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"To Catch A Predator"

Judge Dismisses Sex Case

Says Dateline Entrapped Sailor

8/16/2011 5:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A sailor caught in the web of Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" was just acquitted of all charges, after the judge ruled NBC engaged in entrapment.

Joseph Roisman was prosecuted for lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, after allegedly arranging a meeting with someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Judge Arthur Wick in Sonoma County, California, threw the case out after the prosecution presented its case, ruling prosecutors failed to prove Roisman had an intent to have sex with the decoy.

Roisman's lawyer, L. Stephen Turer, lashed out at the tactics of the people responsible for "To Catch a Predator," saying "They took everything away from this kid just to make a TV show."

Turer added, "This case is the poster child for the abuse in this program."

There were 29 arrests as a result of the Dateline sting.  28 of the defendants pled guilty without going to trial.  This is the only case of the 29 that went to trial, and Dateline's tactics were squarely repudiated.

NBC could not be reached for comment.


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Maybe this judge likes little girls too. He is disgusting and should be unemployed. I just can't believe these loser judges they make me sick and most of them are perverts.

1163 days ago


Good. It's obviously entrapment. That doesn't work for the cops and it shouldn't work for this show. Hope they move to take it off the air.

1163 days ago

Cali Girl    

ummm, not all pleaded guilty.

1163 days ago


how is it entrapment? Was he or was he not going to meet who he thought was a 13 year old girl? What if it HAD been a 13 year old girl? Instead of a lawsuit about entrapment, there would have been a criminal rape trial. Which is worse? Getting caught by a TV show before you rape a child, or being caught after raping a child?

1163 days ago


I wonder how long until Bill O'Reilly sends a producer to ambush the judge in the parking lot. Now that will be good TV!

1163 days ago


Just in case people missed it:

Entrapment is when the police set someone up to commit a crime they had not intention to commit, or are duped into committing.

Driving all that way to have sex with who he thought was a 13 year old was not entrapment. He had the desire to sleep with a child, he made the conscious decision to drive down and have sex with a child... It's not entrapment just because he didn't know that the "child" wasn't a real child.

1163 days ago



He’s Joseph Roisman—a military man, currently enlisted in the Navy. Online the 21-year-old calling himself “joseph_roisman2000” tells the decoy that he’s completely shaved in his private area explaining, “What girl wants (hair) in her mouth right?” The decoy says, “I know I don’t” and he responds, “Well you don’t have to worry then.”

Decoy: Guess what? I’m gonna change into my suit. That sound good to you?

Roisman: That really sounds—yeah. I don’t have a suit though.

Decoy: That’s okay. You don’t really need one.

Roisman: Good deal.

Decoy: Yeah. (laughs) Sounds great. It’s really warm. I turned it on a couple a hours ago.

Roisman: Sweet.

As he starts taking off his clothes, he goes in search of the decoy ... instead he finds me.

Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent (walks out): Keep your hands outta your pocket for me.

Roisman: Okay.

Hansen: Okay. Now why don’t you go sit down—over on the other side of the bar, please. Right on that stool. Can have a seat. Go ahead, you can put your shirt on or something. What was your plan?

Roisman: Just—I don’t know. Talk. Be friends.

Hansen: Talk. Be friends.

Roisman: As long as we’re friends, that’s fine. As long as I don’t—you know, cross that line.

Hansen: But you talked about having sex with her in the chat.

Roisman: We did discuss oral sex, but I...

Hansen: (reading from transcript) “I want to wrestle you so freakin’ bad.” “Wrestle me?” “I’d let you win just so I could feel you on top of me.” “*it—I wanna see you so bad.”

Roisman: Honest mistake.

Hansen: Honest mistake.

Roisman: This is my first time doing this.

Hansen: If she would’ve let you, you would a had sex with the girl?

Roisman: With her? No.

Hansen: Do you know that it’s illegal to solicit someone who’s underage, online for sex?

Roisman: Yes.

Hansen: But it seems as though that is what you did here. I mean, you could see how someone would draw that conclusion.

Roisman: Yes.

Hansen: Okay. So, what do you think should happen to you?

Roisman: I’m not sure.

Hansen: Well—there’s something you gotta know. And that is, I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, and we’re doing a story on adults who try to meet teens online for sex.

Roisman: There’s nothing else for me to say.

Hansen: Okay.

Roisman: Thank you very much.

This man’s long journey is about to get even longer. As he leaves the backyard and enters the garage he’s arrested, then taken to this booking station, photographed and brought in for questioning.

Officer Wade: Did you know this girl was 13 when you first started talking to her?

Roisman: Yes.

Officer Wade: Did you guys talk about the possibility of her giving a ******** whenever you were talking to her on the Internet?

Roisman: I mentioned oral sex, yes.

Officer Wade: Which would lead a reasonable person to believe that that might have been in the back of your mind, thinking about—

Roisman: Oh yeah, it was definitely in the back of my mind.

Officer Wade: So what would have prevented that from happening if there hadn’t a been somewhere there to intervene?

Roisman: Self-control.

1163 days ago


I've always felt uncomfortable about that show. I'd be fine with authority busting people for this, but the fact that they nationally televise it humiliates innocent people connected to these horrible things. These horrible deeds do not need to be televised. It's ok to bust pervert creeps, but not to televise it, so say I! That host is such an arrogant creep.

1163 days ago


i wanna meet chris hanson hahha

1163 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Any dude who shows up to the house of some girl he thinks is underaged after chatting online is guilty as charged in my book.

1163 days ago


A would be Child Molester gets away with it
It pays to be in the us military.
you know why he went there...

1163 days ago


C'mon...entrapment ?? Nobody forced him to show up at a 13 year old girls house. I'm sure there were x rated chat logs and I'm sure he brought goodies. What does the judge think he went to the house for...a game of hopscotch ?? I hope the next little girl he preys upon is the judges granddaughter.
It may not happen right away but, it will happen again. Its a sickness.
I believe that show has had a positive affect on internet perverts thinking twice. And that's all that "sailor" is, is a pervert pedophile in uniform. Good job judge !

1163 days ago


Oh good, let's make it even more difficult to prosecute would be pedophiles

1163 days ago


Hope the judge will not have this same man in court for molesting a child or something worse down the road...Shame on our justice system...another potential criminal beats the system!!

1163 days ago

Bobo Frog    

That show is like Minority Report. They are arresting people before they ever actually do anything.

1163 days ago
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