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Super Bowl Hero

Cops Tased Me

In Front of My 4-Year-Old

8/17/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817-lewis-jermaine-small-EXRetired NFL receiver Jermaine Lewis tells TMZ, he was NOT resisting arrest when police entered his home and tased him in front of his 4-year-old son on Monday -- after he allegedly went on a reckless joyride.

According to the Baltimore County Police report, 36-year-old Jermaine was accused of driving like a maniac -- swerving all over the place and even hitting a fire department sign in Reisterstown, MD ... without stopping.

According to the report, an officer showed up to the former Baltimore Raven's house soon after he had gotten home and attempted to place Jermaine under arrest for hit-and-run -- but the ex-NFL star allegedly resisted, so the officer tased him.

But now Jermaine is PISSED -- telling TMZ, "I never resisted arrest." Lewis says he was merely sitting on his couch when the officers resorted to using the taser.

What's worse -- Jermaine claims the officer callously whipped out the weapon in front his 4-year-old son ... telling us, his son "was very upset crying and my dog was barking."

Jermaine was released Tuesday on $50,000 bail. He's best known for his thrilling kickoff return touchdown in Super Bowl XXXV.

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I wonder if he said something like... "I'm an NFL player, I'm a star, I'm above the law." I call BS on everything he said. He has a 4 year old son... What the heck he is doing with this joyride thing?

1073 days ago


I bet the exchange went like this:

Jermaine "You're arresting me? Did you see my TD in the Super Bowl? You can't arrest me! Get the F out of my house.

Officer: Sir, you broke the law.. You endangered many lives, including your own. You have a young son over there.

Jermaine: Forget about my son, he doesn't matter! Get the F out of my house before I kick you out myself.

Officer: Don't make this harder than it is. Your son is watching us. Just come along with me. I won't even handcuff you.

Jermaine attempts a sucker punch, but the cop already has the taser ready.... Game over. Jermaine just lost.

1073 days ago


Right, a brother is not going to resist arrest! And I would not sleep with Angelia Joile if I found her drunk in my bed!
1+1 = tazed due. Probably should of tazed the kid also!

1073 days ago

Chloe Martin    

I totally believe this ****, I live in MD and have lived in Baltimore through college and the Baltimore Police department is horrible. I have no doubts that they would do something shady like that, and in front of a child, he should sue them for his son's emotional distress, not that he would get anything because again, its the baltimore police!

1073 days ago


Dude! Your lips say "no", but those eyes say "Oh Hell Yes!"

1073 days ago


Sounds like someone isn't telling the truth. Cops just don't tase folks unless they have a reason. And if you were so concerned about your son where was his mother to take him out of the room? And your lucky the cops didn't pepper spray the dog and have animal control take it.

1073 days ago


He Hit a fire dept SIGN. not a person, this warrents police to come into his place and TASER him. I smell BS... Police have been known to use force qwhen there is no need for it, especially when the person is a minority. What evertone needs to think about is the story being tolod and picture it being oh lets say BretFarv. comments might be different..

1073 days ago


Some people dont have any problem whipping out the child
(in this case and dog, what no race?) card as a first reaction if they feel it will help shield them from responsibility.
But give no thought to the child what so ever as they act out their destructive issues prior to being called on them.

1073 days ago


Why where you on the couch if you knew they where their for you? Why weren't you at the door cooperating?

1073 days ago


What a liar! You can read the police report on the Baltimore Sun website. He was drinking, swerving all over the road (reported by several drivers on the road), hit the sign, kept on driving - leaving behind parts of his car on the road. By the time the police arrived, he was laying on his ex-wife's sofa and REFUSED to get up several times. He knew exactly what to do to avoid a DUI charge. Btw, he does not have a current driver's license - hasn't since 2007. Liar!

1073 days ago


BOO HOO, you lil b*tch

1073 days ago


Baltimore Police are grimey and so are maryland police period...They are the shadest police Ive ever seen from anywhere I live in Baltimore I kno for a fact they all lie they came in my house and tazed my husband for no reason all he said was what did I do and they threw him on the ground and one held him down and tazed while the other beat him in the head with a flash light and there were 4 witnesses that were our friends that saw the whole thing it was the craziest thing that ever happened!! when we went to court they told a story that never even happened so I believe him!!

1073 days ago


OMG, his dog was barking, you do NOT tase people when their dogs are barking (heavy sarcasm). If you had cooperated with the police, you would not have been tased. You deserved it. If your 4 yr old saw this mess, its because you created this mess. And if you would accept responsibility for your actions, then you wouldn't have needed to use the Twitter defense, no go away and learn how to be a MAN. Next..........

1073 days ago


Here's the w I missed, NOW go away, NEXT.............

1073 days ago


Really did you set a good example for your four-year-old son when you "allegedly" broke the law. Gotta love trash who hide behind their kids.

1073 days ago
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