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Going To the Tribute Concert

DESPITE Jermaine's Wishes

8/13/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson
's children have decided they want to fly to Wales to catch the upcoming MJ Tribute Concert in person ... despite the fact they're getting pushback from two of their famous uncles.

An MJ family rep tells us, "Paris, Blanket and Prince have been asked to attend the MJ Tribute in Wales and they have decided to go."

The rep adds, "They are extremely excited and they're hoping they will have the opportunity to contribute in some way by making a speech.  Nothing has been set in stone yet for how they can help, but they really hope they can. "

However, we're told, "Jermaine and Randy are fighting it."

As TMZ previously reported, the two brothers feel the timing of the tribute is "inappropriate" -- explaining, "We find it impossible to support an event that is due to take place during the criminal trial surrounding Michael's death."


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I'm so glad these children are making their own decisions about where they want to appear to support their dad. I'm not sure about Randy's apprehension but Jermaine's has to be money motivated.

The kids probably don't want to be a part of the trial and they should have that right to make the decision.

BTW, isn't their grandmother their guardian? Ultimately she's the person who should have the last say-so.

1174 days ago


They're as weird and destined to disaster as their freakshow "father". He bought them as toys, and now the rest of the family has to keep them supplied with batteries. Switch them on, push them out in public, and keep the cash rolling in.

1174 days ago


They are not his kids. he paid millions to Debbie Rowe to be the brood mare of Arnie Klein. Blanket is from a donor. Not his damn children. These children are stupid and so pathetic. They actually believe they are black and Wacko was their real dad. Such idiots they are.

1174 days ago


Have the tribute in the US and they would have gotten anyone they wanted. Wales? Who's going to go and how many of those will drop out.

1174 days ago


TMZ has a nasty habit of putting BAD pics of people having problems. There are lots of Blanket, Paris and Prince smiling, playing around, having fun..but TMZ likes DRAMA.

Wait till the trial, cant even imagine the Michael pics they'll show. Can you just throw at least ONE good Michael pic in there? There are thousands of good ones. (holding breath)

1174 days ago


everything this family does just reminds us of how special Michael was, growing up around the Jackson family's tackiness and still shining out.

Give a tribute in 5 years, 10 years, not while the trial continues, and why on earth Wales???

1174 days ago


My response:

LMAO, honestly, do you think these kids really care that some of you don't think they are Michael's biological kids? - YES, THEY DO. AS THEY GET OLDER THEY WILL HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS THAT NO ONE SEEMS WILLING TO ANSWER. Michael didn't owe anybody any explanations about his kids or his skin (though we know the TRUTH on that, he had vitiligo, confirmed by autopsy when his skin was examined under a microscope).- WRONG, HE INTENTIONALLY TRIED TO BLEACH HIS SKIN WHITE BECAUSE HE WASN'T COMFORTABLE WITH HIS TRUE HERITAGE. VITILIGO IS ALSO HEREDITARY AND STATISTICS SHOW THAT THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN AT LEAST ONE OTHER SIBLING AFFLICTED WITH IT SEEING THAT HIS PARENTS HAD MORE THAN THREE CHILDREN. Michael could very easily be the biological father, but some of you are so deep into your hatred of him that you're trying to take it out on his kids. - NOPE, NOT TAKING IT OUT ON THE KIDS WHEN SPEAKING THE TRUTH. They are innocent kids!- YES, BUT ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE THEY ARE WARPED BY THE REST OF THE FAMILY. I don't care if those kids think they are black, white, biracial, whatever, they are Michael's kids.-LEGALLY, YES. BIOLOGICALLY, NO. But most importantly, they are well-behaved, well-adjusted, normal children.-I HOPE SO BUT HOW DOES ANYONE KNOW FOR SURE. WE ONLY SEE PICTURES AND VIDEO THAT'S EDITED.
Anybody wanting to say Blanket is "off" is an idiot. He's 9. He's shy. He doesn't like the paparazzi. He clearly doesn't like the invasiveness of the photogs being all around every time he goes out with his siblings.
Stop picking on these children. They haven't done anything wrong. And yeah, they're inheriting millions of dollars, and you know what, even if a DNA test were to prove they weren't his, that wouldn't change the fact that he raised them and left that money to them in his will. He was their legal father, and whether you believe he was their real father or not, no amount of "those kids are white" and "them ain't his kids" is going to change the fact that in the eyes of the law, they are his kids, and they will be inheriting that money. They have every right to it as his children, biological or not.- I NEVER CONTESTED THEIR RIGHT TO THE MONEY. THEY'RE FINANCIALLY SECURE FOR LIFE, IF THE REST OF THE FAMILY DOESN'T SCREW THEM OVER. BUT DON'T TELL ME OR THE REST OF THE WORLD THAT WE SHOULD FEEL SORRY FOR THEM. BUT AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN THE PUBLIC EYE THEN THEY WILL ALWAYS BE OPEN TO CRITICISM, RIGHT OR WRONG.

1174 days ago


I wish I could go :(( !!!!

1174 days ago


What? The brothers don't get to perform or something and that's the reason they are taking this stand or are they performing and they don't want these precious children to take away their limelight? Of course they should be attending, why wouldn't they? People, remember that no matter what, these children lost their father, someone they loved so very much and the negative comments about the children are so very inappropriate, cruel, MEAN and says a lot about YOUR character as a human being. I agree that the Jackson clan is a bit odd to say the least but the children should not be factored in here. THEY ARE CHILDREN.

1174 days ago


If the kids want to honor their father, what is the harm? That has nothing to do with the trial. I don't think the uncles should confuse the two and certainly not drag the kids into it and use them as a pawn. They are the ones who should be ashamed!

1174 days ago


Blanket? You are still calling him Blanket? He's not an infant cuddling his blanket anymore. He's grown up and looks bewildered and wide eyed enough without calling him a moronic name.

1174 days ago


@ sarisam: - you're nuts. You are living in a fantasy world and have no clue whatsoever.

1174 days ago


Mj's brother needs to finds a job and leave MJ memory alone, they are like leeches,

1174 days ago
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