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Casey Anthony's Legal Team

We're Taking on the Judge

She Should NOT Be On Probation

8/15/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Appeal
Casey Anthony's legal team tells TMZ they will fight the judge who just rejected their claim that Casey served her probation for check fraud while she sat in jail during her murder trial ... and if they lose Casey will have to return to Florida in 11 days.

Anthony was sentenced to 1 year's probation for her 2010 check fraud conviction.  The judge who sentenced her said in court the time Casey spent in jail would not count toward completing probation, but the order the judge signed mistakenly allowed Casey's probation to run concurrently with her time in the pokey.

A judge ruled on Friday that the judge who sentenced Casey clearly made an innocent mistake, and it wouldn't make sense to allow Casey to get credit for the time she was in jail.  After all, the point of probation is to test how a person behaves when they are in the real world, not while they're locked up with few opportunities to misbehave.

But now her lawyers tell TMZ they will appeal Friday's ruling.  If they win, it would mean Casey would get a huge break -- her probation would already be completed -- because of a technical error. 

Casey's lawyers say if they lose their appeal ... they want her to serve her probation in a state other than Florida.



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Florida Mom    

Oh Heck No, she can't possibly get away with this too...She needs to return back to Florida and serve her probation like every other person..I hope Jude Perry Makes her return and do her probation in Florida. She thinks she can get away with anything simply because she got away with MURDER!!!

1109 days ago


She should be given a house, a yacht and an expense account
so the poor thing can have some fun for a change.


1109 days ago


What's taking Hirsch so long why hasn't VIVID contacted her?!?


1109 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

It would so funny and appropriate if she wound up back in a Florida swamp...

1109 days ago


Home Girl, if you're reading this you can stay with me out here in Sunny CA until you get situated - don't worry I won't bite (much) or leave any (obvious) marks.
(insert growl)


1109 days ago

Terry Lee    

PEOPLE - DON'T CLICK ON ANYTHING TO DO WITH CASEY ANTHONY. Don't buy, read, click, or even think about this person. Let's move on. The public is ready. Let the media get the hint now!!!

1109 days ago


I am surprised she is still alive. She will be checking her
back for the rest of her life. Not even plastic surgery is
going help this KILLER.

1109 days ago


ya know, at this point i am just surprised that she hasn't been killed by some random angry person. this whole thing is such a conspiracy circus

1109 days ago


Wondering about the time frame when kc was passing letters to jail house bud(infraction of the jail rules)and giving her a haircut..a gaurd lost her job as a result but if the defense wins apeal and probation served wouldn't that have been a violation of her probation???????

1109 days ago


She killed her baby, no matter what that group of idiots said. She will serve her probation, but I doubt it will be in FL. Regardless of where she serves it, everyone else has to do probation, so there should not be special concessions made to the most hated woman in America just because she i*****ed. The reason she i*****ed is because of her actions, so NO MORE SPECIAL TREATMENT please! Hasn't she had enough???

1109 days ago


I don't think it will get overturned. If it does it opens a great big can of worms. I think they are going to make the point that a clerical error or typo is not etched in stone the verbal ruling is.

Baez got lucky with the verdict and now wants to cash in on this. He would get like 40% of everything Casey makes selling this. He's a real class act.

1109 days ago

Pompano Ann    

A tigers stripes don't change; in time she'll screw up again just like OJ; she's a loser and in time will push that envelope again!

1109 days ago


I find it interesting that they feel the only people that hate this woman are residents of Florida. Wake up y'all, the hatred for this bitch knows no state boundaries, it's NATIONWIDE!!

1109 days ago


Time for the SPOILED BRAT to take SOME RESPONSIBILITY for her actions,Baez it appears is not willing to teach Casey any form of contrition,He and Casey thinking about the money not made in the comming year,and how long does Baez plan to use that excuse,there are COURT CASES WAITING.If she did her probation,she would just begin to quiet people down,by refusing ,she is creaating more HATE

1109 days ago


Cas,this NORBA dude sounds perfect for you! You two definitely should hook up! Cuz, come on, lets face it, Cas, that is the only kind you attract...pervs or pretend pervs! Norba, And Norba, a suggestion, instead of your "thang" use a hot curling iron! roflmao

1109 days ago
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