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This Is It. Now Pay Up!

8/17/2011 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Michael Jackson estate is tired of waiting for Lloyd's of London to pay out on the $17.5 million "This Is it" insurance policy -- so they're going after Lloyd's in court ... demanding they pay up, stat.

Lloyd's of London originally issued the policy to cover potential losses for MJ's 2009 "This Is It" concerts -- but earlier this year, the company asked an L.A. court to declare the policy null and void ... claiming MJ lied about his medical history and drug addiction.

Lloyd's insists the policy "was restricted to losses resulting from accident only" -- pointing out Michael's official cause of death was "homicide."

But the estate is now on the offensive -- filing a cross-complaint, claiming MJ never intended to die, whether by homicide or not, so his death still qualifies as an accident.

But the estate isn't just settling for the original $17.5 million -- they also want punitive damages.  FYI, suing for punitive damages often scares the crap out of insurance companies.



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What rabid fans do is fail to acknowledge the objective facts presented to them, no matter if the source is Mjs himself. They “forget” the payment to Jason Francia (T. Meserau recognized it on trial), the semen stains, the unusual interest Michael had for boys, his drug-addiction (he wrote a song on that)...

Jesse Jackson made an statement post-trial begging the fans to not encourage Mjs relationships with kids because although not illegal, were wrong and INAPPROPIATE. Very eloquent. First because he as a man who knew Michael for a long time, did not trusted his good judgement. The first allegations, the trial what almost put him in jail, the downfall of his career, the damage his kids could endure, etc. weren't enough for Michael. Jesse Jackson knows he was compulsive and couldn't talk some sense into him one on one. On the other hand, he knows how toxic mjs fans are. And they have the nerve to blame everyone and their momma for Michael's issues...

I hate when I read sappy expressions they use to make look acceptable what MJ was doing with the kids. What a bunch of looney tunes. Childhood is overrated. It's great to be an adult, lol
This people is so annoying parroting all the stupid things he said... “kids are pure but adults aren't” and such. But they dream about having some adult fun with him, lol.

I wish people who knew Michael started talking the truth. I'm feed up with all those silly anecdotes about how normal he was because once they saw him drinking a glass of water, or how good person he was because he used to help old ladies to cross the street. I even found it disrespectful to his figure. They reduce him to the dumb character he played. Now that he is dead, it is time to show us the real person behind. I'm sure it would be a more interesting portray of him... a person with real emotions... even perversions and all.

1161 days ago


Spyke, good to know you recognize true talent but what is the relevance or comparison of Heath Ledger, Janice Joplin, Amy Winehouse, or Phil Spector? What's your point? These people were truly gifted. Michael Jackson's humanitarianism alone speaks volumes. His compilation of many skills and talents allows him to be viewed and accepted across a broader spectrum or wider audience. Humans have always had questionable behavior moments by other humans. What is Your point?

1161 days ago

gayforliztaylor katherine says her busband was whipping kids, as her bible commanded. ....discipline her criminal sons. fine grandma. fresh from retard church.

1161 days ago


1161 days ago


Janar: 5 hours ago
You're too dumb to even be stupid. It makes no sense to be so dumb this day and age in time. Who are you to be bashing Michael Jackson, when you are so illiterate that you could never ever make the kind of money that he made? Who do you think you're making your comments to? A bunch of illiterates like you? PLEASE! Give yourself a break.
you keep responding but you said nothing to the fanatics' long and negative bitter posts. lol
you're not this easy to confuse, or are you sanctimonious?
if you're so literate, you could've seen that the website posted here contained the other comments that aren't written by me.

you're so judgmental about other people's grammar, yet you can't speak several languages fluently. what a joke. didn't mj say never judge others? mj didn't spell mottola and catalogue correctly either.
if you think being ignorant is bad, how would you describe your assumption that jackson needs dna tesrs to prove he didn't lie about paris and prince. you said he disappointed you in the 1990s too? you're not in a fan forum; i'm sure fan sites would not accept your 'unhappy posts'. lmso!!!

1160 days ago

check yourself    

Awww... "punitive damages often scares the crap out of ins. co."

Well then, you'd think they'd learn by now to not TAKE IT THERE, now wouldn't you.

Ins. co. are NOTORIOUS for ripping people off left and right with "claim denied!".

