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Russell Armstrong

Distraught Over Divorce and

'Tremendous Financial Problems'

8/16/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Russell Armstrong was at his wits end over his impending divorce from Taylor in the days leading to his death -- and he was inundated with debt.

Russell's lawyer Ronald Richards tells TMZ, Russell had been staying at a friend's house on Mulholland Drive in L.A. -- the same house where authorities found his body hanging last night.

0816-russell-house-water-subRichards tells us, "I feel bad because his credit cards weren't working ... He had tremendous financial problems."

Richards adds, "He was also extremely bummed out about the divorce with Taylor. As far as a will, even if he does have a will, they don't have any assets, so I'm not sure what there would be left to leave. I am extremely saddened ... I had no idea he was depressed."

As we previously reported, Russell -- an investor who made his money in the 90s during the dot com boom -- filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2005, claiming he had less than $50,000 in assets ... and debt somewhere between $1 and $10 million.


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There's a problem here    

Makes you kind of glad to be some common guy with a so-so job and a wife who might not be on the cover of Playboy but makes you feel like the best man in the world. Famewhore should have tried it.

1127 days ago



1127 days ago


Looks like everyone commenting agrees ... Taylor is a gold digger!
Did Russell really "push her" and "pull her hair"? I hope she's not lying because she's going to have to carry that for life. Kind of odd that Russell would attend Taylor's charity for abused women if he was abusing his wife himself.

When the public learned that Taylor spent $60...,000.00 on her daughter's BD party we were all blown away, imagine how Russell felt knowing they didn't really have the money? He commented on film at the party how expensive it was. He walked around with a kind of snide cynical look on his face. Taylor was irate he got Kennedy a dog for BD when she said no. Maybe that was his way of biting back?

On the show, it appears like she spends money left & right. They filmed her having having a stylist deliver high end couture clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories to their home. When you're having money issues, you quit buying things you don't need like more clothes. I'm sure she has plenty of things to wear. She had hair & makeup artists. She can do her own hair and makeup. The beauty treatments and plastic surgery aren't cheap.
What about the other pricey parties? They filmed her roaring 20's costume party and Russell threw her a pretty nice BD party on a hotel rooftop with food, drinks & music.

Russell's 3 children are the real victims. It's a shame Russell didn't reach out for help but I understand depression. I suffer from major depression/anxiety. I've been hospitalized a few times. I've even had ETC treatments. I hope something good comes out of this ... I hope it brings attention to depression and suicide. Maybe Taylor will get involved with a few more Beverly Hills charities for those causes.

I FEEL SORRY FOR RUSSELL. He was depressed and pushed to the point of suicide. I didn't care for his personality on the show until I watched Taylor's behavior. He was probably freaking out trying to keep up a front to maintain that lifestyle. I'm sure Taylor will find another rich man who will keep her in the Beverly Hills lifestyle she wants.

1127 days ago


Taylor is a puke. She's ugly and scary. Can you imagine waking up to that MOUTH every morning????????

1127 days ago


Hey a few years ago it was Kandy from Atlanta Housewives fiance that passed. Now this well I guess things was hard for Russell but I am not surprised he seemed weird to me. And I thought he was like in mid 50's @ least. Taylor looks terrible to me and she need to get a refund on those lips ASAP. Well Russie that was not the way to deal with it now you are suffering much more sad but true

1127 days ago


I do not think Bravo or Taylor is to blame. No more than CBS is responsible for Charlie Sheen's downward spiral or Disney being the reason Demi Lovato ended up in rehab. This is very sad and Russell apparently had deep problems. Taylor showed alot of respect for Russell on the show but she was not happy and perhaps his "darkness" was the thing that drove her to file for divorce. One can only speculate since we only saw a glimpse into their life. So sad.

1127 days ago


I just wonder if he could not take it anymore, his wife filing for Divorce and claiming he is a wife beater it probably drove him to the only way out how sad. Bravo another marriage really bites the dust........way tooo gooo.....

1127 days ago


I don'*****ch the show. I am too busy surfing (waves) or working out in the gym or reading ...but I'll tell you one look at the ugly wife made me wonder WHY? obviously he had low self esteem.. I think it is sad really that NO ONE helped this dude. where was the brah?? his friends???? all worthless.

1127 days ago


This is the same chick who spent 80,000.00 on her daughters birthday party!!!! Omg!

1127 days ago


I'm so sorry for everyone conserned.
But Money dosn't make you happy, it is good to have some that you don't have to worry every day about it. But in the long run you don't need lavish partys, for a young child.
I'm sure you did not have a clue about anything, sorry you and your child, have to go through all this, take care.

1127 days ago


Seems like the "Real Housewives of.." franchise hires a lot of financial frauds. The Giudice's from New Jersey and the Armstrongs from Beverly Hills....irresponsible with their money and then have the audacity to spend like they are Bill Gates all the while stiffing creditors and declaring bankruptcy. It's a shame that Bravo TV has stooped so low. Why not celebrate "real real housewives" who raise their kids to be respectful good citizens, who aren't shallow , who are intelligent and don't put on airs?

1127 days ago


Man is she ugly

1127 days ago


Taylor is a horrible horrible awful person. She was the worst housewife on RHBH. ever. I feel sorry for him that he had to put up with her sh#$. Rest in peach Russel. You were a wonderful man.

1127 days ago


IT is hard to believe he did this-- and if he had such horrible financial problems, then why did his wife spend $50,000 on some dumb tea party birthday party? IT is absolutely ludicrous -- along with all her shoes, clothes, house, vacations, plastic surgeries and on and on. Sorry-- but these glitzy hollywood types are just plain DUMB. And now a little girl lost her father-- tragic and selfish.

1127 days ago


I am so diturbed for those three children. They are the true victims of this whole thing. Taylor knew that she could not keep with the true Beverly Hills life style. Taylor is the one who is to blame due to the seriours greed that she knew that she could not keep up with the Jones's. My heart goes out to those three children. If i knew that I or my husband were having serious fincinal problems I would not be spending money like it was growing off trees. Trying living in our everday world just trying to keeping food on the table and clothes on our backs and th mortage paid. Please try living a normal life like the rest of us 9-5 blue collar workers do. Once again my heart goes out to Kennedy and her two siblings.

1127 days ago
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