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Abercrombie & Fitch


After Dissing 'Jersey Shore'

8/17/2011 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation could have more market power than anyone imagined -- because a day after Abercrombie & Fitch offered him and the other "Jersey Shore" cast members cash NOT to wear its clothes ... the company's stock plummeted 9%.

Abercrombie's stock hit the new low today -- the first trading session since the company offered Sitch and the cast substantial $$$ to stop wearing A&F-branded products.

Abercrombie fired off a press release yesterday, offering the cast "a substantial payment" in return for not wearing its threads, claiming The Situation goes against the "aspirational nature of its brand."

A source directly connected with The Situation tells TMZ ... Abercrombie never personally contacted them, or in any way made a financial offer to stay away from A&F clothing.

Translation -- this stunt backfired big time.



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They must have a bunch of economists over at TMZ! I would guess the mess Wall street is in is the real issue. The sad thing is that some people actually give him money to put his name to things. Like marketing people who contribute very little other than 5 year olds I don't know anyone who buys things because someone put their name on it. Everyone knows these people were paid to dio and say just that. On the other hand I don't buy things because a company paid a spokesperson. I will not pay a premium for a name article if they are going to take that extra money and give it to some moron!

1170 days ago


A&F made this announcement to publically insult the cast members who they want to buy their products and wouldn’t mind chaining to a sewing chair in a sweatshop somewhere to make them, but clearly don’t want them wearing on TV.

Was this ethnic or class motivated? Probably to some degree. Because if A&F really just wanted the cast to stop doing pseudo ads for their product, they would have gone to Mtv behind the scenes and made that request or turned this into a legal argument—but that’s not what they did.

They were trying to humiliate the “guido’s” and “guidettes” on the show by telling them that even though they can afford those clothes, that is, if they didn’t steal them, they’re still not good enough for the upper White middle class club that A&F represents.

1170 days ago


They had earnings today which about some context?? Oh, wait, don't let the facts get in the way o*****ood story. And it was humorous that the Sitch press release cam out European time before the bad earnings result...just saying.

1170 days ago


A&F went after the gay and "outcast"-type market and I thought it was because they wanted to be inclusive. Figures, they were only trying to cash in on what they hoped was a good market for them. Listen, those Jersey Shore people are ridiculous, but I support their right to wear what ever the f*ck they want to! Snotty A&F!

1170 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I think it's great that A&F doesn't want to be associated with those nuts.

1170 days ago


While I'm not a fan of Jersey Shore at all, Abercrombie & Fitch is a disgusting company with absolutely revolting business practices. They just recently banned a woman (over a $200 purchase, no less) from their stores and shopping online with them, because they THOUGHT she was reselling their clothing, which she wasn't. I hope their stock prices drop even more.

1170 days ago


Abercrombie had a good quarter but was downbeat on future guidance. Thankfully, we don't live in a world where low rent reality stars can swing the market. I am disappointed with TMZ for suggesting this tool could possibly have the power of a Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

1170 days ago


no public company should dictate to any person to do or not to do anything....period.......go jersey

1170 days ago


Are you all idiots at TMZ? The stock dropped because of forecasted higher costs due to the rise in raw materials for their products. This was announced yesterday in their earnings call with investors and the drop is simply coincidental to the comments made about Jersey Shore. Get your facts straight

1170 days ago


AF did not want the Jersey Cast to were their clothes. This is the same company who had in their spring collection a padded bikini top for eight year old girls. WOW!

1170 days ago


The stock is down because their earnings didnt hit estimates, not because of this jagoff.

1170 days ago


stocks dropping? HA! This actually makes me want to go out and get A&F now. I hated A&F, now I love it. I'm buying $1000 worth of merchandise tomorrow

1170 days ago


I don't blame Abercombie and Fitch for doing what they did. But it's funny,they got ****** in the ass. Karma for selling over priced clothes? Or just bad luck?

1170 days ago


the damage has already been done, it's now known as tacky by association with Jersey Shore

1170 days ago


Karma's a bitch abercrombie & FAIL. Just be glad that someone actually WANTS to wear and be SEEN in your ****ty racist clothing line...

1170 days ago
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