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MJ Tribute Concert

Gene Simmons to Perform

Despite Calling MJ a Pedophile

8/15/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
Pretty ironic -- Gene Simmons, who called Michael Jackson a hard-core pedophile, will perform at the MJ Tribute Concert.

Katherine Jackson was on CNN this AM, talking about the concert, when promoters revealed that KISS would be performing.

Yet Gene Simmons went on record last year -- mind you, a year after MJ died -- saying, "There is no question in my mind he molested those kids.  Not a doubt."

Simmons went on to say, "The only sexual references ever made about Michael Jackson that were made by anyone, anywhere around the world, have always been made by kids, and specifically males usually 10 to 14 years of age; never females, that age or older, and never grown men."

Hate the man.  Love the music.


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Re: OHWELL/there are women who have said they had a sexual relationship with MJ,Lisa Marie Presley has said that they had a sexual relationship, people always forget that! Not that I am defending MJ or anything but how many underage girls has GENE SIMMONS been with, almost all of the rock stars love underage girls, even Elvis!!!!

1103 days ago

Laura Munroe    

No way should this Gene botox Simmons be at that concert! Is the family crazy? Are the Jackson's that desperate for acts? Not a circus act they are looking for is it?

1103 days ago

Laura Munroe    

@lisa.....YOU SHOULD BE DEFENDING HIM DAMMIT! His fans are his VOICE now! Did you forget that he was found NOT GUILTY of all charges brought upon him in 2003! MICHAEL JACKSON WS NOT A PEDOPHILE!

1103 days ago


I agree with Gene Simmons.

1103 days ago


I Dream of better days, sign of life. A hope of love. A good deed to all mankind. Love and goodness, a rare sight. We need hope for the helpless. A brighter side of life and love. Our world so ruled by the unkind. A Demon in disguise.Love and goodness such a rare sight in these Times. Where is forgiveness, where is love on this desert hurtful world ??? Love you poor Michael Jackson.

1103 days ago


One publicity whore honoring another. Disgusting.

1103 days ago


Screw Gene, he'd do anything for money...going a bit bankrupt are we, Gene?

1103 days ago


**** Gene Simmons and **** the Jackson family too there I said it even if am an MJ fan. It's clear they're a bunch of idiots who only loved MJ b/c of the money or else they wouldn't associate with people who insult their son (Katherin!) or brother (Latoya!) etc., no wonder MJ left his estate to John Branca b/c he knew his family would **** up his music legacy up starting with this lame tribute. Notice how the MJ estate does not support this tribute at least they know how to handle MJ's affairs. Am glad they're in charge they're the only ones who know how to do a decent job. No wonder he didn't keep in contact with his family he knew they only used him.

1103 days ago


MF gene simmons. Keep yo B**** A** at the hous with your little creeps. Your talent is sticking your tounge out. You sing and sound like ****. Kiss this

1103 days ago


Gene Simmons rocks! MJ was a creepy person and people need to let him die!

1103 days ago

Some Guy    

TMZ needs to look up the meaning of "ironic".

1103 days ago

d taylor    

The tribute concert is already dumb as hell, noones cares about the Jacksons anymore they need to go sit down, we only cared about Michael and Janet. Catherine is a fool to let Gene perform and pay his stupid ass too after what he said about your son wow! I hope she wakes up before she writes the check.

1103 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Actually, it's a match made in Heaven.
1. The Jackson estate wants people to work for free.
2. "KISS" (actully Simmons and some sidemen) will work for Free - who would really pay to see a fat, out of shape 65 yo man perform in pseudo-kabuki makeup.
BTW, His mom, who is probably the o

1103 days ago


Gene Simmons burn in hell

1103 days ago


1103 days ago
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