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Taylor Armstrong

Eyewitness When Husband's

Body Was Discovered

8/17/2011 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong was at her estranged husband's house when his body was discovered, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Taylor tell us, she and Russell had been regularly communicating and were supposed to meet on Monday afternoon, but he was a no-show.  She became worried and began calling his friends, but none of them had heard from him. 

Taylor became increasingly alarmed and began frantically texting and phoning Russell, to no avail.

On Monday evening, Taylor and a friend went to the home where Russell was staying.  They found the owner of the home on the property.  While Taylor watched, the owner peered through Russell's bedroom window and saw his lifeless body hanging.

As TMZ first reported, the owner called 911 and Russell was declared dead at 8:16 PM.  Taylor believes Russell had been dead for hours.

We're told Taylor stayed at the house for hours after the body was found.

Russell Armstrong Death


No Avatar


Why do women think they look good with anus lips?

1101 days ago


she made sure her job of pushing him to the limit was done

1101 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and so why dint he called a cuicide hotline???? maybe he ranned out of minites~!

1101 days ago


This women,Taylor is she part of the human race?That face is not how she started out,and my God who show her how to put makeup on that unfortunate face!It's really ashame that her husband gave up,but I can see why?The fact that he is now broke and all that money has produced that face is a good reason to not to stick around.Unfortunately not a happy ending.You know what they say,"What goes around comes around"just a matter of time Taylor!

1101 days ago


I think I would kill myself too...if I had to look at that weird assed freak of nature everyday...I mean REALLY, what the hell is wrong with her freakn face...Creepy.

1101 days ago


That broad ha the worst pumped-up lips and cheeks I've ever seen. She looks like the hand puppet 'Madame'! Geez

1101 days ago


I feel sorry for their child, but not for Taylor. She was always so rude and unkind to him ..... and then she utterly destroyed him. Shame on her.

1101 days ago


Russell and Russell alone is responsible for taking his own life. Russell had many problems, marital, financial, emotional, legal, ect. Russell created many of his own problems that he didn't know how to get out of. Nobody can make him commit suicide. That was Russell's decision. I feel bad for Taylor and their child. I don't think Bravo had anything to do with it. They had no money, no assets, so Taylor will have to get a real job, no just Real Housewives. Life is tough.

1100 days ago


Bet she wished she hadn't spent $50,000 on a child's birthday party (and then used it to have photos taken of herself). We need to get back to the simple lifestyle and knowing what's important in life.

1100 days ago


"Twas Beauty Killed The Beast"

1100 days ago


Does anyone really care what happens to these miscreants?

1100 days ago


Can't say for sure Taylor was abused. By her own admission and the charity she's a part of, she's had experience with abuse in the past. With all of that experience and knowledge, why didn't she leave Russell the first time he allegedly put his hands on her? She was with him for at least 5 years. Was it the money? I have a relative who left her spouse when she was 8 months pregnant with child. Don't tell me it's not impossible. But, after five years and when she has a camera in her face, she shouts about abuse. What also makes me doubt her motives is that I saw what she did with Kim and Kyle Richards on the show. I don't trust her and think she's sneaky. If she was a broken and abused woman, the potential wrath of her husband didn't stop her from spending all of that money on her daughters b-day party or go against his wishes about the puppy. She wasn't afraid to talk about him on camera and then go home to him at night.

1100 days ago

Tamula Mercer    

After losing my only child to suicide 3 years ago, and seeing the pain he was dealing with every day, my heart goes out to Russell. The pain and the emptiness he must have been feeling, I guess we will never kmow or understand. May he rest in peace now. Everyone and their stupid comments have never had to deal with this kind of loss. Please leave him and his family alone, everyone is already hurting enough.

1100 days ago

Country Girl    

For one thing don'*****ch the show if you don't like reality TV. Second of all nobody forced the noose around Russell’s neck he did that himself and only himself. Stop blaming Taylor the show and Russell the man had issues period... For someone to kill him or herself has issues yes something could have pushed him over but really I dout it was the show. third thing don't believe anything you read or see on TV we will never know the truth, so stop guessing people and to sit there and make fun of Taylors looks really who are you everyone is ugly in their own way and beautiful as well so STOP JUDGING, God is the only one that can judge. Think of this the 60,000.00 part for the daughter did you ever think that that stuff was donated for free publicity I bet the total would have been 60 grand but I bet they spent not a dime on that party. Get your heads out of your ass and start volunteering if you’re that bored someone could use someone like you in their lives, be kind people

1100 days ago


If the people donated all of the goods for the $60...,000 b-day party, they got a raw deal. I don't remember anything being least blatantly advertised. I don't think the party good were donated.

My head is planted firmly on my neck which is attached to my shoulders. I saw what Taylor did with the Richards sisters. If she doesn't have a sneaky character, then she's willing to take certain risks to generate drama for the show.

I wish Kim had been more tough and told her to TRY and open that can of Oklahoma whoop-ass on her. I would've dared her to do it and met her outside.

1099 days ago
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