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Casey Anthony's Legal Team

We're Taking on the Judge

She Should NOT Be On Probation

8/15/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Appeal
Casey Anthony's legal team tells TMZ they will fight the judge who just rejected their claim that Casey served her probation for check fraud while she sat in jail during her murder trial ... and if they lose Casey will have to return to Florida in 11 days.

Anthony was sentenced to 1 year's probation for her 2010 check fraud conviction.  The judge who sentenced her said in court the time Casey spent in jail would not count toward completing probation, but the order the judge signed mistakenly allowed Casey's probation to run concurrently with her time in the pokey.

A judge ruled on Friday that the judge who sentenced Casey clearly made an innocent mistake, and it wouldn't make sense to allow Casey to get credit for the time she was in jail.  After all, the point of probation is to test how a person behaves when they are in the real world, not while they're locked up with few opportunities to misbehave.

But now her lawyers tell TMZ they will appeal Friday's ruling.  If they win, it would mean Casey would get a huge break -- her probation would already be completed -- because of a technical error. 

Casey's lawyers say if they lose their appeal ... they want her to serve her probation in a state other than Florida.



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tracker judge will go against judge perry,s decision.baez might have to fight this appeal for up to 1yr. so anthony will do the year..

1173 days ago


Why do you call Judge Perry, a judge? Why can't you give his name? You say there's only a few opportunity's to misbehave in jail. Are you kidding? How about the poking in the eye with a pencil or slaughtering the security officer? There's tons of bad things Casey could have done, instead the officers raved about how nice Casey was. It's true, watch the trial. Just saying.

1173 days ago


Casey is just plain psycopathic. Disgusting enough she murdered her daughter, she even stole $300.00 from her elderly grandfathers nursing home account. She is simply ice cold.

1173 days ago


Jose Baez needs to be dis-barred, he's constantly pulling one un-ethical move after another, he knows full well that it was a mistake, hell she got away with killing a baby!! serving a year of probation for being a theiving liar should be nothing, just do it!! this Bitch does'nt want to pay for a damn thing, she thinks she's above the law, she will screw up and end up in jail again....get over it Jose your bitch is not a star she's a freaking Murderer, the world knows it, just because those 12 jurors who didn't have the common sense to know what beyond a resonable doubt meant, doesn't mean she didn't kill her child. SHE DID!!!

1173 days ago


come on florida,make this hohoho bag pay..caylee didnt get to have a say in any of this sloots punishment for not atleast assuring she was kept alive.welfare dept already concluded casey was responsible for letting her daughter die.make her come back here to florida and serve her probation,make her check in on a regular basis and test,make her be forced to be truthful in all she says or does.

1173 days ago

the real diva    

throw the idiot in jail and throw away the key..

1173 days ago


just do her freakin probation like everyone else has to!!! gosh why are they bitching she got off on murdering her daughter so why bitch!! maybe they think she is invisible!!!

1173 days ago


That is not Casey in the first photo with the cap unless she got collagen shots in her lips, her nose done, and gained a lot of weight. I think TMZ got this one wrong. Sorry...

1173 days ago

Todd Frei    

According to Nancy Grace, Casey Anthony, gets thousands of dollars when the pictures of her in supposed Ohio are shown, Why would TMZ continue to Fund such a dispicable person?

1173 days ago


FL has a law that what is pronounced in court byt the judge stands and the hearing in 2010 on the check charges she pled guilty to have it in the court records. This is how this judge ruled by following the law. Defense team seems to want to keep in the news. It was a clerical error and the defense team knew it was and also knew what the judge said in 2010. They love to keep everything going. Probation is not meant to be served in jail because of the rules involved. The defense team just keeps it going especially Baez. He loves the attention. I live in FL and he said at the beginning of the case he would be the most famous minority attorney. I don't think so.

1173 days ago


I'll say it again . . . . THIS IS NOT CASEY ANTHONY!!!!!!!

1173 days ago


I hope she does women because she's like really really hot.

Have her call me.


1173 days ago


Her probation should be making a couple of hot sex tapes that I can go out and buy then watch alone (or with her) in my bed.


1173 days ago


I don't know or care what she did or didn't do ...I just wants to see her nupples hard.


1173 days ago


I don't know or care what she did or didn't do ...I just wants to see her nupples hard. Yummy to the third.


1173 days ago
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