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Gerard Depardieu

A Real Pisser

On Air France

8/17/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gerard Depardieu
unloaded on an Air France jet Tuesday ... as in he pissed in the aisle.

Depardieu was on the ground in Paris, waiting for his plane to take off for Dublin, but a delay on the ground proved too much for the actor.

Depardieu told the flight attendant, "Je veux pisser," -- I have to pee -- but she was unmoved ... telling the famous Frenchie he would have to wait 15 minutes because the flight was about to take off.

According to witnesses, Depardieu unzipped his pants and pissed on the aisle carpet.

The jet returned to the gate and it took nearly 2 hours for the ground crew to clean up the mess.

Depardieu was escorted off the plane and it's unclear if authorities will take action against him. Witnesses say the actor was intoxicated.

The actor's reps could not be reached for comment.



No Avatar

If he can't control himself then he should start wearing diapers

1133 days ago


I always pee before I get on the plane. However, some people have medical conditions that cause them to unexpectedly and urgently need to urinate. If that is the case with Depardieu, he should have told the flight attendant. As far as peeing in the aisle, that should be a last resort, and it may have been. Flight attendants routinely lock the bathrooms before takeoff. She may have refused to unlock the bathroom, it which case, he had no other choice, if he had a legit condition that caused him to urinate.

1133 days ago


The rule is once a plane has taxiied away from the gate NO ONE is allowed out of their seats. If someone gets up the plane is required to return to the gate. It can make for a sticky situation especially when you're number 50 in line for takeoff. You know airlines think nothing of letting a plane sit on the runway. I've had an experience like that before where I thought I would explode if I didn't go to the bathroom. Lukily, I was able to hold it but it's a bad spot to be in. What if it were a child?

1133 days ago


Good for him. Frankly, airplane staff and companies treat us like chumps.

1133 days ago


I'm pretty sure if you are an adult, and you have to pee so bad that you say hey waitress, I mean stewardess...I have to pee, that its probably passed the point of wait 15 minutes. Maybe next time they'll listen.

1133 days ago

PRO US    

How disgusting of Air France to humiliate one of France's greatest actors by not allowing him to use their airplane's washroom when he needed to urinate! If you have to go, you have to go. You can tell someone they have to wait 15 minutes, like they did to him, but if you can't wait 15 minutes, you have no choice but to urinate outside the washroom if they don't let you go to the washroom. Air France come off looking like morons for pretending human beings don't have physiological needs. Air France's regulations in this case are idiotic.

1133 days ago


That's why you piss before getting on flight, what a idiot!

1133 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

Aahahahaha.. Buy him a medal of honor. Airlines deserves to be pissed on.

1133 days ago


its the flight attendants fault. Ive been on a flight that was delayed take off, with the plane sat on the tarmac with the seat belt sign on for 45minutes - 1 hour. Take into account the seat belt sign comes off about 20 minutes into the flight, how many of us could hold it in for an hour and a half?

1133 days ago


He knows the rules of the airline! If he can't hold it then he needs to take precautions! Ridiculous of him to urinate in the aisle. I hope they charge him! What a disgusting pig!

1133 days ago


Gross What a pig! We expect better behaviour from kids.

1133 days ago

some guy    

He should've pee'd on Kim K. Put it on tape.

1133 days ago


He is a ogre,moron,this happens when you put this "NOT ONES " on pedestals ,they think they own the world and the world has to please them...not even a child do that,he was just PISS OFF so he piss ! I hope he goes to jail for showing his genitals ! Sounds familiar here in America the divas do whatever they want,and they don't pay the price ,like Nancy Lohan why is she not in jail after he stole a necklace? I think he is disgusting!

1133 days ago


I think it's funny as hell.

1133 days ago


Flight Attendant: "We're sorry, sir, but that's NOT our problem."

-So he made it their problem.

Then she'd know how to handle it.

1133 days ago
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