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Taylor Armstrong

Daughter Doesn't Know Yet

8/16/2011 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong hasn't broken the news yet about Russell's suicide to her 5-year-old daughter Kennedy ... TMZ has learned.

Friends close to Taylor tell us, "She's not emotionally ready to do so just yet."

Taylor's attorney, Robert Thorne, tells us, "Taylor Armstrong is devastated by the tragic events that have unfolded. She requests privacy at this time so that she may comfort her young daughter."

The attorney adds, "Her thoughts and prayers are also with Russell's 11 and 13-year-old sons."


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The Real Voice    

This is when the media and the internet sucks... little girls should not have to find out what happened to their fathers/mothers or who they are or did sleep with or what ever other wrong doings are going on. I know this girl doesn't konw yet, but she will and eventully find out what her parents were like when she was small, even if they are all lies, the internet has a way of making them sound real and tehn you never see as big a todo when it turns out stories are wrong

1165 days ago


this is a sad time and could not imagine going threw this!!! It is sad to say that there was domestic violence going on , and for that she divorced him! it is sad to say that a man that does that is a very sad man and has alot demons in himself and could not get the help he needed to correct himself and his life! with that said it shamed him with the reality of what he saw himself and could not handle the after math of everyone knowing and was proably sorry but was to late so he must of thought to get help:( Whatever it was it is sad and for people to write some low blows and act like low lives is sad! R.I.P........and my prays are with the family god bless us all!!

1165 days ago


She doesn't know, but TMZ has NO problem letting everyone else in on information that doesn't concern us in the first place.

1165 days ago


I didn't know my uncle committed suicide for 10 years. There's no reason to tell a kid that.

1165 days ago

Mr. Dick    

BITCH, BITCH, BITCH. Taylor put this guy (sucker) down. She spent $60...,000 on her daughter's birthday party. That's what I make in a year. She is to blame for milking Russell. He wanted a trophy wife and looked what happened to him. I saw this one coming. A cliche, typical. She is not worth killing yourself over. Instead, stay clear of these kind of bitches. She is a poster child for GOLD DIGGER. I feel bad for their daughter Kennedy.

1165 days ago


This guy is a selfish azz hole. Cowards kill them selves.

1165 days ago


Taylor: It's not about you.

1165 days ago


Hitting women
and committing
suicide, how
much more cowardly
can one man get?
Selfish jerk, doing
this to his daughter
and other kids- I'm embarrassed
for him.

1165 days ago


I think Russel was a nervous wreck the entire time they were on RHBH first season because they're con artisits, but Taylor thought they were going to get rich via the show and her associations on the show. But as they were to be exposed via law-suits and bankruptcy, she tried to separate herself from Russel to save her own skin and procede to play the part as his victim. I'm sure she imagined the whole next season could revolve around her, her sad divorce and beginning to date new men. I'll bet she envisioned her new RHBH friends setting her up with REAL rich men. I will be amazed and disgusted even more by her if she returns to the show. I pegged her as the most pathetic very early on in the season, so it won't suprise me if she does return.

1165 days ago


i just don't understand why he would leave all this on her ,he gets in a bad place and then does this it must be worse than anyone knows yet for the poor man to do this

1165 days ago

She's baaaack    

"daughter" doesn't have to know. Mom looks like enough of a man that she can just slip into the dad role.

1165 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Damn, this is the worst photo I've seen of her, what a DOG! She'd be a one bagger!

1165 days ago


Taylor DID NOT cause her husbands death. Suicide doesnt work that way. If she doesnt have enough to deal with, to blame her is cruel. I do hope she gets some help telling the daughter, before someone else does. What he did was completely selfish and his dtr will never get over this, she will just learn to live with the pain. My hope for Taylor is she does not carry this guilt and help herself and her daughter to heal.

1165 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The apparent suicide of Taylor Armstrong's estranged husband occurred in the midst of a divorce filing, allegations of physical and mental abuse and a $1.5 million lawsuit claiming the couple diverted money from investors to promote a lavish lifestyle.

Court records show that last month, a breach of contract lawsuit was filed against Russell Armstrong and Taylor by a company that alleged the couple pocketed more than $1 million from investors. The court complaint states that Russell represented himself to be a successful venture capitalist who claimed to have procured $2 billion for various entities.

HGere3's to hoping she goes to prison, has to pay back the money plus damages, gets no life insurance money and assumes ALL his debt. Women can't have it both ways, in CA everything is split 50/50 and now she has reaped what shes sowed!!!!!!!!!!!!

1165 days ago

Rogue Warrior

Here's the last sentence of the article. Pretty ironic, she's going down and it won't be on a new bf.

Taylor will undoubtedly walk away from the marriage with a great deal of property and cash. But I’d guess this is one thing she’ll let dear old Russ hang on to, you think?…

1165 days ago
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