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Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson

Separate Meetings with Judge

To Resolve Custody War

8/12/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson met separately today with Judge Scott Gordon, to try and resolve their epic custody battle over baby Lucia.

We're told Oksana met with Judge Gordon in the AM, and Mel showed up today at 1:30 and is still in the judge's chambers.

The centerpiece of their dispute is an agreement Oksana and Mel signed, which lays out a custody and visitation schedule.  Under the agreement, the dueling parents would have 50/50 custody when Lucia turns 3.

Oksana has tried to repudiate the agreement, while Mel is fighting to keep it in place.

As for the prospects of settlement, Judge Gordon has worked miracles in his chambers .... notably he actually got Jamie and Frank McCourt to agree on the terms of their divorce, and no two people hate each other more -- except maybe Kelsey Grammer and Camille.

Stay tuned ...


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If Oksana went into the meeting with the judge wearing kneepads, Mel is in trouble.


1170 days ago



1170 days ago

D. R. Roland    

I have stopped watching TMZ on TV. The conversation has become so unnecessarily vulgar. The young man with the long hair is has a limited vocabulary and seems obsessessed with "penis" and "vagina"..he must be lacking or would not find it necessary to talk about it.

1170 days ago


With a change of proportion of custody, a change in child support should follow. Especially since it doesn't seem Mel has made as much money as in the past.

And Judge Gordon - - this is too little, too late. You should have taken control of this a year ago.

On August 30th, there will be a hearing re the Gibson v. Gibson marital settlement, further reducing Mel's net worth. You all know that woman (Ox) will fight tooth and nail to keep what she has now.

It ain't over yet, Folks.

1170 days ago


Gordon just loves being the starstruck "judge" to the stars and the rich and famous...


Is that POS elected or appointed [probably appointed]

1170 days ago


And just when you thought it was safe to read TMZ again, it rears its ugly head. I am so sick of this bimbo, I REALLY am. Talk about a golddigger

1170 days ago


Well, that part hasn't changed he still doesn't want to even be in the same room with Ox. All she can do is still hold their daughter hostage.

1170 days ago


Picture Mel and Charlie Sheen together. Whew.

1170 days ago

Smell Gibson.

1170 days ago


I can only hope That bitch goes down like Charlie Sheens character. She is a disgusting vile witch!

1170 days ago


For a second there, I thought the headline was "Separate Meetings With MIKE Judge To Resolve Custody War".

(Would that mean that Mel would let Oksana keep the baby in exchange for a guest shot on the new BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD?)

1170 days ago


All right Judge, now is the time to stick it to the Ox for breaking all our laws and getting away with it. Reduce child support and give Mel equal time with his child. If you don't have the balls to do this then people may get the wrong impression and think that Ox is holding something over your head. Or gaining favors by doing what she does best. Do you have a piano by chance?

1170 days ago


Mel is entitled to have 50/50 visitation rights Actually I'd give him full custody
Remember a few weeks ago Looney tunes went screaming from Mel's house not hers she is nothing but a free loader. Her precious son had apparently put his arm through a window, Crying/screaming for help

A mother would have done the opposite helped her son and not made a public fiasco out of it. Sources in some media are saying neighbors hear her having words or a fight with her son that would not surprise me.

She is a nobody a free loader and uses her kids as cash cows in the Media. She has broken GOD know how many court orders and still nothing.
The Police who investigated the case recommend she be charged at least on 3 counts. But no Because her them Lawyer was in bed with the DA nothing
She told countless lies every time she appeared on TV Interviews and Sold baby pic's of Lucia's so called bruise, cut abrasion to the press stating Mel had done this, Lied about The assault

when DV orgs com out and do not believe you and do not what to support you what does that tell you? She though the public would go her side and fall for her ever changing stories but every time she changed them, and changed her Stories to the different departments investigating her.
I can remember the Sheriff saying abut the gun incident She never told them about that.

If you have been a true victim of DV you do not lie and change yuor story on a daily basis. you do not drop charges and throw out an olive branch , You do not go running to the judge and ask your child support be risen to 100,000 a month. Remember that, when she wanted so much for entertainment a month for her and her free loading family.

I could go on all day but those of us who have followed this know all along what her intentions always were

Go Mel


1170 days ago


Mel should have 50% custody of Lucia when she is 2 years old,75% when she is 3,100% when she turns 4 and no more money to the golddigger and leave sherman oak´s!

1170 days ago


It's time for Ole Greedy to "WOMAN UP" and look beyond the "almighty dollar". Team Gibson wouldn't be in court unless they had more than enough "leverage" to make a very convincing argument to alter the custody/visitation agreement. In all fairness, her lack of tolerance for Mel Gibson's alleged "unstable" behavior has to also be applied to her teenage son, Alexander. Judge Gordon does have the authority to "intervene" on Lucia's behalf, if it can be proven that she can't control/discipline her older child. It's terribly unfair for Mel Gibson to walk such a restrictive "fine line" while her son's "instability" goes unchecked. It really makes more sense for Alexander to undergo "intensive" counseling and possibly be placed in a reputable "boarding school". His father may lack the "patience and wherewithal" to handle a very angry teenager. I suspect he's seen just too much for his years and is fed up with all the adults in his life. If this is the case, his anger "WILL" ESCALATE.

1170 days ago
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