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Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Should Pay $500k

For Traumatizing My Son

8/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made it clear to the family law judge Friday -- she wants a bundle from Mel Gibson, including a half a million bucks for the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14-year-old son, fathered by actor Timothy Dalton.

TMZ broke the story ... Mel and Oksana met separately with the judge and a mediator Friday, trying to hammer out a settlement in the custody war that is laced with financial overtones. We're told Oksana asked for a huge amount of money for various reasons, and one involves her son Alexander (aka Sasha)

Oksana claims Mel traumatized the boy during the January 6, 2009 explosive fight, which ended with physical violence .... Oksana has alleged Mel knocked two of her teeth out, while Mel says he merely slapped her because she was out of control and endangering the baby.

Oksana claims Mel was abusive to Sasha during the argument, calling him names and scaring him so much he allegedly hid under the bed.

Oksana also claimed on another occasion Mel threw her son onto a table, but Mel's camp has denied it.

We're told Oksana and Mel are still far apart in settling the claims -- both financial and custody of Lucia -- and the mediation continues next week.


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there's not enough money in the world to reimburse those kids for the horrible mother they've been stuck with, Mel's an idiot for falling for her to start with . . .

bet that most of us would have seen her true colors within an hour of meeting her. that's what happens when the little head thinks it's smarter than the big one.

1165 days ago


What a ugly piece of trash this woman is!It was only her mistake that she was in relationship with Mad Mel.He was good reported nasty drunk for decades. They are both crazy losers and it is terrible that this disturbing people had a child! Neither of them is capable to raise this child.

1165 days ago


Since Mel was NEVER found guilty of any abuse and accepted a West plea so the case would end instead of dragging on and on, the Judge should be able to see right through Oksana and it makes Mel's charges of extortion more credible than ever. I hope the Judge is disturbed by this and gives full custody to Mel.
Oksana is bulldozing ahead as if she was exonerated from being a gold digging liar falsely accusing Mel, and she was NEVER exonerated. Everyone with half a brain (including the Judge) knows that she's a gold digger...but she continues with her lies anyway. Give full custody to Mel.

1165 days ago


Thinks it's funny how this lady's uterus turn mel into a atm

1165 days ago


There it go! It doesn't matter if she ask for a million dollars. What is very frustrating it's that the Court could grant her AGAIN with wathever she is asking for.

1165 days ago


If she cared so much about her son, Sasha, she never would have had a baby with Mel Gibson. This woman already has Timothy Dalton as a sugar daddy for his son. Her concern over her daughter with Gibson is another situation that has nothing to do with the boy. Man, this woman is a gold digger from the get-go. Stupid middle age males who think younger women really are interested in them and not their money are fools. Dumb-bunny Mel.

1165 days ago


This story is a total PR attempt to slam Mel Gibson. This is an issue for civil court, not a family law judge.
Ridiculous. But this fame whore will use any opportunity she can to get in the limelight and smear Mel.
SHE is the one who should be investigated for running away from Sasha when he was severely cut on his hand.

1165 days ago


Sincy: Why do you think Sasha's testimony wouldn't be considered credible? Isn't he 14 yrs old? If he were 6 maybe he would have trouble recalling but a 14 year old will be taken seriously. Unless the jury has reason to believe it's fabricated, they'll take it into account and this will not bode well for Mad Mel. My guess is the kid will say there was no baby shaking and that Mel was a bully. Whatever the kid says will be all over the news and Mel's legal team knows what a mess that will be. They know he's not innocent. They're just weighing how much these revelations will cost Mel in future earnings against what he'll lose paying her off. They probably told him to settle this a long time ago but his pride is getting in the way. The only question will be whether the kid deserves that much money for witnessing the event. It's customary to ask for more than you expect to get. If Mel doesn't settle it for half of that he's crazy.

1165 days ago


She don´t give a damn about her son. She is too self-centered. Only idiot would buy that she is naive victim.Oksana chose Mel exactly because of his wildness, rage, and potential for scandal. There are lots of rich, male celebs who dont have anger issues and maybe have loved to bag her.(if are enough dumb) Shes already been there and done it with the rich actor (Dalton) who doesn´t have problems which Mel has.And it was reason why it didn´t work for Oksana in that time.She couldn´t get fame and money out of it,especially fame because she is pathologically fame-whore so she went for the media-getter, crazy Mel and his drunken rages and set him up.

