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Jermaine Jackson

MJ Tribute Promoters

Are Using My Mom

8/16/2011 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Jermaine Jackson believes the promoters of the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert are crassly taking advantage of an 81-year-old woman -- otherwise known as Katherine Jackson -- to "prop up its event."

Jermaine just went on a Twitter rant, claiming Global Live is using his mom.  And, he's particularly pissed at Global Live for its initial decision to have KISS perform, given that Gene Simmons has publicly accused MJ of being a hardcore child molester.

Jermaine tweeted, "I'm appalled as all fans that Global Live booked an artist like KISS after all Gene Simmons had said about Michael.  It doesn't matter KISS' invitation is revoked.  This mishandling reinforces my view that this promoter is getting it all wrong..."


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Brigha from UK    

Flower Power: ....Contacting some news agencies and issuing a statement from the family would have made a big difference....
I agree!

1130 days ago


Thanks again Phantom. Your postings were very nice.

1130 days ago


This concert was a mistake from the very beginning. It should be in the USA. The Jackson's need to move on and let Michael rest in peace. His children should be the only one's to profit from Michael. His family needs to stop riding on Michaels shirt tail and make money on their own. The ride is over!!! He is gone forever!

1130 days ago


Jermaine is just mad that the promoters are using his mom and that using his mom used to be his job!

1130 days ago


I'm tired of hearing about MJ and/or his family...

1130 days ago


Glad all this came up with Gene and Kiss, it brings the public's awareness to the reality that MJ was a pedophile, sorry fans, I know you like to pretend it wasn't true

1130 days ago


Michael was a rich pedophile ,who pays the system millions to the victim to keep them quiet! his family had been living of him all his life,now he is gone and they are all using his name ,they are bunch of liars ,lazies bunch of loosers! La Toya went to the press all over the world saying her brother was sleeping with kids...,she wrote a book ? Germaine never work same is Tito,the only one who really works in that family, is Janet she is the only one ,mother ,father,siblings all of them were using Michael and still do! Michale was a drug user ,he was a genius but he has his faults Pedophile and drug user that was HIM! This is a very idsfuctional family!Germaine and all the others should get a regular job and work like all of us accept that their provider is gone !

1130 days ago


So in other words they didn't ask Jermaine to sing in the show.

1130 days ago


Wow. I'm actually in agreement with something Jermaine Jackson is saying. And "mishandling" is a nice way to put things ... the promoter has his head up his a**. Not that Jermaine is entirely innocent, he tried to jump on the bandwagon after Michael's death, promoting himself. But maybe, just maybe, he actually did it out of love for his brother as well?

1130 days ago

yvonne from uk    

Clearly there are still posters who have no idea who Michael really was. Thing is it's not too hard to find out, educate yourselves people, i have read so many books and as i said in a post yesterday there are 2 books Redemption and Conspiracy which prove Michaels innocence beyond a doubt. Michael was also not a hard core drug user, yes he may have needed prescription drugs, who wouldn't considering what he had to face, thanks to people with the mentality of s***. Read the autopsy reports, they are easy to find. As for katherine being unaware of whats going on, that is total bull, what upsets me about this is Michael said on many occasions how much he loved his mum, how could she do this to his memory, he left her well provided for to the end of her days. This tribute should not be happening!!! As for Jermaine, he's just a freeloader.

1130 days ago


Jermaine you know Joe talked her into it. He is always looking for ways to make money. If your mom and kis kids want to be involved with this concert. How does this affect your life? If honoring their father helps them heal then you need to think whats best for them. Your mom has been through alot and will have to live with this loss for the rest of her life, Let her try to enjoy the years she has left. Love her support her

1130 days ago


He is just jealous he is not cashing in himself!!