"Yeah we know you paid the premiums faithfully.. TOO BAD. Don't like it? Sue me! Talk to "OUR BATTALION OF BIG EXPENSIVE CORRUPT LAWYERS" about it HAHAHAHAHAA"

They illegally rip off policy holders - ALL types of ins. - simply because they can run the policy holder broke fighting back for their RIGHTFUL claims, and ruin their lives in a heart beat instead of paying up like the premiums were paid into for - making THEM ungodly rich, paying for THEIR lawyers to KEEP your money - and laugh about it all the way to the bank.

Don't play with Branca, McClain, and Weitzman and the POWER of the Estate they are protecting FOR MJ, and HIS children's future... ESPECIALLY trying to BILK them by slandering their father in attempting to skate out from under making good on your policy! No mowing down, and discarding like so much trash THIS (MJ) policy holder, and their children!

How stupid of Lloyd's to THINK they could get away with pulling this bs with such a HIGH PROFILE and UBER WEALTHY policy holder as MJ?? That's how arrogant and complacent they become ripping off all their policy holders that aren't = the rest of us!

Damn RIGHT punitive damages!! GO BRANCA!!

1160 days ago


Wishing to the Night Stars he would still be here.Wishing a wish to hear his song one more Time. Once more to say I needed you once more to tell him how much I care. To whisper Love in his ear.To see his smile to see his laugh!Oh how much I do miss him.Nothing and no one cared. A sweet Man he was!!How often I saw him careing and helping. Everyone was and Loveing him for that.What a Beautiful, heart such a loving beeing.If there were just an simple way to tell him once more I love you, I so need you and really please forgive me.Oh if there was just a simple fixing.A simple way to heal his pain. I so wish to Mend his so broken heart with Love he needed so.

1159 days ago


Enemy of the Estate - Pt.2.....
-tenley, you asked:
"What court on the planet will say an insurance company has to pay out on a policy when there has been misrepresenation?"
Answer: The SAME court that would rule AGAINST the Estate if Michael failed to pay his premiums!
Perhaps you don't realize it, but, HELLO, Michael had a FULL PHYSICAL which Lloyd's accepted when they took him on as a client. And perhaps you and Lloyd's forgot that the CORONER'S REPORT stated he showed NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE, and Propofol and the Benzos which Murray gave him were the only meds found in his system....
Bottom line, Lloyd's can revert to type and play the role of the SCAM ARISTS if they want to, but at the end of the day, they will STILL have to honor their policy....which is the same as a WRITTEN contract and no amount of doctors from Michael's past, gossip or Tabloids can change that. Looks like the only ones you need to feel sorry for is Lloyd's when they have to part with those ++MILLIONS......
-Areader, The Estate has paid out MILLIONS to all claimants who DESERVED, I repeat DESERVED to be paid because their claim was VALID....
No, you don't get your claim paid because you DREAMED Michael was your Dad, or felt you were PERSONALLY slighted by the City of L.A.'s participation in his Memorial, or because you CONVENIENTLY claim he "borrowed" your jacket because he's no longer here to say different.....
Anyone with SENSE knows that 60% of those claims were BOGUS in the first place and that's why they were weeded out....
The Estate has waited over TWO YEARS to collect on the Lloyd's Policy and you call that quick? Oye.
-Realist, THANK GOD for being one of the FEW voices of REASON on this one. Your name DEFINITELY fits!
-Ken, while you're point is interesting regarding Lloyd's being behind the push to prosecute Murray in order to escape their responsibilities, you're clearly DELUDED if you think ths case is FLIMSY. FYI, the only reason Murray wasn't charged with MURDER and already doing LIFE in Prison is because his victim was Michael Jackson--THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER EVER, but also, the PRIME example of America's tendency to fall for ANYTHING the Media crams down their throat......
Apparently anyone in the known world realizes what this case is based on but you:
Murray ADMITTED to giving Michael the Propofol and BENZOS--the Coroner stated that Michael died from an ACUTE OVERDOSE of PROPOFOL, and NO OTHER Meds were found in his system. Then, to add insult to injury, Murray tried to cover up what he had done by calling everyone BUT 911 when he SUPPOSEDLY found Michael in distress. Question is, can we even believe the time he CLAIMS he found Michael based on all of the other lies he told? Just the fact that he took almost an HOUR to call 911, because he was too busy calling his Hootchies and Michael's assistant--as if they were Medically trained. And then when 911 did arrive, he LIED to them about what he had given Michael, refused to declare him dead even though they couldn't get a pulse on him, then when they finally did get to UCLA, he LIED again to those doctors, then bailed the first chance he got and couldn't be found for 2 DAYS by the LAPD.....
In the final analysis, there's Murray's deposition to the LAPD that he gave Michael the Propofol, there's records of his purchase and testimony from the Pharmacist he ordered it from; there's phone records that show he called people AFTER he found Michael in distress before calling 911; and testimonies from the Coroner, EMT's and UCLA staff to prove he LIED.....
Interesting what you can LEARN when you read the OFFICIAL DO***ENTS, instead of relying on TABLOIDS and Media SPIN to inform your opinions.....
-Bossmj, you are BOSS! Thanks for posting that background about one of Lloyd's BIGGEST attempts to SCAM their way to the top. Not surprised it backfired on them....the SAME way this latest attempt to scam the Estate has. Some people need to learn how to quit while they're ahead.....

