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Camille Grammer

Apologizes to Kelsey Grammer

Over Small Penis Jab

8/12/2011 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer realizes it really isn't all fair in love and war, because she now regrets the comment she made about Kelsey's junk.

As you know, Camille said -- referring to Kelsey -- "Big hands, big feet, big disappointment."

Now she's given TMZ a statement, trying to take it back:  "Some joking remarks I made to Kyle Richards got picked up and caused my ex-husband great embarrassment and for that I sincerely apologize.  While the media added words and blew it out of proportion, I acknowledge my part in this and regret my remarks."

But it's not all nice, because Camille goes on, complaining she wants to settle their differences "but Kelsey just seems to want to fight this."  Camille adds, "I offered a 50/50 physical split with joint custody and was soundly rejected."

Camille says, "Now he will only communicate through lawyers and others and I fear the message we're sending our children."

Small penis comments create big problems.



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That's Right    

And your hurt that you are the number one hated reality star, do you listen to the words that comes out of your mouth? Are you angry that he left you or that you're no longer married to an actor? GET A JOB...not a boob job but a REAL JOB and maybe then you can feel your worth something, his money won't buy you happiness, you are responsible for your own happiness, seek and you shall find. But you're spending all your time bad talking him, KARMA will be your new best friend if you don't stop hating, remember the love you had and move on.

1134 days ago


What an unclassy gross chick. If her junk is anything like her face, it's a disappointment aswell, but Kelsey has enough control to "NOT" to talk about about it. Go to hell busted old chick -- you're about 70 years old.

1134 days ago


Hey camille, you are hot, you are witty. The nasty naysayers are too bitter and generally angry people who can,t understand a joke. Obviously they are the 12 remaining kelsey fans who post over and over again. He did you and your kids wrong and he did it publicly. The world knows it. Unfortunately when your young kids get a little older they will fully understand what an arrogant classless loser their dad really is. Good karma will be with you. Kelsey can only try to batter and control your family only a little longer. Hang tough beautiful lady.

1134 days ago


No wonder Kelsey only wants to communicate with her through his lawyers! What a low class and disgusting remark she made. I wouldn't want her to have custody of the children, either. She showed her true and vile colors.

1134 days ago


Camille is a washed up skank who can fit a watermelon in her smelly ****! Not all women need John Holmes' sized dongs to get off!

1134 days ago


Big hands, big feet , no conscience is more appropriate. Kelsey devastated his family. He abandoned and humiliated them on national tv. Now we are supposed to be so upset that tmz embellished camille's light hearted joke to KElsey has a small penis. Get real folks. Kelsey is a really big prick.

1134 days ago


you r rude, crude and you should have thought about your kids before you opened your mouth.

1134 days ago


I heard that she poops in bed. If thats true, Kels took high road.

1134 days ago


All my friends both male and female thought you big,big,big comment was hilarious. The word penis was not part of your statement and that was so clever. All the double-zero size peewees must have wanted to run home to their mommies. Such an uproar by the little men. So childish and spiteful are some responses and so typical of kelsey sympathizers. Kelsey heartlessly destroyed his family and many lives throughout his prior marriages and relationships. All descent women should unite with Camille against such a horrible pathetic man.

1134 days ago


Camille's comment was catty but Kelsey is a first class jerk. How many times has this guy been married? He treated Camille like garbage and has been totally condecending to her. Now not talking to her because he's mad at himself for not getting a prenup!

1134 days ago


ok I think she comes off as a snobby bitch but how is she the whore? Kelsey and Kate are the dirty cheaters

1134 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well she can make up for it with her obviously sagging boobs...............and old lady grey hairs. etc.

1134 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

btw. luckily, she didn't lash out at his BALD SPOT!!!

1134 days ago


lle Grammer is an evil cint! Any woman with children who goes for the low-brow comment about her husband's size only proves what a cint she is. Hopefully her children will see her comments later in life and see what a low-life they have for a mother.

1134 days ago


I'm sure her "friend" Kyle is enjoying this.

1133 days ago
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