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Camille Grammer

Apologizes to Kelsey Grammer

Over Small Penis Jab

8/12/2011 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer realizes it really isn't all fair in love and war, because she now regrets the comment she made about Kelsey's junk.

As you know, Camille said -- referring to Kelsey -- "Big hands, big feet, big disappointment."

Now she's given TMZ a statement, trying to take it back:  "Some joking remarks I made to Kyle Richards got picked up and caused my ex-husband great embarrassment and for that I sincerely apologize.  While the media added words and blew it out of proportion, I acknowledge my part in this and regret my remarks."

But it's not all nice, because Camille goes on, complaining she wants to settle their differences "but Kelsey just seems to want to fight this."  Camille adds, "I offered a 50/50 physical split with joint custody and was soundly rejected."

Camille says, "Now he will only communicate through lawyers and others and I fear the message we're sending our children."

Small penis comments create big problems.



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I think it's kinda funny that men can make jokes about womens tit, ass and vajayjay's for years, yet when a woman makes a small comment like she did, she gets totally lambasted. For Christs sake, guys, relax and don't take everything so seriously.

Yes, it was a tastless thing to say, but Camille has always been a bitch. There's a lot worse things she could say if she chose to. Especially the way Kelsey chose to handle his departure from a 13 year marriage with kids involved. Sorry, but I'm not ready to cannonize Kelsey, just because his wife made a dumb comment. He's an ass too!

1167 days ago


Certain things men just don't find ok to joke about....the size of their penis is absollutely off limits!! Whatever! All the guys that comment on her statement are acting like she said it about their penis. Lighten up guys.

1167 days ago

There's a problem here    

Is one or both of the kids she didn't carry male? Can you imagine what humiliation she'd heap on that poor boy if he wasn't hung like a horse? I would let money grubbing, golddigging, fake everything whore anywhere near my child if I could help it. I'm expecting Gloria Allred to be her lawyer any time now.

1167 days ago


INTERESTING how most of the "UGLY" COMMENTS are from MEN... GEESH... she was talking about KELSEY... not YOU ALL... feeling a bit insecure guys???

1167 days ago


Why is it always the guys fault? He was not happy and moved on. She got pissed and has been badmouthing him since. Kelsey never made comments on how plastic she is. She's worried about the message it sends to her kids. Camille keep your mouth shut and be happy you got a ton of money and can be another bitter Ex-Hollywood wife and do the stupid show.

1167 days ago


The only reason why she's apologizing is because she caught so much negative criticism

1167 days ago

That's Right    

Camille is making her self look really bad! She was married how many years and enjoyed his penis? Now that Kelsey has fired her plastic ass she's complaining about his penis size. WOW she don't have a clue about how to seek revenge. You don't name call, insult or physically attack, the best revenge is to live love and laugh! Move on and find happiness, by moving on with grace and class will make him look bad, but the way she is going about it Kelsey is wishing he would have left her years ago and the public i*****ing her. Camille your actions is making his decision to leave you was the best move in his life you dummy!!!!!! Grow Up! You're sounding stupid, you enjoyed his penis before he left you, but now that someone else is keeping it hard you claim it's small...........YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS ISSUES! You have won spousal support and a nice home from something you didn't work for and you still talking ****...your such a bitch, I hope he has a long happy marriage with his new wife, sorry to take his side but now that you are acting like a air head I believe he deserves better then you.

1167 days ago


I see a definite pattern here. She blurts out hurtful comments and then feigns remorse when the public turns on her. But the damage is done in every case. The attack with that crazy friend of hers at the dinner on HOBH, the Howard Stern interview and now this. Money really CAN'T buy class, can it??? Her children are going to hear and read this stuff about their father one day. Idiot! If she REALLY cared anything about THEM, she would just shut up.

1167 days ago


Camille, because I know you will be reading this I will try to tone down my dis taste.

What have you done to your face and body?, I assume you have had multiple procedures surgical or otherwise. Was it your ultimate goal to become the MOST pathetic, wizened and puckered idiot of reality tv.

1167 days ago


I would guess that the only reason she's back tracking is because Kelsey took some money off the table. Then she makes a statement about how the kids might be affected? Really Camille? True Anti-Social Personality Disorder characteristics. Never could truly admit (not for the cameras or ratings) her fault in any action or mouthing off. Can she just please go away? She's a skank and money doesn't change that. I'd rather speak to a prostitute than her. Don't know why Kelsey married her, or proceeded to have children with this low-life, but now he must deal with the consequences of bottom fishing. Hope the kids turn out alright.

1167 days ago


Wow - she is NASTY looking. Why did Kelsey marry her?

1167 days ago


Lady, you are pure SKANK TRASH. I will never in my lifetime have even the slightest amount of respect for you. You are worse than the lowest form of s***.

1167 days ago


Hope your reading this Camille. You are a gold digger and a shrew. Your Karma awaits you.

1167 days ago


I don't care
how much she
apologizes, we
all now know he
has a little

1167 days ago

Jay Singer    

What a comment for a mother to show her children when they grow up. Wonder who they'll love more?

1167 days ago
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