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Russell Armstrong

Dead for More than 24 Hours

Before Body was Found

8/18/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Authorities believe Russell Armstrong was dead for more than 24 hours before his body was discovered ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... the last known contact anyone had with Russell was last Saturday, when he was on the phone with a friend.

As we first reported, Russell was a no-show for a meeting with Taylor on Monday afternoon, which sounded alarm bells and began hours of frantic searching.

Russell's body was discovered at 8:08 PM Monday.

And, sources tell TMZ, Russell's body was found hanging from a wooden beam in the bedroom, with an orange extension cord around his neck.



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I don´t understand why some people still feel a need to pick on this guy. I´ve seen the show and how his wife, NOW exwife spent mobey like crazy, and he was bankrupt.

Maybe he just loved her but had no money left and felt in despaire and couldn´t se any other way out of it. I think "Walk a mile in my shoes" is a very good expression!

1131 days ago


Taylor was so upset... the orange electrical cord did not match his SHOES!!!!!! He should hang for that!!

1131 days ago


even if he did have life insurance, his family will get nothing because it was suicide. All Taylor is left with will be the bills and lawsuits....

1131 days ago


When are these shows going to start being called what they really are? Desperate, Celebrity and Money Hungry Real Whores of ________________.

Enough already. These b**tches don't care about their families. They are more interested in airing their daily dirty laundry, showing off their fake plastic and silicone bodies and ignorance than they are about what is best for their spouses and children. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1131 days ago


I have no sympathy for anybody that kills themselves. Especially if they have children. This guy sounds like a complete moron...married a skank, squandered all this money away, went on a stupid reality show, then killed himself. Good job, buddy!!! Such a selfish act!

1131 days ago


I do not know the man and came onto the comment board to see if I could figure out who he was through the posts. Much to my disgust I found some hateful remarks over a man who just took his own life. Wow. There are some nuts on here. My sympathy to the family in this extremely difficult time. Regardless of the dysfunction and the fact that he was on a reality show make no difference to me. A man was in extreme emotional pain and this was his only escape. I hope, for his sake, he is in a better place, with loved ones surrounding him. As for the other posters, you people are more disgusting than anyone on reality tv. In fact, I'm not even sure you are even people.

1131 days ago


Yeah and!!! was this important info?

1131 days ago


Russell, I know your broad and the rest of these broads are annoying as fcuk but you knew this when your signed on. They're fame whores. All you had to do was sit back and handle your business and let the wifey make money for you. But no. I know your broad is the type to bother you right at the time of climax when not of pleasure but the pain you're going through, during your weekly auto-exotic sessions. But dude you took the punk way out. I can't hate on you but I understand.....RIP

1131 days ago


frantically searching in their world would require a long afternoon lunch and ****tails first.

1131 days ago


I can't believe people would go in that deep end so much bad thing in a stuation like people is that whats life become to oh my god a human being just take his life that have kids mother a father who love him no matter what have some compassion people I can't wait for god to come God please forgive them please they just pure

1131 days ago


I think he was gay and it was hard on him

1131 days ago


Coming from a father who committed suicide, it is not a laughing matter. There is no closure for the family, and they live with this burden of someone committing suicide and always wondering what more could I have done, why didn't I see the signs, what did I do wrong, etc. It is a pain you truly never get over nor a thing you will ever forget.
As for money, life insurance policies do not cover suicide, so if there was a policy, she will not be able to ca***** out. She will be responsible for all of his debts. His way of ending his life was truly selfish and vindictive, for he has gone and left her with the pieces that follow.

1130 days ago


He was really sad.

1130 days ago
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