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Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Should Pay $500k

For Traumatizing My Son

8/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made it clear to the family law judge Friday -- she wants a bundle from Mel Gibson, including a half a million bucks for the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14-year-old son, fathered by actor Timothy Dalton.

TMZ broke the story ... Mel and Oksana met separately with the judge and a mediator Friday, trying to hammer out a settlement in the custody war that is laced with financial overtones. We're told Oksana asked for a huge amount of money for various reasons, and one involves her son Alexander (aka Sasha)

Oksana claims Mel traumatized the boy during the January 6, 2009 explosive fight, which ended with physical violence .... Oksana has alleged Mel knocked two of her teeth out, while Mel says he merely slapped her because she was out of control and endangering the baby.

Oksana claims Mel was abusive to Sasha during the argument, calling him names and scaring him so much he allegedly hid under the bed.

Oksana also claimed on another occasion Mel threw her son onto a table, but Mel's camp has denied it.

We're told Oksana and Mel are still far apart in settling the claims -- both financial and custody of Lucia -- and the mediation continues next week.


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I agree with Firefly regarding Dalton. His silence has been all too conspicuous!
Now, with OG dragging his son into this, he needs to speak up, with the judge at least.

I wonder if, in her insatiable greed, she has just shot herself in the foot (as she has often done) by involving his son, thus bringing Dalton into the legal mess as a witness.

Good news is that, though this OG vs. MG saga has been dragging for quite a while, the response to this thread shows that Gibson still is, and will always be, a big hit!

1166 days ago


igotfleasfromtmz: 6 minutes ago

She hasn't saved a dime for alexander over the years and now the boy is old enough to want a car , insurance ect. and he has nothing. But Mel Gibson your gonna pay boy your gonna pay

This could be a blessing in disguise for Mel. He could buy the boy a car and get on his good side. Then maybe he will testify against his mother who spent all his money. He could then accidentally run Ox over as he is making his escape from the screaming banshee. Since he will just be learning to drive it won't be held against him because it was an accident. Just like the window! LOL

1166 days ago


Firefly: 22 minutes ago

Alex should just divorce his parents or go to court and have the judge declare him emancipated by “judicial declaration”. He could then go live with a relative or family friend. In order to get a judge to grant an emancipation judicial declaration, you must prove the following:
_______________He can't because he is not a man. Alex is an immature and scared teen who is not able to think for himself otherwise he won't be hiding under the bed but fight for his mother! This Oksana is not a good mother but she might be eligible if she proves her point in court. America is NOT about justice it's about MONEY or what comes with the money.

1166 days ago


@ firefly --

At various times in my life I have truly wondered what my children would do for a car -- up to and including running me over!

Tee hee

1166 days ago


Janeny ,

Do you really think this young man hid under the bed? Or does this sound like something made up in a psychotic mind. Why do you think Alex is so angry? Because his mother made him out to be a wimp in front of the whole world. He's not just facing school mates making fun of him but everyone on every gossip site is talking about it. Wouldn't that p!ss you off especially if you did not do it. From the pictures of Alex taken in the past this is one angry young man. It was his own mother who did this. So after all the lies we have called her on what makes you think she didn't lie about him hiding.

1166 days ago



you had me laughing on that one. I can relate.

1166 days ago


Why people act here if Sasha has been some kind of poor? Sasha absolutely is not poor kid.He seems to me to be typical pampered celebrity kid. The boy no doubt gets a ton of stuff from his dad like all rich kids. Including trips to Europe (for example Venice last year) And comes to the exclusive and expensive school payed by his dad( buckley school).
Oksana wants 500K for herself,not for her son.
Someone posted here recent photo of her son and he seems to be fine,not traumatized at all.
This last claim of Oksana that boy is traumatized is imo, lie. She just need attention.

1166 days ago


Let's all remember that Mr. Gibson has absolutely no responsibility for the Dalton child. If the piano player wants to create a new liability in civil court, she can sue and take her chances with writing new law. The Dalton child has nothing to do with child support or visitation in family court.

1166 days ago

Petrova Boklov     

I*****red for Ox misplaced or unreasonable? Absolutely not! This is only scratching the surface, but here are a few reasons why so many people hate her.

