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Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson

Separate Meetings with Judge

To Resolve Custody War

8/12/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson met separately today with Judge Scott Gordon, to try and resolve their epic custody battle over baby Lucia.

We're told Oksana met with Judge Gordon in the AM, and Mel showed up today at 1:30 and is still in the judge's chambers.

The centerpiece of their dispute is an agreement Oksana and Mel signed, which lays out a custody and visitation schedule.  Under the agreement, the dueling parents would have 50/50 custody when Lucia turns 3.

Oksana has tried to repudiate the agreement, while Mel is fighting to keep it in place.

As for the prospects of settlement, Judge Gordon has worked miracles in his chambers .... notably he actually got Jamie and Frank McCourt to agree on the terms of their divorce, and no two people hate each other more -- except maybe Kelsey Grammer and Camille.

Stay tuned ...


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What I really find amazing and truly admire is the extent of what Mel has and is still going through to fight for his daughter. I am sure there are a lot of single parents out there who would be thrilled if the other parent would show such determination to be included in their children’s lives.

Mel has been fighting so hard, since day one to make sure that Lucia is in his life. Even from that first restraining order way back in June 2010 that he had changed so he could see his little girl. Mel has been put through so much in the past year, enough to make most men give up and run for the hills. And yet, Mel is still there fighting for his daughter.

This is an amazing father that won’t give up on his child.

Mel wants his daughter … Oksana wants Mel’s money.

I mean really … who would you want as a parent … Mel or Oksana?

Some people can hate on Mel all they want, but one thing they can’t deny is that Mel is a great dad and his love of all children is really apparent.

I have a whole new level of respect for Mel Gibson.

1064 days ago


That bitch is pissed because she didn't get the monetary that she lied, extorted and work so hard to get. Maybe she can still get back at him by trumping up some new charges and hire a crap-load of lawyers and have the court force Mel to pay. It worked that last time.

1063 days ago


Heyo all folks of good will !!!

The real problems as I see it going on is protection. Protection for the children mostly. Mr. Gibson is an adult, but as the past year or so has demonstrated, he probably needs protection from the mentally-challenged piano player as well.

How will the judge keep the kid safe from the piano player's exploitation?

How much of that May 2010 mediation agreement was extorted and how much can safely be used as a template for further agreements?

As the nasty smear campaigns have backfired against the piano player, what will be the next ploy?

My own opinion is that Mr. Gibson is the better parent and even whatever anybody thinks of him, he has always shown himself to be a good parent and he should have primary custody with supervision for the piano player who has shown herself to be a neglectful parent at the least. The kid is almost two years old now and we have seen what the piano player driving the crazy publicity train is like.

Hope Judge Gordon can keep her in check now that Mr. Gibson's West plea was accepted and he has more authority to stop the exploitation of the kid.

Tee hee

1063 days ago


Howdy Folks :)

Belinda -
Much applauding your post, well said!

Greetings oh mine Empress!
Agreeing with you about everything, lol. Mr. Mel is definitely the better parent. And I find this separate meeting process interesting. 8-3 TMZ had the story about Mr. Mel seeking increased custody and there was supposedly, according to TMZ, a hearing scheduled for September. Now we have this sudden separate meeting stuff going on. Given that the 50/50 deal wasn't suppose to happen until Lucia was 3, per the original custody agreement, I can't help but feel the incident with Alexander may have some involvement here.

1063 days ago


Would some kind soul please tell me how to get my paragraph breaks to show up here?

Tee hee

1063 days ago



1063 days ago


Hit the "enter" button 3 times for the paragraph breaks.
"knock three times on the ceiling if you want me . . . twice on the pipes, if the answer is no . . . " Ahem, sorry, had a moment.

There have long been hints of discord between mother and son. Discord between teens and parents is normal, but I agree that Alexander is living under abnormal conditions. The sudden demand for increased custody combined with the timing and separate meetings in court does indeed make me go "Hmmm".

1063 days ago


Oh, Curious, my radiant Queen!

I seem to remember during the mediation that the piano player blamed Mr. Gibson for her problems with her son and that Mr. Gibson was not happy with the things she was doing with the kid.

Really feel sorry for him because it is always difficult but he is a teenager and maybe he is not quite as eager to testify as the piano player always claimed.

Tee hee

1063 days ago


Oh yes, Miss Oksana accused Mr. Mel as being the reason her son yells at her. She also blamed Mr. Timothy since he also yelled at her. Everyone yells at poor Miss Oksana. Gee, I wonder why.

I wonder how much an increase in custody will decrease the $20,000/month support. Mr. Mel is already providing housing, medical and nanny - so that's not calculated in the expenses. Possibly that $5000 for entertainment will be cut in half. Along with food and clothing.

I notice Attorney Horowitz isn't mentioned here. Usually he's got something to say after a court appearance - except when he gets shot down. His silence after losing the Kolodny appeal was deafening.

1063 days ago


Need to scoot, hope to catch everyone later.

1063 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Every time I see this
gold digger's ugly azz face,
I can't believe Mel
got involved with her!

The kids are like bartering chips
for this disgusting-no class-no talent-
delusional- wannabe.

GO Mel!

1063 days ago


Howdy Folks...been a long time hasn't it.....

Don't blame the man if he wants more time with his little girl...and for Oxshanna she seems to be more worried about the money then the usual

....that poor poor boy is stuck in the middle a very easy target for her to vent her fustrations on....Teenage boys are as senitive or more senitive then girls at this time in his life and he's had it bad for a long time...I think his mother is a russian witch but his dad, Tim Dalton is a complete idiot ....and a selfish prig...not to fight for his son....

I hope against hope the Judge does something right for once..we'll have to wait and see....

1063 days ago


Mel should have burried this horrific excuse for a human being in the rose garden when he had the chance. I am surprised he fell for this gold digging pig, she seems so transparent. Well maybe her back door is always open and she loves nothing better than getting her throat caulked.

1063 days ago


And maybe you are talking about a child of God, with feelings and hopes and aspirations. Go bow your head in shame. The comments you post say a lot about you, and nothing about the people you are trying to destroy. But that's a FAIL!!!

1063 days ago


and to think he left his beautiful family for that beast.

1063 days ago
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