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Angus T. Jones on Charlie's Death


8/12/2011 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angus T. Jones
has seemingly come to terms with Charlie Harper's death on "Two and a Half Men" ... telling us, "It is what it is."

Jones was at L.A. Live outside the Staples Center last night -- where he told us how the rest of the "Men" cast is reacting to Ashton Kutcher ... and Ashton's kick ass GIANT trailer.

As for Charlie Sheen, it seems he's still cool with Angus -- because the 17-year-old told us he'll "definitely" be watching when Sheen is roasted on Comedy Central next month.


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King Beef    

Like this kid really gives a crap about Charlie and the drama that went on. He's only 17 years old and making over $300k an episode. As long as he's making his money, why should he care?

1166 days ago


Angus, you are the most kindest, mature down to earth 17 year old actor I've seen. Kudos to you and your diplomacy.

1166 days ago


This kid is the most mature one of the bunch. He got a classic "no one's indispensable" lesson though. I bet it was interesting watching from his vantage. Pretty classy to not say one word about it.

1166 days ago


For those who aren't "in the know" how hollywood works: Look at "Jennifer Anniston." That was not/is not her real name. I doubt much the same for Angus. The "supreme beings" in Hollywood will rename most "stars" thinking they will become more easily identifable with their fan base.
Lastly, it's hilarious how much less they are paying the pathetic "actor wannabe" Kutcher yet, they are saying this will be the greatest thing since sliced pie! Kutcher isn't half the actor Sheen is. NEVER will be :)

1166 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

Sure, good for him not trying to be like every other teen star that strives so much for attention and is whoring himself out. But, without a question he is one talentless "actor" - you would think he's Ashton's love child. He's the epitome of a terrible actor who has no talent and is way overpaid. Also, he is not funny at all. Horrible actor if you ask me. I mean, he's no Justin Bieber when it comes to acting, but still, pretty unconvincing actor himself. Oh well, not like you need talent to become a successful actor nowadays, huh, Ashton?

1166 days ago


"It is what it is" It is the nail in the coffin of your career buddy.

1166 days ago

some guy    

So I was thinking about those Charlie Harper shirts...

I've never taken a studio tour. Do they end up at a souvenir shop? Think that would be a good place to sell them. Kinda make it an exclusive item.

1166 days ago


Sheens crap put his castmates and the crew through hell. Just because Sheen burned his bridges the rest of the cast should follow suite. No Sheen they are PROFESSIONAL.

1166 days ago

I think he said, "It's what it is." And wasn't the cameraman the one who said, "definitely." I'm an unemployed high school dropout TMZ, are you hiring. I could write more better copy than this.

1166 days ago


angus you rock keep it straight and clean and practice your art.

1166 days ago


Is that Steve Smith from American Dad! - The Movie?

1166 days ago


this kid was huge last I saw, glad to see he lost weight.

1166 days ago


wow he looks cute now lolz. i just started watching two and a half men and he def makes the show for me, since im a teen i guess haha lolz i went to school with him for like a yr haha

1165 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Angus is great. His parents are doing a wonderful job. He won't turn into a potheaded, alcoholic, lying thief like Lindsay Lohan or a whoremongering druggie like Charlie Sheen. Mr. Demi Moore will flop. You can count on it. He has no talent and always looks nasty and dirty.

1164 days ago


He has lost weight!

1163 days ago
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