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The Game

I Didn't Punk the Cops On Twitter

8/14/2011 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Game is incredulous that cops want to charge him for allegedly inciting people on Twitter to harass the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, claiming he never sent the tweets in question.

Sheriff's officials are livid after a tweet went out from The Game's twitter account urging people to call the Sheriff's substation in Compton to get a rap internship.

But The Game tells TMZ he never authored the tweet in question. Game says he was in the middle of a photo shoot Friday night when a childhood friend of his -- whose Twitter handle is @wackstar -- began going to town on The Game's phone ... typing in five phone numbers and calling people to action.

The Game insists his friend had no idea one of the numbers went to the Sheriff's Department. The Sheriffs claim that once their office was flooded with phone calls they asked The Game to call people off -- but Game says he never received the message. As he put it, "They don't have my number and I'm not following the police."

As for the police wanting to have The Game charged with a crime, he says, "Casey Anthony can get away with murder and The Game goes to jail for tweeting. God bless America."


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I always think ******s couldnt get any dumber....and then they exceed all expectations.

1174 days ago


he's a vagina.

1174 days ago


You are off my ipod now u dam liar. I used to respect you, your music is nothing now.

1174 days ago

Just Say'N    

Why are you all fighting over a so called man? He is grown he knows what he did. We all know Casey belongs in Jail. So he is saying he does too! What if tragedy hit his house should they let them go cause of Casey? Yea he makes a great point not. Our USA is in trouble do you think he cares? Be a MAN!!!

1174 days ago


Blah, blah, blah, blah..... Not buying it.

1174 days ago


Wait...the Sheriff's office was flooded with calls. Oh noooo! god forbid. Pigs are the bottom of the barrel of society. If it wasn't for that job most of them would be criminals, door men or manning a cash register at Wallmart. These aren't cancer curers folks. They are the minions for the parasitic elite. Lets see an audit of the Sheriff's dept! How many solved crimes compared to unsolved crimes. Most of them were/are alcoholics, drug addicts, steroid abusers and wife beaters. They didn't have the b@lls to go out and get a real job instead of sucking tax money. Austerity NOW! Cut all their pay, pension and benefits.I don't need a dumb pig to protect me.

1173 days ago


Just another illiterate, non-descript rapper with too much money and time on his hands. Game over.

1173 days ago


Everyone calm down he said "Dat it wuz n axident"

1173 days ago


Blame the friend. Pay him some money for helping you. That is what friend are for.

1173 days ago


WOW so much hate for a person - all you people need church or sum OR dig a ditch and fall into it.

1173 days ago


Jaceon Taylor is a very credible witness against the L.A.Sheriff Department just I am against the Macon Georgia Law Enforcement,Prosecuting Attorney and Judge's (City-State-Federal),Governmental Agency,and more...!Especially with the Macon Georgia currently committing Treason Against Me and Barck Obama and our Adminstration we're not about to Violate our Victims and Witnesses Rights'-Oath of Office -Priviledges and immunities-and more!!Don't feel bad Central Highschool Class of 1999 the warrant division judges lied to ya'll and more foorgot to tell the fact's!I appreciate them violating Oath of Office,gailure to investigate, Kidnapping, Criminal Defamation,Party to Crime of Street Gang and Organization Terrorism ,and more!!!(smiling and laughing!!!)

1173 days ago


F these STOOPID PIGS...they're all murders and thugs who couldn't make it as a thug...just bitch ass pigs.

1173 days ago


Notice the last thing he says THE GAME gos to jail for tweeting

1173 days ago


**** the cops, they are the mafia of this society, the worst gang ever, license to kill and abuse their power... dirty *****!

1173 days ago

Who Knew    

A photo shoot on a Friday night. He got what he needed in name being mentioned again. Has been.

1173 days ago
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