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Charlie Sheen

The Taming of the Juggalos

8/14/2011 8:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Juggalos
Charlie Sheen hosted the festivities at last night's Gathering of the Juggalos -- and unlike some folks (Tila Tequila and Method Man) The MaSheen came out unscathed.

Charlie had the crowd cheering his name and even screaming "Winning!" whenever he called it out.

Ok, so at the end of the video one person does hurl something on stage ... but you have to grade this event on a curve.

Charlie Sheen Juggalos Video


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Oksana. Charlie. Is there rehab for TMZ reporters?

Y'all need to stop shooting fish in a barrel and find some other celebs to cover. Feel free to step out of your comfort zone. Take some risks. Be brave.

1102 days ago


Charlie, you found a scene you fit in with perfectly.... trailer trash

1102 days ago

Icebaby... is back dude    

You can snort as much as cocaine as you possibly can - you can beat your wife and become a bad father figure - you can bang hundreds of porn stars, prostitutes hookers - but admitting that you're into ICP and showing up to a juggalo show... is the lowest anyone can possibly fall. Really, you are a humanity's worst. Society needs no people like them

1102 days ago

Little Wolf    

Juggalos are a CULT. A very real and very dangerous cult of murderers and wannabe murderers. It's no joke. They murdered my brother. Please don't pander to them with any more publicity.

1102 days ago


Keep giving this loser attention and he keeps showing up in the news. He is not worth it!

1102 days ago


Why continue to give him press? He is still a loser in my book. Drugs and Prostitutes are his only fortune.

1102 days ago


@Love My Fans. I concur
Some people can be replaced afterwhile but some cannot @ least with the percentage of viewers Charlie brought to that show. The chemistry between the entire cast worked well

Ashton is funny as well and I do like his acting but thats Charlie's show. I still watch the reruns and lol

1102 days ago


TMZ straight up stole the headline from me. The Taming Of The Juggalos, By the way! it was meant for George Clinton!
I love sheen though. so much misinformation on Juggalos.. damn people are pathetic. They say Ignoarance is bliss but but you people make it seem like Ignorance is Extacy, well.. enjoy your sense on euphoria. PEACE!, MUCH CLOWN LOVE, Yeah, I said it.

1102 days ago



-My hat's off to you, Charlie.

1102 days ago


Man, he really looks deranged.

1102 days ago


Juggalos are a strange breed.

1102 days ago


Nothing happened to MC hammer at juggalo even your site reported that. Trying to make news when there isnt TMZ i thought you would leave things like that to Rupert Murdoch's media outlets i had more respect for you

1102 days ago


Pretty sad that there are people dumb enough in this world to support his over-inflated ego. Sick of ego types like him. They make the world suck.

1102 days ago


ok first of all for those who think juggalos are ****, trailer trash, or that icp beats women, this is all not true juggalos are a family or a really big group of fans to such music as ICP, Twiztied and **** like that, it like how metal heads are fans to metal. im a juggalo my self and i dont beat women and im not a ***, trailer trash, or anything such. people hate us juggalos only because some idiots go out saying they are juggalos and beat people and steal **** and turn it all in to a gang, they take it all the wrong way. whoop whoop to all juggalo homies who read this

1102 days ago


This is the best headline I have ever read. When's the movie coming out?

1102 days ago
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