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Taylor Armstrong

Eyewitness When Husband's

Body Was Discovered

8/17/2011 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong was at her estranged husband's house when his body was discovered, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Taylor tell us, she and Russell had been regularly communicating and were supposed to meet on Monday afternoon, but he was a no-show.  She became worried and began calling his friends, but none of them had heard from him. 

Taylor became increasingly alarmed and began frantically texting and phoning Russell, to no avail.

On Monday evening, Taylor and a friend went to the home where Russell was staying.  They found the owner of the home on the property.  While Taylor watched, the owner peered through Russell's bedroom window and saw his lifeless body hanging.

As TMZ first reported, the owner called 911 and Russell was declared dead at 8:16 PM.  Taylor believes Russell had been dead for hours.

We're told Taylor stayed at the house for hours after the body was found.

Russell Armstrong Death


No Avatar


To say Taylor was a liar regarding domestic violence is ridiculous, he even admitted it himself. Unless you were there you have no right to say anything, as a victim myself my ex was wonderful out in public but behind closed doors he was a monster. Live it and you can talk otherwise, shut up!!!

1100 days ago


Karma has a way of kicking people in the ass when they deserve it. Plastic money grubbing bitch. She is now responsible for someone's death. Hope it was worth it all to her and her fake plastic face.

1100 days ago



Don't assume I haven't lived it. Shut up!

1100 days ago


I am SO SICK of listening/seeing his attorney speaking out! He should keep his mouth SHUT!

1100 days ago


Maybe he killed himself because he saw how his wife had mis-spent his money on terrible plastic surgery.

1100 days ago


She killed him, right?

1100 days ago


Wow, back away from the plastic surgeon Taylor.

1100 days ago


Hollywood (the industry) is poison! I feel bad for the little girl as she'll eventually find out the truth about her dad. What a sad situation.

1100 days ago


Some plastic surgeon please come along and inject some meat into this womans face. The lower half appears skeletal. eeeew

1100 days ago

Vanessa B.L.A.Baby    

I think he was at the brink of a nervous breakdown, w/all the debt he was in, the divorce, Taylor accusing him of domestic violence it all came crashing down on him. And i guess he was battleling depression, that's a mixture for a person to give up. But i guess some people CAN'T handle the hard times that everyone goes through. I think he hung himself to prove Taylor a point-"You made me do this" So sad for the daughter-let's see how she grows up. GREED KILLS!

1100 days ago


I don't believe the cruelty of the comments.

1100 days ago


have you seen the housewife who is the wife of the plastic surgeon? i for her name but she looks like a cat...yuck they think its pretty but its not an i think taylor is a spoiled rich woman who is to blame for this death....shame on you taylor

1100 days ago


What a hideous looking hag!
Just seeing her face makes me want to wear a noose and jump.

1100 days ago

one voice    

I hope the Police have the temerity to do a full investigation into what lead up to his suicide. In fact, they should put every Real Housewives and husbands in divorce mode on suicide watch. What is obvious about the creator of this show is that he or she is not very creative if petty arguments and highlighting someone’s divorce is the best they can offer a viewing audience.

1100 days ago


How very sad. He took the easy way out.Too bad he couldn't man-up and deal with their financial situation, but maybe this was the ultimate revenge for ol' fake a## fishmouth for putting him on blast. Feel bad for the kids ,they did not deserve this.

1099 days ago
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