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Russell Armstrong

Autopsy Complete

Suicide by Hanging

8/17/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's no surprise, but the L.A. County Coroner has just made it official ... Russell Armstrong's cause of death was suicide by hanging.

We're told toxicology results are pending, but as we first reported -- no drugs or alcohol were found in the bedroom where Armstrong died Monday night.

It will take 6 to 8 weeks to complete the toxicology results.

Russell Armstrong Death


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She is not the first woman to lose a man by hanging. Please get some new news the same old same old news the las 2 days this is over and done with. Stop rehasing old news

1160 days ago


lol @ the results are pending lmfao !!!!!

1160 days ago


How said that this man had to kill himself to get away from his horrible wife and the Bravo show. The show should be renamed to "The Hollywood moneygrubbing whores!

1160 days ago


He's dead. when do I get my money.

1160 days ago


This headline is just what his kids need to see, way to keep it "classy" TMZ.

1160 days ago


Oh, she drove him to suicide, all right! Her damn diva ego and not caring about his feelings. Isn't it too obvious? He bent over backwards to please her and it wasn't never enough. She's responsible for driving her family into the ground...literally. Why was she over there when he was found? That is, what did she WANT that round? Apparently,
the poor man was tapped out completely. She's so self absorbed with her role playing that she can't see past her
fake boobs. Blame her? Oh, hell, yes! And she's not done playing the game...she'll make the most of this situation instead of just going away like a decent person would.

1160 days ago


Well, no chit Sherlock.

1160 days ago


I don't mean to be cruel, but did she have plastic surgery to give her lips a permanent pout? How can she think that is attractive??? There is a reason that they call it "plastic" surgery, because that is what your face looks like after...

1160 days ago


I'm not saying she wasn't greedy and didn't put pressure on him. I think she's pretentious and fake, but I just don't think you can blame someone else for suicide. He had 3 children he left behind. That was his choice. It's a very selfish move on his part. I think it's inconceivable for a millionaire to imagine living like a normal person. He couldn't handle the thought of not living in a mansion in 90210. Money was the driving factor in his death. Also, if she was such a horrible wife, why was he so upset about the divorce?

1160 days ago


Sorry Taylor is an ugly person, inside and out. Love the show. She is a trouble maker and acts spoiled when truely people with class and money don't act like that! (EX: LISA!) Sorry for everyone's loss...I am sure the show will go on and she will meet another RICH guy. Isn't that the point? Really? I just don't buy the cute antics. She spent thousands on a b-day party for a kid and it says he is only worth 50K, didn't she spend more than his net worth - get f-ing real. I live on less than 20k a year - I used to be rich and the fame and wealth DID NOT buy my happiness. I also WORK for a living.

1160 days ago


"Autopsy Complete ... Suicide by Hanging"

Sheesh! Alrite-already .... we got it! The guy hung himself. Let it go!

1160 days ago

Will E    

at least he wasn't jerking it while hanging...

1160 days ago


That is so very sad. Russell ALWAYS looked uncomfortable in front of the camera and around that group of phonies; why do you think he kept disappearing all the time? He got a bad rap as being anti-social and "creepy" but his body language was screaming "Get me the F**k outta here". He never seemed comfortable in front of the camera. He only ever seemed genuinely happy when he was hanging out with Kennedy. My heart breaks for that poor kid, because unlike her mom, he never seemed inconvenienced by her. They had a really sweet relationship and I know she weighed heavily on his mind when he made this terrible decision. I also feel for Taylor; I can't imagine losing my spouse but at the same time, she lambasted and spoke so ill of him so often, I hope it's a wake up call to treat people how you want to be treated and if you can't have a relationship based on mutual respect and love, end it. I truly hope she and Kennedy can find solace in one another and get through this. I've never been a fan of Taylor but I wouldn't wish this kind of horror on anyone. RIP, Russell. I hope you've finally found the peace that has alluded you for so long!

1160 days ago


It's the wife's fault, flat out.

1160 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

That is sad. And very selfish of him to not even consider what his children would say or think. He should have asked for help if he was depressed. This was not the answer to his problems.

1160 days ago
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