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Taylor Armstrong

Daughter Doesn't Know Yet

8/16/2011 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong hasn't broken the news yet about Russell's suicide to her 5-year-old daughter Kennedy ... TMZ has learned.

Friends close to Taylor tell us, "She's not emotionally ready to do so just yet."

Taylor's attorney, Robert Thorne, tells us, "Taylor Armstrong is devastated by the tragic events that have unfolded. She requests privacy at this time so that she may comfort her young daughter."

The attorney adds, "Her thoughts and prayers are also with Russell's 11 and 13-year-old sons."


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I still remember when Taylor threw a FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLAR birthday party for her 3 year old daughter. I thought at that time who in their right mind would do that. Taylor lived way, way beyond her means. Now she apparently will be left with nothing but BILLS of her lavish lifestyle. Her estranged husband must have been in pretty bad shape mentally to leave his 3 young children behind. My prayers go to the entire Armstrong family. Such a waste of a life. All for the love OF MONEY

1167 days ago


There is probably 3 good reasons why Taylor hasn't told her daughter & needs her privacy.
1) There isn't a film crew in town.
2) She is media shoppin' for the best "I'm a widow bride/feel sorry for me! media tour to go along with the book deal
She hasn't gotten to the doctors for a "filler'up my duck lips" session.
Checkout what they are saying about Taylor's marriage on blind gossip......All I have to say is DAMN! If half of it is true then she deserves to burn in hell.

1167 days ago


very sad for the child
death of a parent is hard to wrap your head around when you are only 5 and suicide is almost incomprehensible to them
let's hope that he had insurance that would cover this because if he didn't hs wife may be in a really bad place financially
it may end up that he's totally in debt and was hiding it from everyone hoping that his fortunes would turn around
but with a pending divorce and full financial disclosure required- maybe he couldn't handle what he thought was going to be a great humiliation
may have been, but still nothing to take your life over
and if it was because of the marriage breakup it's too bad he didn't reach out to someone-or if he did and they were professional and unable to help him- then it is indeed sadder

1167 days ago


All the money and things in the world does not make a person happy. This is proof positive of that. As the countess said money cannot buy u class. Please learn something from this awful tragedy

1167 days ago


She is a greedy slut, gold digger, self important plastic media whore. She is totally responsble for this horrific suicide. I hope she become homeless and loses her kids.

1167 days ago


That is one ugly face!

1167 days ago


Did anyone see the show? He was a self absorbed jerk that wasn't happy unless he was putting her down. The Creep!

1167 days ago


Are you kidding me?

This show was replete with shots of this couple fighting and the husband making disparaging remarks to Taylor that were really painful to watch. I CAN believe that he was worse behind closed doors, and his romantic history proves that.

According to RadarOnline, Armstrong has had two separate restraining orders filed against by him. The first was by his ex-wife and the other came from an ex-girlfriend. In addition, Armstrong has a criminal record, having pled guilty to battery in 1997. He also had to have supervised visitation due to the request of the wife, which was granted after it was found he had slapped around his son.

The revelations come as Taylor and Russell are currently embroiled in a legal fight after they were accused of misleading investors.
According to The Daily Mail. they are being sued for $1.5 million for misleading investors in a company called NuWay Digital Systems, Inc. (NDS).

Russell was the chief executive officer of the company, which held interest in another company called (MMR).

In the lawsuit, the latter claims Russell collected more than a million dollars by selling off NDS shares to investors who were told they were getting a piece of MMR.

It also claims the duo ‘successfully and secretly’ funneled money from MMR and into their own pockets, and used the cash to live a life of luxury.

So, I would say that this Armstrong character had a LOT of problems that he created himself and he felt out of control and took it out on the weaker people around him.

His was a cowardly act, one of someone who did not want to face up to his misdeeds in his personal or business life. That had nothing to do with Taylor outing him, these things would have come to light no matter what. Now Taylor will not only have to face these allegations, but deal with a young daughter in the harsh light of reality TV. I don't thing anyone would sign up for that, no matter how much attention they originally sought.

1167 days ago


Suicide is always a tragedy. This one is compounded by the fact that he leaves behind a young girl who will grow up never knowing her father. When will reality TV lose the favor it currently has with Americans?

1167 days ago


i hope u rott in hell for your actions leading up to this u skank

1167 days ago

Tina Aguilar    

Regardless of who she is and how she got to this point it is sad to see so many mean hateful comments. May God bless her and the children he produced they are the innocent victims of this whole situation. May also the lord not judge you harshly when you cross over.

1167 days ago


It's quite possible that Russell committed suicide as a way to get back at Taylor for outing him on the domestic violence issue they were having. Maybe he wanted to spoil her chances of staying on the show.

We all know that Taylor will soldier on though and wouldn't give the idea of quitting the show a moment's thought.

1167 days ago


Comfort her daughter, the one that does not know her father is dead? Which is it Taylor? Get the story straight..
She needs to think about all the trash she has said about him when he was already down in the dumps with lawsuits etc., she stuck her 5 inch heels into a man when he was down, to garner PR for her stupid show, which for the record showed her for what she really is, I am sure her daughter will enjoy the reruns in a few years...If she had an ounce of class, she would withdraw from the show and contemplate whether he would be dead had the media whore not chosen to air her credit card paid for laundry in public!

1167 days ago


Remember, she's the same person who spent $60...K on her daughter's birthday party. Yes, you read that right: SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. I couldn't feel sorry for her if I tried.

1167 days ago


Oh so NOW you want privacy.

She knows the price of everything and the value of nothing !

1167 days ago
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