1165 days ago


This Broad is unreal! 500K Whore, Really? I am really sick of this chick and all her emotional crap she had to deal with being Mel Gibson. Here is how I look at it....


1165 days ago


It's been brought up before, but what normal thirteen year old boy hides under a bed because he's been called some names? Especially if his mother and baby sister have been threatened, as Ms Grigorieva has attested. I mean, really. If the kid hadn't been long traumatized by his mother and her revolving door 'romances', he would have come to his mother's defense. Or gotten out to get help. Called 911. Ran to the neighbors. Anything but cower under the bed.

Poor kid. His mom has publicized unsavory aspects of her sex life and portrayed him with this story as some kind of disturbed wimp. Kids that age are so cruel to one another. The bullying he must endure. I'll bet he's been called more than a few unsavory names by his peers, all thanks to his mother. He can't win for losing.


1165 days ago


Kid: 59 minutes ago

What a ugly piece of trash this woman is!It was only her mistake that she was in relationship with Mad Mel.He was good reported nasty drunk for decades. They are both crazy losers and it is terrible that this disturbing people had a child! Neither of them is capable to raise this child.

I TOTALLY agree! This young man had been emotionally abused fro YEARS by emotionally unstable mother who is an opportunist and a gold digger and a father who is nobody except that he once or twice been a James Bond in the MOVIES what he has NEVER BEEN in reality, and her recent LOVER Mel Gibson who had picked her up at some questionable social setting .... they are NOT very fit parents . But tell ya what. Charley Sheen and his wife are even LESS fit parents being DRUGGIES at all and they are still allowed to raise their children... while other moms who love and are capable are not allowed cuz they have no friggin money ... this is america folks. Ugly. Money grabbing America. No morals no mercy no love.

1165 days ago


@ Kathleen --

You're right, no kid I know would hide. My own would be right in the middle of anything going on and none of them would hesitate to intervene.

Just do not understand why the woman would bring children into the middle of a dispute if it was anything as she described in any of her various versions.

Wonder how he handled the David Foster relationship?

Tee hee

1165 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

SHEEE'S BAAAACK... Poor Mel - regardless of his shortcomings, this woman is just out for his blood (cash). Unbelievable that she thinks a domestic argument in front of her son is worth half a mil... go away you gold digger.

1165 days ago


Sincerity: 12 hours ago


As I recall, both sides never denied that BOTH children weren't present during the 1/6/10 argument/altercation. The reality is without "credible" witnesses and physical evidence, Ole Greedy's version of events will always be suspect. Her "alleged" physical injuries have always been suspect along with the people who were "recruited" to support her claims. She hasn't told this story the same way which would lead anyone to believe she's lying and/or omitting "key" details that would make her look pretty bad. The testimony of a minor can't be taken seriously unless the evidence can support it. Ole Greedy has only herself to blame. It would be very difficult for Alexander to convince a jury he wasn't lying to help his mother. Furthermore, her alleged dependence on oxycodone would also have to be taken into consideration. There's some indication they may have been arguing about her erratic behavior at the time.

Cujeaux: As I said earlier, Ole Greedy ONLY HAS HERSELF TO BLAME!!! She has so badly "maligned" her version of events to the point that Alexander's testimony would naturally be suspect without "HARD" evidence to BACK IT UP!!! Furthermore, Team Gibson would have no other choice except to demand a thorough review of his mental/physical health history along with any behavioral issues he may have had in school. There would be a "laundry list" of questions about his mother's relationship with his father and what he witnessed with her other men. Putting him on the stand would be much more to Ole Greedy's detriment than Mel Gibson's. Alexander's testimony may even give Mel Gibson ample grounds to petition the court for "FULL" custody of Lucia and force Timothy Dalton's hand as well. Ruthlessly using her child as a "pawn" will jeopardize her custody of BOTH OF THEM!!! Does this sound like a person with "SOLID" maternal instincts??? NOT TO ME!!!

1165 days ago
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