First and foremost, because she's a liar! Because she's greedy beyond imagination! Because she had it all and it was not enough. Because she is an extortionist no matter what the DA says. Because she is a sociopath with no conscience. Because she has screwed her lawyers and those who try to help her. Because she tries to pillage all she can from those that she seeks to destroy. Because she doesn't pay her bills. Because she treats her people like garbage and involves them in her lies. Because she has complained bitterly to many people that TD abused and beat her. Because she leaches off of men. Because she doesn't work!! Because she is a predator. Because she transfers the hatred she feels for her abusive father on to other men. Because she doesn't like children. They are only the means by which she manipulates the ones who truly love them. Time spent with her kids would mean time away from her self. Because of the sick people who stick up for her. Because all past poles taken have confirmed that she is the most hated and disrespected woman in history. Because she thinks she is beautiful and is obsessed with it. Because she's ugly, on the inside and out. Because she's always on the prowl for another rich man to leach off of. Because she prefers looking for another victim to getting a job. Because she thinks she's talented. Because she manipulates. Because she never did anything for the Children of Chernobyl, what a joke. Because she threatens people. Because she uses people. Because she is delusional and works from that point at all times. Because she has no respect for anyone!! Because she has gotten away with crimes in this country and people know it and hate it. Because she was smiling and posing for cameras even when her son had slashed his hand/arm/wrist? Whatever it was he slashed. There were at least 4 different stories on that one.

She loves the limelight. She loves the attention. She has no shame.

She laughs and taunts those who are shocked and horrified that this sort of behavior is tolerated here in our legal system and country.

Ox has gotten away with everything. Not only that, the authorities seem to continue to look the other way even though it looks very much to us that she is now indulging in more extortion. The last person who got away with this much without being touched was Al Capone!

Think of what it must be like to live with this woman, based on the behavior she exhibits publicly. Those poor kids.

Petrova Boklov

1166 days ago


I was always wondering why she felt that Mel should pay for his child and Dalton's too. How often does she have Alex? If he goes to a private school does he live on campus and stay with Oxycodone during the summer? Does Timothy get 50/50 half the summer? If Alex is rarely there shouldn't Dalton pay less or put it in a trust for the young man so that Ox's greedy fingers aren't dipping into Alex's money. Also if he is rarely there and the sight of his mother angers him so much that he puts his fist through the window than he shouldn't be around her at all. What if he takes after his mother and has a psychotic episode? HMMMM maybe I have to rethink this one.....OK let him at her!

1166 days ago

Sharon Guertin    

I have always liked Mel Gibson. Yes, over the last couple of years he has stuck his foot in his mouth, but he has never beat on his ex-wife or children so why would he start now with this money hungry woman. I do believe she was after someone with money and to insure she got what she wanted she got pregnant on purpose. That gave her a grip on Mel and his money . Now she wants more than just child support so she is lying about everything. It must be a nightmare for Mel that he can't get away from.

1166 days ago


Firefly: 40 minutes ago

Janeny ,

Do you really think this young man hid under the bed? Or does this sound like something made up in a psychotic mind. Why do you think Alex is so angry?
_________I don't think Alex has anything to do with it. It's not Alex, it's her and her lawyers. Alex had no guts to crawl from under the bed and defend his mom how do you think he can come out NOW and go to court and file for damages he had presumably suffered while under the bed? This is ridiculous! Oksana will be suing Mel forever! She is a bitter and scorned woman that's what it takes to be so hateful and greedy. And she is no Christian nor she is a Catholic as opposite to what she has claimed. She is a LIAR. And her persecution against Mel would never stop unless the judge stopped her. Mel made a mistake but the punishment shall not exceed the offense. That's what they call justice. I think his is too much.

1166 days ago


Gee this sounds like a new shake down since Mel's movie is getting ready to open on August 26. She is wanting some quick cash or else she will ruin this movie like she did with The Beaver. Fight her Mel.

1166 days ago


Oksana is another one who just needs to go away. She's a money hungry tramp.

1166 days ago


There once was a gold-digger who went for a hunt,
She used as her weapon her “disfunctional ****”,
she weakened their will,
then went for the kill,
it was always the same reliable old stunt.

But, alas, one day, something went wrong
As the victim, oh, he was willed and was strong
She threatened and lied
all kazzoos has she tried
What else could she do? Go to court on a thong?

Of course there’s the child, to crime she was born
A tool of extortion, a creature forlorn
but love she will find
from her father in kind
While the gold-digger lay in most shameful scorn

But the gold-digger is not satisfied, you see
She now uses her son, and does it with glee
the poor young lad
should stick to his dad
while back to her moth-hole the gold-digger must flee

1166 days ago
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