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One of These Kids

Is Not Her Child

8/15/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While her youngest kids David and Mercy played nearby, Madonna shared a tender moment with her 24-year-old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat in the Hamptons this weekend.

The Queen of Pop turns 53 tomorrow.


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Tim Johnson    

Wow !!!!!!! She is so grosssssss, look at her hahaha YUCK!!!!! Guy ritchie is stoked he's got a hot new girl and his pride lol....

1110 days ago


GROSS... that's what came out of my mouth and I'm sticking with it.

1110 days ago


wow looks like a buck tooth beaver... hmmm... yike.. buti'm sure he is very nice... and his mommy loves him.... maybe he'll get braces for his teeth for Christmas !!

1110 days ago


you know, I'm not a big Madonna fan, but I think there's not an older woman out there
who wouldn't be flattered by a younger man's attention. They both want the sex and woman
get even more sexual in their 40's and guys in their 20's want it all the time. So since it's
all about the sex, it's quite perfect. I say all the power to you madonna, if you can still
get a 24'yr old after you and that you are still feeling sexual and want it from a young hot
stud. most older men get tired after doing it once. she loves being in control and a young stupid. kid will be in awe of her, for a while anyway. she's still the star in his eyes and trust me
Madonna is no stupid woman, he won't get anything out of her unless she wants to give it.
Just my opinion.

1110 days ago

Throwback kid    

Madonna has more money than the rest of us could ever imagine, does it make her happy? of course not. The one thing Madonna really wants money can't buy and that is youth. No matter how many facelifts she gets, how much yoga she does, or how many 24 year old guys she goes out with, she can never turn the clock back. For Madonna it will never be 1985 again, and that is why she has become such a pathetic woman, she can't or won't deal with age.

1110 days ago


Can I throw up now or should I wait for the denial. Either way, this is just Cher-bait all over again. Why do these talented, mature women think having a 25 yr old bf is going to make them seem younger? Grow up and find a guy your own age. Same goes for the Rod Stewarts of the world....OMG these young thangs aren't into YOU, they're into your fame and money. You all look pathetic for buying into it.

1110 days ago


OMG! Disgusting, isn't there a law against that? Geez, if your gonna hang out with him Madonna at least fix his teeth after you burp him next.

1110 days ago


its sad when a tramp gets old and tries to act like she is something on a stick. please hang it up and give us a break......

1110 days ago


the sheman is hung like a horse. congratulations to the feminine young lover.

1110 days ago


Madonna has become so pathetic!!

1110 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

The age is way to far apart BUT I dont see people talkin this much crap on all those old white men with plastic gfs who arent even old enough to get a drink at a bar

1110 days ago

cindy lou    

Yes, I do agree its kind of gross.

However, there are many more old (actor, celeb) men with young women and just a few come to mind. Michael Dougles & Catherine Zeta Jones, Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart, Clint Eastwood and latina wife, Jack Nickolson & lots of young starlets, Sean Penn & Scarlett Johansen, George Clooney & Bimbos, Larry King & Bimbo, Mick Jagger & lots of Bimbos, Paul Mc Cartney & 1 legged wife and new girlfriend, the list is endless...

So powerful, rich, celeb women are doing it now too, WHO CARES?

1110 days ago


He reminds me of Rocket J. Squirrel.

1110 days ago


Didn't Madgina say she was 50 last year? I'm sick of her disgusting antics. She thinks she's SEXY??? Nauseo.

1110 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

That's one bada$$ bicycle helmet! I want one of those! Ladybird theme complete with antennae. That's stylin'.

1110 days ago
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