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Casey Anthony's Legal Team

We're Taking on the Judge

She Should NOT Be On Probation

8/15/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Appeal
Casey Anthony's legal team tells TMZ they will fight the judge who just rejected their claim that Casey served her probation for check fraud while she sat in jail during her murder trial ... and if they lose Casey will have to return to Florida in 11 days.

Anthony was sentenced to 1 year's probation for her 2010 check fraud conviction.  The judge who sentenced her said in court the time Casey spent in jail would not count toward completing probation, but the order the judge signed mistakenly allowed Casey's probation to run concurrently with her time in the pokey.

A judge ruled on Friday that the judge who sentenced Casey clearly made an innocent mistake, and it wouldn't make sense to allow Casey to get credit for the time she was in jail.  After all, the point of probation is to test how a person behaves when they are in the real world, not while they're locked up with few opportunities to misbehave.

But now her lawyers tell TMZ they will appeal Friday's ruling.  If they win, it would mean Casey would get a huge break -- her probation would already be completed -- because of a technical error. 

Casey's lawyers say if they lose their appeal ... they want her to serve her probation in a state other than Florida.



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I don't know why we're giving so much attention to this liar. This family is WEIRD and we don't seem to dismiss them. This woman in less than a week has gained a ton of weight, she is even an UGLIER person than we had seen (I never thought that was possible), and here we are stalking her for pictures and giving her exactly what she craves, making her feel as if she were a celebrity. I say let's forget her and her "team of lawyers." We all know because of her the little girl is dead. This loser woman isn't even attractive!!!! Oh well. None of my business.

1173 days ago

Joe Ubelhor    

Who is paying for this Legal Team?

1173 days ago


casey anthony should be rotting in a cell right now. do your probation and stfu you effing sow.

1173 days ago


I would say the Casey Attorney's were aware of the clerical error from the get go..otherwise why would they have given her probation while she was in Jail..they were just trying to pull a fast one on the Judge..

1173 days ago


TMZ- why do u keep using that fake Casey photo, LOL

1173 days ago

Master Po    

So wait you dolts think there is no market for an interview? You really think you did something to effect this? You do realize by just POSTING here it add value to her future interview which is going to happen. Now they will be rewarded heavily, and finally all you hens can go back to ignoring your real children as you obsess with this young lady, who by the way was NOT GUILTY. That really must suck, all that hatred you spewed for months and months, annoying your family with this case which they dont give a shiz about. And guess what NOT GUILTY. HAHAHAHA

1173 days ago

Tess (Pa)    

For goodness sake.......SHE IS NOT A CELEBRITY!!!! Why are you covering her!!! I don't get it. Murder your child, become a celebrity!!! You people have stooped to a new low!

1173 days ago


I laughed when I read the title of this article....and they are right about one thing..she shouldn't be on probabtion...SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL!!!!!!!

1173 days ago

Christopher Duran    

It is double jeopardy and Un-Constitutional. Even though it was a "mistake" she still completed the probation and has legal do***entation to prove it. This amounts to double jeopardy!! The Courts are held to a higher standard and if it was a clerical error? Too Bad. The State and the D.A. also need to take responsibility for over charging her in the first place which is why she walked. She was so guilty!!!! But not of premeditated murder based on the evidence. Manslaughter they had her on and still would have got her incarcerated for 15 to 30 years had they not been so arrogant.

1173 days ago


Eileen: The judge signed the order after it was typed incorrectly!

1173 days ago


Casey is mine, I saw her first, I laid first claim to Casey, she belongs to me now yum yum yum slurp-p-p.


1173 days ago


This is definitely a fight that her defense team WILL NOT WIN! There is no jury to lie to, and Judge Perry was not happy at all with the chicanery used by the defense all along. Baez should be disbarred. He is a lying snake, and a PRIME EXAMPLE of a major flaw in our legal system! Rot in hell Casey, Bozo, and Cheney Mason.

1173 days ago


If a citizen made "an innocent mistake" on a legal do***ent they would be screwed. Forget who she is and what she has done. The judge screwed up and for the sake of the legal system needs to stand behind the mistake.

1173 days ago


You're right, she shouldn't be on probation she should either be behind bars for life (to easy) or fried for what she did and got away with. Her lawyers want John Q public to accept the ruling by the court, do the same and shut up. I hope she rots in hell.

1173 days ago


Regardless of whether she's guilty or not guilty, hasn't Casey Anthony been coddled enough?

This kind of special treatment not given to others is just going to enrage people even further. Let her deal with the consequences like any other citizen has to.

1173 days ago
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