1158 days ago


Ryan Gosling Says George Clooney Is Like...Michael Jackson?!Today 5:15 PM PDT by Marc Malkin

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage; AP Photo / Tammie Arroyo; Kevin Mazur/AEG via Getty Images
It's certainly not a comparison we ever thought we'd ever hear, but Ryan Gosling thinks George Clooney is like...Michael Jackson!

Why? Read on to find out. It's not as kooky as you might think...

READ: Chris Evans Still Has That Hot Captain America Bod, But...

First you need to know that Gosling's upcoming flick, The Ides of March, costars and was directed by Mr. Clooney.

"It was amazing, like watching somebody try to explain a song in their head," the Crazy Stupid Love body star says in the new issue of New York magazine. "I can only compare it to seeing Michael Jackson in This Is It, where he's trying to explain to a keyboard player how to play a certain part—even in the sea of parts being played, he can pick that out. That's kind of what George is like. He's like Michael Jackson, basically."

When asked by writer Jada Yuan how Clooney does switching between directing and acting, Gosling said, "He's like Bugs Bunny. He's good at everything, and nothing really fazes him. He's Bugs Bunny, and I'm Daffy Duck."


Gosling also describes his latest movie, Drive, as "Pretty in Pink with a head-smashing."


"I wanted to make a violent John Hughes movie," he said. "Because John Hughes movies are perfect. They just need a little violence. You need blood and cotton candy. So that's what we tried to make."

Read more:

1157 days ago


Saw this information about the Tribute posted on another website and thought that I would share it with all of you.

MJ Tribute Concert Rolls Toward Cancellation; Oh, And His Kids Are More Or Less Contractually Required To Attend
By Ben Westhoff Mon., Aug. 22 2011 at 10:25 AM Comments (6)

​The pressure is mounting for organizers to call off the Michael Jackson tribute concert -- scheduled for October 8 in Wales.
From the beginning, this looked like a wretched, sketchy affair, a money grab posing as a charity event. Little known fact: Did you know that his kids are more or less obligated to attend? Reads the promoter Global Live Events' terms and conditions for the sale of tickets: "Michael's mother Mrs. Katherine Jackson has agreed to attend the concert with as many of Michael's children as are available."

In any case, Jermaine and Randy Jackson opposed this gig from the start, and opposition began to mount when the lackluster line-up was rolled out. The biggest names included Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis, Cee-Lo, and KISS, whose bassist Gene Simmons told Classic Rock magazine last year: "There's no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt."

Last week MJ's estate publicly decried the affair, complaining about the inclusion of KISS -- who were promptly removed -- and speculating that the concert may be unlawful in its use of MJ "intellectual property," which the estate controls. And now, a group of 35 MJ fan forums have joined together to issue a statement advising Global Live Events to cancel the show.

"From the timing of this tribute in the middle of Dr. Murray's trial," reads the letter, which was posted Saturday and references the upcoming manslaughter case of Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray, "to the ticketing prices, to the obscurity over what charities will be receiving the donation, to the no-guarantee policy of performers, the addition of Gene Simmons and dishonoring, thus tarnishing Michael Jackson's legacy was simply the last straw."

A Fans Against the Michael Forever Tribute Facebook page has 900 members, while the official Michael Forever Tribute page is overrun with negative comments. The complaints get into the whole smorgasbord of controversies associated with the event, including the complicated ticketing process (in which fans donating the most to charity were initially offered better opportunities to receive tickets), and the involvement of MJ's children.

Here are sampling of fan comments from the official tribute page:

*Celebration time, KiSS is outta here and now we work on getting this Tribute concert canceled, we'll will start by going to the acts!

*Without a futher announcement of better artists taking part I will not complete my purchase, announce some better acts or my £400 will be staying in my account!!

*What I find particularly DISGUSTING, is that Michael's precious children are part of the Terms and Conditions of this non-tribute

1156 days ago
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