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Terrell Owens


By N-Word-Hurling Jackass

8/17/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terrell Owens pulled off the impossible -- keeping his cool like a boss while some disgruntled loudmouth hurled n-word after n-word at the NFL star ... and TMZ has the footage.

It all went down in Miami earlier this month when T.O. was posing for pics with some female fans -- and, according to one witness ... the foul mouthed dude started popping off because he thought Terrell snubbed him.

Check out the verbal onslaught to see why T.O. is a merciful man.

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1142 days ago


Hmm anyone think he looks like "cricket" who was running around as Starbury's personal assistant for a while?

1142 days ago


That's a self-assured man. Pretty admirable to keep his cool with someone getting in his face, but I suppose he's probably got more to lose.

1142 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

the professional guy (don't know of him b4 this) was professional - good! props to him! plus, he is totally cute, no? yes! and to be so calm...even more yummy. he was nice and tried to explain but that loudmouth is a total loser. that loser is exactly why, i would think, it is NOT worth all the money and fame - to have to deal with some s***bucket trying to get all up in your face while waggeling they arms, etc. just so they have an excuse to say someone famous "remember"s his name. yuck! and the N word. i do not care what people say, there is NO way to say that word is friendly and this is a prime example....when bitcchhes use it - it is ONLY to bring you down in a nasty way. LOOOOOOSSSSSEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1142 days ago


lol that guy has some anger problems

1142 days ago


T.O probably didn't want to do anything b/c he might get sued if he beat the guy up. If i was there personally i would gladly knock that punk out for T.O.

1142 days ago


Well had he done anything else he may have gotten shot. Good move TO. The hate you get is not worth your life man.

1142 days ago


What a Clown T.O im sure already knows there is no reason to argue with ignorant animals its not worth your time or energy. he was acting like a jilted girl whats the matter little boy in the jordan shirt do you secretly like boys or something wow all that for a pic you look really stupid

1142 days ago


What a Clown T.O im sure already knows there is no reason to argue with ignorant animals its not worth your time or energy

1142 days ago


Terrell Owens is an *******. I was driving down Sunset one day and i look over and see him driving a all black Lincoln sedan. I made a simple nod of my head in acknowledgement of who he was, this guy rolls his eyes at me like some lil girl. F*** T. Owens. He need to give me my name back and pronounce it the way he did when he was a humbled rookie! What a sucka'. I wasn't even on no groupie type ish... I was already doing my thing... in my own Benz! That sell-out deserves all of the criticism and verbal attacks he gets... Humility... Learn it. Peace. And, Shot out to Harvey Levin and my favorite cast member... (The Blonde one that sits at the front)

1142 days ago

Natasha Boyce     

It's real crazy how someone who CLEARLY has a problem with us African Americans would even want a n****'s autograph and not to mention rocking a JORDAN T shirt smdh! People like that do NOT deserve to have the pleasure of enjoying the black culture, sports or music. Sooo proud of T.O for keeping his cool and not punching that fool in his jaw! It is SOOO SAD how ignorant some people are! That guy was the real n*****

1142 days ago


And we decent humans now know why athletes carry weapons. T.O.was a cool headed professional,but the cops or security should have been called. So the people whom he was trying to give attention to for autograph and photos wouldn't have had to put up with that ignoramous.Looking for a handout.When superstars or famous people acknowlege you this is what they're affraid of.Or someone going to far and trying to hit or kill them.They have children and families as well. Oh,and props to Ryan Reynolds too for keeping the photographers at 10' from him and Sandra hiking outing.I loved when he pointed,like get back and don't try to get close enough to shoot Louise's face.Love it.Rockon professional men.

1142 days ago


Terrell Owens aint got enough money for me to wanna take a pic with him.

1141 days ago


So I don't get it the word is used as a term of endearment if it ends with an "a" but its an insult if it ends in "er"? T.O. didn't seem to bothered by the use of the word. I'm sure he has used it himself. So stupid just quit using the word all together.

1141 days ago


These new dudes are called "swag queens" they're straight dudes that have bytch moments. If you listen the guy is yelling when he gets official (making money) like seriously all this because Owen didn't want to take a picture with you.
Man up and do some push ups

1141 days ago
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