrible father, a horrendous husband and it wouldn't matter if he had a huge penis because it would not help him be a decent human being. That said, you are being awfully hard on her for making a stupid comment. Move on now.

1137 days ago

Professor Chaos    

What's up with TMZ pushing the gay agenda more and more lately. What is this, Perez Hilton? Next up you guys will be drawing on pictures and calling Miley Cyrus a whore.
Bert and Ernie are friggin puppets on a show for pre-schoolers. Sexuality shouldn't have anything to do with Sesame Street. Good lord.

1137 days ago


Camille Kelsy Kayta

Camille was a wife not a live in Sex machine . They shared a live together, as a wife one overlooks some things in a man “like a small penis” This probably made her fake the Big O . It could be with his small Penis, and Camille a woman who needed a big penis to fulfill her size. He dumped her for a person like Kayte that has a small opening for his small Penis a match made in heaven .
The other point is Mr. Lawyer, if you are going to call Camille a Evil Bitch, lets put a double edge on this blade. One also has to call Kelsey a Evil Bastard for leaving her. On the other hand never trust a smiling bitch, she will leave with your balls in her carrying bag. Harvey and Dax , with your commences about the subject and Marriage, Obviously , both of you are very lonely frustrated men who like to woman bash . But you do not know what Kelsey said to dump Camille after he was double dipping he small Penis. Women are not a sex thing they are real people and this is 2011 not the 1700 and 1800.


1137 days ago


Why do we care about Bert and Ernie's sexuality again? They are puppets. Sesame Street age kids don't understand/think/need to be taught about that anyway. If that is something my kids have questions about they can ask me. I don't want my small children taught about sex/sexuality/religion/politics by educational tv programming. They can stick to the number and letter of the day. Thanks.

1137 days ago


don't harvey and dax realize that was a prank call about the big p e n i s?????????????????

wake up dorks.

1137 days ago


Kelsey is a **** for leaving Camille for a younger woman. Camille is a drama queen and a bitch in general. No winners in that game. She's probably right about the size of his package plus he's bald. He's no prize and that cute young thing on his arm will wear off in 10 years.

1137 days ago


First, What a beautiful baby, Congratulations.

Kelsey and Camille, neither one has shown respect for family and values.
I don't think her comment is any worse then his actions, it's all tacky and harmful to the children.

Obama / tip, While I would expect him to tip during the champaign worker lunch, I also fully expect him to over spend.

1137 days ago
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