1130 days ago


Michael was NOT A child molester or a pedophile!! I wish people would read the WHOLE story before making judgments. Michael wanted to take it to court..he was prepared to fight with his attorneys! They had witnesses stating that J. Chandler said Michael never did those sick things and that it was a lie! Michael did not pay off anybody--his insurance company did! Because all the people around Michael adviced him not to go through with it-because he was in the middle a concert and they would loose 3x the money the insurce was going to pay..I am beginning to think all these people who think Michael was a child molester..I am wondering if they are using Michael's name because of their own hidden agenda-or hiding their own family secrets??
KISS can Kiss off--Gene Simmons is an ego-centered money hunger-sick man..Didn't he have sex with hundreds of women..and let me assure you--allot of them were underage..So who is the child molester?! And I am sure some of these women who were teenagers back in the 70s and 80s will be coming out..sooner then we think..uhh--KARMA is Real-and it is the law of the universal. And as far as the Jacksons using Michael--uhh, Michael Jackson was also business-a billion dollar business. His business helped house, feed, and heal the sick, millions of people around the world! IF the Jacksons owned a car lot or a food company-and the owner dies and leaves them his business, and they continue on that business..isn't it the same thing? So all these judgements on the Jacksons--I wonder. I used to think that overall human beings were intelligent people with wisdom..Now I am beginning to think not. --Michael had extaordinary gifts that helped millions of people around the world..shouldn't his family have some the benefits? RIP are LOVE and your LOVE is 4EVER..

1130 days ago


In Memory of Uncle Michael by YASHI BROWN


Some things are right in front of us
But we laugh
Snicker, mock
Joke and argue
Making fun
Finding humor and hilarity
Wanting an imposter in purity
Finding intrigue in the glossy metal of a barrel
Pow pow!! Pop! Pop!
Human beings just don’t know where to stop stop
Too jaded to believe in anything
Casting our gory realities
On innocence
Yes if anything you were molested by society
Many claim a dark mystery
But you weren’t
With you it was always in your music
With you it was always in your words
Just listen
Sometimes I cry at its simplicity
It was in your melody
Your perfect pitch
It was in your tone
It was your love of expression
It was your home
The only thing as a young boy
That you had ever known
You knew you were chosen and wanted to share
Maybe touch somebody’s life because you knew
How song, how much emotion really cares
You were truth
You were real
You didn’t care to mar
Yes, once upon a time you lashed out with your art
Feeling targeted
Because you were so wounded by humanity
You felt mislead, lead on, rejected
Something so hard to conceive
You just wanted to feel connected
Have a real friend who wasn’t intimidated
By your abilities, that would simply let you be
Treat you like someone you found good company
Too fragile to hurt
A true artist can’t hide from us
Has everyone gone mad?
You were right in plain sight
If you did we wouldn’t care to know more
About the possible immortality of man
You didn’t want the world to see you as limited
Because they would see themselves the same
You wanted to reflect the atmosphere
The stratosphere and freedom
Where our minds could go if we could just let it
Galaxies creating more galaxies
You always knew this before scientists stamped their approval
If we could just fathom and ponder
If we could just let our inner child wander
You stayed here because you knew
It was the one place full of honor
It was full of endless inspire
You wanted honest truth
And as a kid I remember your wild rides
You behind the wheel was exquisite adventure
With me and my cousins driving along Boulevard Ventura
Acting silly
Rolling windows down
Calling out to the sidewalk passersby
All you wanted to do was snap them out of it
Jolt them alive
With our silly antics that made them smile
After they realized
Some stranger tried to end their vicious cycle
If only for a little while as we drove mile after mile
We’d go back to the compound to play imagine and focus
On our dreams – you showed us the way to let them open
Yes you out chased victories after your victories
Only to give more selflessly
And yes there would be some selfish
Only to feed your endless thirsty
It’s okay because some are inclined to indefinite
It’s our god given essence
It’s our god given message
So you just shrug and accept it
Why suppress it?
You surely can’t help it
I love you because as a child you left the biggest impression
Your most important message
Believe in your path
Your god given genius
It’s in EVERY one of us
Follow this
It is a sin to watch it mire, mold and grow fungus
Soon it will cover you
Instead of the reason you are you
Heavenly sent
We’re all messengers. . .
Just imagine
One day
When we all tap it
When we all rap
When we all trap it
Look at the stars
They’re not very far
Imagine every day
Every minute a little pray
You’ll orbit close
Peel off that negative parasite
Throw him to the wind
Let her carry him to the ocean he wants to be in
Indulge positivity
Sound speed
Surround yourself with matter that echoes your imagery
Your philosophy
Trust and then watch the impossible merging
Taking shape
Taking wake
The only secret
As already shared
Is right in front of us
Still a secret we keep passing it up
It’s a playground
Not a jump rope of despair
Don’t swing from disappointment, to anger
To jaded to fear
Genius – the elusive power
The most coveted spot
From all around and above
Is powered only by love
All force takes part
Love doesn’t discriminate but a divine cycle
These truths as a child were powered only by you
Uncle Michael

1130 days ago
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