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Abercrombie & Fitch


After Dissing 'Jersey Shore'

8/17/2011 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation could have more market power than anyone imagined -- because a day after Abercrombie & Fitch offered him and the other "Jersey Shore" cast members cash NOT to wear its clothes ... the company's stock plummeted 9%.

Abercrombie's stock hit the new low today -- the first trading session since the company offered Sitch and the cast substantial $$$ to stop wearing A&F-branded products.

Abercrombie fired off a press release yesterday, offering the cast "a substantial payment" in return for not wearing its threads, claiming The Situation goes against the "aspirational nature of its brand."

A source directly connected with The Situation tells TMZ ... Abercrombie never personally contacted them, or in any way made a financial offer to stay away from A&F clothing.

Translation -- this stunt backfired big time.



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There's a problem here    

Seriously? People who like these peices of human garbage aren't exactly the A&F type. I call bu11.zh1t on this story.

1101 days ago


Their stock falling has nothing to do with this buffoon or the rest of the circus clowns on the show. I tried to watch the show one time and it was so ridiculous I had to change the channel. If we seriously give these clowns that much credit in stock market pricing, then America is in more trouble than we thought. So, please, give me a break! A & F stock will be back up once one of the so called A & F "boycotters" see a cute shirt in the window they can't live without.

1101 days ago


You think these boozer idiots have that much power over the stock market??? lol ... Yeah ... right ....

1101 days ago


I think that he looks stupid in anything he wears. I know that I'm sick and tired of looking at this idiot! Maybe they are too! :)

1100 days ago


If the stock had gone up, the headlines would read the opposite......that because they asked them not to wear their clothes, their stock went up. Whatever!! If we live in an America where the Jersey Shore cast controls the market, I am moving! LOL! Just stop and think how insane this all sounds.

1100 days ago


These are some of the worst racist f-word. No one should shop at these stops. Only like minds and morons shop here.

1100 days ago


This is so funny to me. Who even EVER notices Ambercombie & Fitch clothes on them during Jersey Shore?! Hahaha who cares. You sell GTL shirts but don't want them to wear your clothes. GTFO!

1100 days ago


But... but......... what about his HEAD? It's, like, fricken HUGE!! Really, that's all I care about. Not his abs, his clothes, his stupid "fictional reality" show... just his BLOODY HEAD!!

1099 days ago


the market bases its prices largely on speculation a lot of the time, so a&f releasing this statement caused the reaction of investors saying "hey they're trying to pull their clothes from the hottest reality tv show right now...that's definitely bad for business!" so i can see how the drop in share value can correlate to a&f's statement. i don't see why a lot of people hate on this guy though. don't tell me you wouldn't take advantage of the same situation (no pun intented) if you had the chance.

1099 days ago


......its just a marketing stunt. A&F is in on the "situation" with Mike to get some attention for their brands.

1099 days ago


Where is the closest A&F store? I am SO sick of "reality" TV and all it's classless trash, I will shop there the rest of my life! If all of this is true, THANK YOU A&F !!!!!

1069 days ago


891 days ago
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