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Russell Armstrong

Dead for More than 24 Hours

Before Body was Found

8/18/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Authorities believe Russell Armstrong was dead for more than 24 hours before his body was discovered ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... the last known contact anyone had with Russell was last Saturday, when he was on the phone with a friend.

As we first reported, Russell was a no-show for a meeting with Taylor on Monday afternoon, which sounded alarm bells and began hours of frantic searching.

Russell's body was discovered at 8:08 PM Monday.

And, sources tell TMZ, Russell's body was found hanging from a wooden beam in the bedroom, with an orange extension cord around his neck.



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24 Hours would suggest maggots, and a complete loss of all body fluids. Flies would be swarming and rigormortis would have benn fully involved.

Speculation that there may have been a bad smell, seems fair.

Speaking of rigormortis, how is Zsa Zsa doing?

981 days ago


TMZ is sure getting sleazy over this. What's of the poor man hanging from the beam!?!

981 days ago


All Taylor cares about is how much money is left. Disgusting duckface whore.

981 days ago



981 days ago


Story has it now that he was bisexual, was going to be "outed". That the wife had found gay porn & gay website material. Another homo that isn't so proud... would rather die than have it come out.

981 days ago


My GOD people. I'm not liking you ******* Americans right now.

Maybe Bin Laden is right - Americans have NO RESPECT for life. They take what they want and say what they want without thinking of the feelings of others.

A MAN DIED, and these are the comments posted?

As a Canadian, we say, "My deepest condolences".

Ever heard of that saying? YOU ARE ALL LOSERS, and karma is a bitch.

Have some respect, you freaking bob-bon, computer-addicted, soap opera freaks. Nothing to do than put a man down after he dies, huh?!

Saw the same thing with Amy...again, it's MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES. I couldn't believe what I was reading.

After Bin Laden's, Amy's and Russell's death, all I can say is that I am disgusted with America.


981 days ago

Jimmy J    

Think about a few weeks 99% of everyone will have forgot about this troubled and selfish jag ball. He lived beyond his ability and it looks like his skank wife was in it for the $ ride. Your 40+ wifey-honey. You are a joke! I just feel for the innocent kid.

981 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

sounds suspicious to me.. Anyone that hangs themselves seriously has mental issues. Suicide is not the way out, if he indeed committed suicide..

981 days ago


i think its about time these 'housewives' stop trashing their men for the sake of getting their names in the press. if you have issues...fair enough deal with them....but is the public humiliation really worth it?? seems to me this woman was along for the ride as long as there was money to be had...then after the guy was drained...suddenly he is abusive. maybe all the botox has gone to her head... for fame she has left her child without a father.... enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.... i hope it was worth it.

981 days ago


Enough already tmz. This guy had children who really don't need to see this type of thing when they google their dad. All the sites and"news outlets" need to quit posting and reporting on this guy.

981 days ago


Tired of hearing about this abuser, he abused Taylor on the show repeatedly in real life and even admitted to it. His ex wife had to take two separate restraining orders against him because of the abuse he put her through. Sorry for his kids but he did it to himself. So over this loser.

981 days ago


"hours of frantic searching"? he was at home....

981 days ago


I think it is unfortunate that so much blame is being put on Taylor and the show. Suicide doesn't fix anything. It is a very selfish act. He left 3 children to cope with his decision to take his own life. If he only could have loved them more than he cared about himself and his mistakes. It is a very sad thing. We don't know anything about the reality of these people's lives. But it is so incredibly sad that his 3 children will have to deal with this forever.

981 days ago

Marsha Jae    

This was the ultimate act of a controlling abuser!

981 days ago


I heard another version of why they think he did it... He saw the ratings for the first year of the show & got a Dr bill for his cougar's botox.

981 days ago
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