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Taylor Armstrong

Injured 4 Days Before

Russell's Suicide

8/17/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There has been a buzz about a mysterious injury Taylor Armstrong suffered just 4 days before her estranged husband, Russell, committed suicide, but Taylor's friends insist the cut above her eye was not inflicted by him.

Taylor's friends tell TMZ ... the injury occurred while she was playing a game of football.

Taylor filed for divorce last month, claiming Russell physically abused her.


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You people are unbelieveable and have some f***ing nerve! first off, if you don't like these shows, don*****ch them! Nobody has told you to comment on her or her relationship, which we can only observe based off of the show (we don't know the ins and outs of their relationship) And if any of you have ever even watched the season, you'll see that russell was never social, every time Taylor was having a good time he took her away from it, he didn't respect any of her wishes (buying his daughter a dog, which taylor asked him not to and ironically, Kennedy ends up highly allergic to it) and if she was only in it for the money, she would have left him back in '05, when he filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Throughout the season, it was all about Russell and she even confronted her friends to get input on how to make him love her or show affection. They weren't in a good place and Taylor just wanted to be loved by her man,just like any woman does, but you never really saw him give her any affection of any kind, which could be why she spent more time with her girls and shopping. Love makes you do crazy things, like stay with your man, even if he abuses you. I don't doubt for a minute that he never laid a hand on her because he was probably so unhappy with his own decisions and life. you people don't know anything more than whats been told so for you to pass judgement on a situation that you all have NO IDEA about, your wrong and stupid. To deal with a death is hard, but to deal with it publicly and have all you stupids pass ridiculous judgement is even harder. Did you even hear her crying hysterically during the 911 phone call. And not for nothing , but how do you kill yourself in you friend's house? Why would u do that to your "friend" and why couldn't u wait til you got home? Im not saying Taylor is innocent, but you people give more credit to Russell than he deserves! and btw, what she does with her face and body is on her, not you. You don't like it, don't look. Some of these comments are disgusting, as probably you are, and seems like they are only posted to make fun or get a laugh out of one of the hardest times in her life. Leave her alone! How would you like it if your significant other died and all these people who have no idea, pass judgement and only have some pretty horrific, disgusting, and horrible things to say. Do you people really want Kennedy to be an orphan? because if i read half of the stuff i did and were her, id want out too. and btw people, there is something called spell check... try to use it sometime!

1093 days ago


She is SO ugly. They are all so ugly....uck

1075 days ago


Taylor was so emotionally scared and damaged mentally before, during, and currently. I really hated how she would twist thing around basic insecure issues. How she selected Russel who was an abuser is understandable since she was so abuse herself as a child. She was also abusive to Kim in the Oklahoma comment. She was abusive to Camille who I felt did a great job of her denial and shedding light to the truth of the matter. I believe Taylor was too attached to something other than love with Russell to stay with him that long. It wasn't the uncomfortable relationship that kept her there it was the show fame and the money. She didn't want to face Camille but she attends all the functions. The obvious do what Kim did stay at home. In every episode she plays the victim role. Always what you did to me and what someone said. How you hurt me etc. etc. Never really a strong woman but an insecure one. Too much emotional, childish, drama with no hope or end. One show she tells Russell you never known me to be mad then next she is psychotic at the Tea party and Brandi's Party. Brandi did the right thing in kicking her out. Kyle is an enabler. The Marriage Counselor did absolutely nothing but make an appearance. Just ask Why? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. BTW, we all have a right to our opinions.

997 days ago


If he committed suicide, he had serious mental health issues...NOT the victims fault...I too found my boyfriend hanging a few years back but cut him down and saved his life...I cried when I heard this...horrible. So sorry, no one should have to see someone hanging from a rope... :(

962 days ago
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