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Taylor Armstrong

Eyewitness When Husband's

Body Was Discovered

8/17/2011 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong was at her estranged husband's house when his body was discovered, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Taylor tell us, she and Russell had been regularly communicating and were supposed to meet on Monday afternoon, but he was a no-show.  She became worried and began calling his friends, but none of them had heard from him. 

Taylor became increasingly alarmed and began frantically texting and phoning Russell, to no avail.

On Monday evening, Taylor and a friend went to the home where Russell was staying.  They found the owner of the home on the property.  While Taylor watched, the owner peered through Russell's bedroom window and saw his lifeless body hanging.

As TMZ first reported, the owner called 911 and Russell was declared dead at 8:16 PM.  Taylor believes Russell had been dead for hours.

We're told Taylor stayed at the house for hours after the body was found.

Russell Armstrong Death


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Hoochie Mamma    

If Russell really had beaten Taylor so badly that she had to be hospitalized as she claims, do you really think she'd agree to meet him, let alone go to the house he was staying at? Doctors are required to report suspected victims of domestic violence and had they done so the police would have gotten involved, don't you think?

1168 days ago

Hoochie Mamma    

If Taylor really was beaten by Russell so badly that she had to be hospitalized, as she has claimed, do you really think she'd agree to meet with him, let alone go to the house he was staying at? In most states doctors are required to report suspected victims of domestic violence so police would have investigated and there would be a police report on file. Did Taylor make false accusations just for ratings? When I saw the episode where she spent almost $60...K for her daughter's birthday party I knew she was narcisist. The party was all about Taylor and Taylor posing for pics. Her poor daughter was miserable and too young to appreciate a party like that. Taylor, I don't know how you sleep at night. I hope this haunts you for the rest of your life. You drove this man to suicide. You knew the two of you couldn't afford the lavish lifestyle you were trying to live. My sympathy to Russell's family.

1168 days ago


HOLY ****stix...I so just thought that was Gene Simmons wife. I was hurt for a minute.. WTF is that chick? Still, no vogue worthy..

1168 days ago


Gprincess281*Yes I am aware of both the restraining order and the push. I am, by no means, uninformed. Let me start by saying each of us has our own opinions about things. That is why this forum exists. Just because you do not like what was said, there is no reason to make attacks on people who don't agree with you. And what is "blind" about my statements. If that woman was SERIOUSLY being "abused" why would she stay and let her child, that she loves so much, be a witness to such things. If she's telling the truth why would she have stayed. HM.....I wonder.....OH I think I got it....$$$$$$! He was the only reason that she ended up on this show. She sure as s**t didn't have the money to support her lavish lifestyle. Do you think the $$$ meant more to her? I would venture a guess and say YES! Gprincess281-I would love to hear your opposing view.

1168 days ago

Nancy L    

It might be just me but Taylor's face is soooo thin she looks like a skull with make-up!!!

1165 days ago

juries mcdonald    

You play a role as housewife in movies and sitcoms; but are you really a good wife. You find your estranged husband dead; could you be one reason why you lost him?

Strathclyde Associates

1163 days ago


Strathclyde Associates

Too bad you still love someone you are estranged with. But that’s America’s culture, you are concerned with someone only to find out he’s dead. He might have gone desperate that is why you lost him.

1163 days ago


Are you people all crazy? Russell had a lot of financial problems that had nothing to do with Taylor! Why did his business partner commit suicide the next day! You really should know what is going on before you comment & say such hateful and mean things!!!!!

1158 days ago


These comments are horrible! If you are going to bash this poor woman then at least learn how to spell (witch) .. as for looking at her face & putting a noose around your neck or saying that her plastic surgeon messed up her face, did you ever think that her face is like that because of all the reconstructive surgeries she had to receive due to her recently deceased abusive husband?? Do some research - and if you have never been abused in your life then you have no room to talk or pass judgement! Shame on you people! I hope Taylor and her daughter (along with Russell's other children)can find some peace.I am scared to think of what comments would have come out if he killed her during an argument.

1004 days ago
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