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Daniel Baldwin

I'm Dropping the Divorce

I No Longer Fear My Wife

8/12/2011 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin
has reconciled with the wife he claims threatened to kill him last month ... TMZ has learned.

Baldwin had filed for divorce from Joanne Smith last month, after she allegedly went on a violent drunken binge, even allegedly threatening to kill Daniel with a knife in front of their two kids.  Daniel got a restraining order and custody of the kids, claiming Joanne was a real threat to the family.

But Daniel, who says Joanne has an enormous alcohol and drug problem, has had a change of heart.  Daniel went back to court last Thursday, and asked the judge to dismiss the restraining order, which the judge promptly did.

And there's more ...  Daniel and Joanne both have filed legal docs asking the judge to dismiss the divorce petition.  We're told  the petition is before the judge, though it has not been signed yet.

Daniel had no comment.


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1168 days ago


I hope they sing 'Cherry Pie' for an encore.

She's my CHERRY PIE!
Sweet blah blah blah blah
Such a blah blah blah
Looks so good makes a grown man cry!

1168 days ago


Opps, wrong thread. Baldwin you suck!

1168 days ago


"Joanne has an enormous alcohol and drug problem"....."dismiss the restraining order"....."asked the judge to dismiss the restraining order," how come we don't see anything about Joane going to rehab? They'll be back in the news next with her in jail and he's in the hospital. lol

1168 days ago


divorce itself is most times not good, more especially when kids are involved having change of mind and heart to me is the best thing to have happen to them, stay bless and enjoy your marriage.God bless you and your family and America.

1168 days ago


@TJ ANYONE can get a restraining order and that would give them temporary custody until things are proven! His wife is not an alcoholic. Its amazing that people believe what comes out of this mans mouth.

1168 days ago

A Friend    

I went out with Daniel Baldwin many years ago.He can be very sweet and manipulating at the same time.Codependent people attract to each other.They both need to get some counseling for the sake of their two children.My prayers go out to them both. God can heal and restore families no matter what their issues are....

1167 days ago


Grow a set my friend dump the bitch: your kids will always be yours f her be a man u got too much goin on or maybe your retarded? u dont know how good u r

1167 days ago


These guys are friends of mine. She's not abusive, she's wonderful and a fantastic mother (our daughters are friends) and this all just spun completely out of control and was blown way out of proportion in the media. We were with them the night this all kicked off and they were saying how they loved each other. It's amazing watching it play out in the media as it's so completely distorted!

1166 days ago


Another fat Baldwin with Domestic issues -must run in the family...

1166 days ago


I thought Crack heads were skinny? -Daniel and Alec are both chubby crack heads -wife beaters...and the Bible Thumper Baldwin whats his name -he has horse teeth.

1166 days ago


Koo Koo Koo Koo Koo Koo

1166 days ago


I hope you read this Daniel, I met you in the airport, what a careing father you are. I hope you are doing the right thing for the girls.. big kiss for you and the girls. Lots of love Yvonne.xx

1078 days ago

KB Persuasion    

What you do not know is that Daniel Baldwin only reconciled with his wife a few months ago, not last year. During that time he slept with numerous women, sent pictures of his penis to anyone he could on Twitter, and lied about his life to the media and fan continuously (and still does). Those that know him are well aware that he has NO MONEY what-so-ever, drove his Portland production company into the ground, and only "reconciled" with his wife because his lawyer told him he had no money to divorce her for the amount she wanted. She still drinks. He still drinks. He also pops pills when he can. So surprised TMZ is not doing investigative journalism to follow up on this stuff... just waits till someone exposes the BS celebrities try to pull then prints THAT. Daniel Baldwin is an addict, and he hides behind his so-called "recovery" and his "Christian" beliefs to appear to others as if he is this upright guy. The truth of the matter is he is right in line with Anthony Weiner when it comes to his infidelities, lies, and exhibitionism. That whole matter with Mary Carey was the model he continues to replicate to this day. And this is a man with two young daughters! He is now in England, living with his wife's family, as he left the west coast broke and owing everyone in Portland. He is a disgrace to the Baldwin family. Notice he was the only brother NOT at Alec's wedding? Come on, TMZ! You have some investigative work to do!

820 days ago
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