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'Real Housewives of Bev Hills'

Sorry, We Don't Want the Salahis

8/16/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

and Tareq Salahi won't be chumming it up with Camille Grammer or Kyle Richards any time soon -- because TMZ has learned,  the couple just got REJECTED from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

As we previously reported, the Salahis are in the process of moving to the swank neighborhood -- renting a $20,000-a-month mansion -- but we're told they won't be taking their "Real Housewives" careers with them.

According to sources, the Salahis' manager had been in talks with Bravo to transfer the baby-hungry couple from the D.C. show to its B.H. counterpart -- but Bravo exec Andy Cohen coolly replied, "We are not interested."

Quelle surprise.


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some guy    

Do these clowns have any other job offers? Seems foolish to rent such an expensive house in a new city w/o any real prospects.

1165 days ago


Thank you Bravo for not feeding into their wacky way of trying to be famous they will do ANYTHING to get noticed. mabe they should try getting a real job.

1165 days ago


These two are enough to make my skin crawl. He is so fat and ugly and she is a no taleny skin and bones fame whore. Don't they get it, no one wants to see them or cares about them . Go away !

1165 days ago

John T.    

Wake up and smell the coffee you two, we don't want to hear or see either of you.

1165 days ago


Ah-ha ha ha ha ha!
What a couple of f'n LOSERS!
D.C. wants them out & BH smartly says they don't want their dumb a$$es either! Classic.
These two need to just disappear. They've been trying, HARD, for years to get 'famous'. Now they're only infamous. Everyone hates them. Including me.

1165 days ago


Why do these 2 douche bags think any one cares what they do or where they live. I vote GO AWAY AND NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN.

1165 days ago


This is Harvey's fault QUIT
no one else gives them a time of day

1165 days ago


So, how do these "people" make money? We all know they're fame whores desperate to stay in the public eye, but where does the $$ come from?

Andy Cohen is no dummy, and he knows just how radioactive the Salahi's are, which is why he said No to having them soil his show.

Bet they set everything in motion before (way before) having a way to pay for it, and bet you that they end up backing out of their commitment for the house and end up being sued, and then they counter sue, and then maybe, just maybe they'll go away forever.

I pity the poor child that winds up in that baron wasteland of a uterus she has, as the last thing these morons need to be is parents.

Your 15 minutes is up guys, time to pack it in and disappear off the face of the earth (I wish).

1165 days ago


BRAVO to Bravo and Andy Cohen. Those two would make the show 100% about them and they would do ANYTHING for attention. Not feeling them at all.

1165 days ago

Kelli French    

STOP ALL COMMENTS AND YOU ARE STOPPING THEIR PAYCHECK. THEY MAKE THEIR LIVING SELLING CHEESY STORIES TO TMZ. If you want to comment join, Tell the White House Party crashers to go away, on facebook.

1165 days ago

Mary Bailey    

Why would Andy Cohen want them for anything again when their White House gatecrashing stunt failed to draw audiences to RHODC?

The Salahis are pathetic and unwanted on American reality tv. Hell, even Heidi Montag still books gigs.

1165 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

I'll bet $20,000 they stop paying rent after the first month or two. Anyone who would rent to these two grifters gets exactly what they deserve.

1165 days ago


hahaha guess that kind of shoots down the ever so dilusional Michele Salahi's theory that the reason RHODC was not picked up was because Andy Cohen would not shoot it without her and the other women refused huh? LOL

1165 days ago

Mike Rowave    

Bravo to Bravo!!!

1165 days ago

your not all that    

LOL too bad they are too BROKE to buy themselves 15 more minutes of fame.......GO AWAY FRAUDS!!!!!!!!!!

1165 days ago
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