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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Armstrong Funeral

Will NOT Be Taped

8/18/2011 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

will not have "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cameras rolling when Russell Armstrong's funeral takes place ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to production tell us there's some turmoil at the network -- while everyone realizes Russell's death will make the show more dramatic and watchable ... they're also nervous about pushing the envelope too far.

We're told Bravo doesn't know how much Russell footage, if any, will air in the show's second season -- but the one thing everyone agrees on is not taping the funeral services.

We're also told the cast had a meeting yesterday -- sans network execs -- to console each other.  Taylor Armstrong was not there.


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The upcoming seasons theme was how she can live in a loveless marriage. His mom was interviewed and he said for weeks to months they are going to rake me through the coals and I won't be able to take it.

These are some of the biggest low lifes to ever grace a tv screen. Anyone watching it has issues.

1169 days ago

julianne rose    

i think its very tragic what happened to Russell Armstrong. Very Very sad. I do think though that the funeral and the show should continue. THIS IS REALITY T.V and thats what Taylor and Russell signed up for. It's not like every media outlet isn't covering the story. This is a chance for Taylor to let everyone know the truth. Reality obviously can be VERY VERY SAD but i think the story should unfold and be shown to the end. AGAIN THIS IS WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR.

1169 days ago


Bravo to Bravo for this decision. It would be obscene to film the funeral. Let the man rest in peace.

1169 days ago


Disgusting group all around, pick up a book is so much more entertaining than watching 90% of the crap on tv. These woman I would say are the most morally corrupt woman on tv, how can the american people watch this with interest? Gee Washington DC is a mirror image of the people. Shut your tv's off and talk to your kids, spouse, pets and think what could you do to improve your life or your kids life.

1169 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

"These old mares just ain't what they used to be".....

1169 days ago


I for one will skip all HOusewife shows from now I see how all that bickering and backstabbing can really drive anyone off the deep end...not to mention having to keep up the facade of wealth when you are dead broke. Pardon the pun...I have no respect for any of these shows anymore, and if Bravo even thinks of riding a publicity wave on this one, I swear, I am done with Bravo for ever. RIP in Russell at least now you are free from your money hungry ducklipped monster of a wife...but I do feel for his kids and I hope everyone thinks long and hard about their fake a s s lives....and what really matters.

1169 days ago


*Resspect for the deceased* Bravo need to relize that there all a bunch of crushed fans about the death, but business as well as the show must go on! Make a "Memories episode" and move foward. And Bravo... there is no such thing as pushing the envolope to far. All it will do is push open the information that everyone wants to hear.

1169 days ago


I will bet you right now at this minute the Bravo producers and lawyer and exs are all holed up somewhere
A: Double checking and making sure that their as* are clean and they can't be sued for helping to cause this mans sucide in any way..
B: How best to capitalize on this sudden bonanza of publicity they are gettin for their rotten show ....Trying to find a angle they can work...
C: Try to find any reason they can sale the media to keep this cramp on the air....

And that folks is what it is pure crap glorifing gold-digging back-stabbing social over the hill fake to the toe nail whores....yes whores....who care more for money and self gradification then they do people...How many marriages destroyed by these women ...

The best thing that could happen is that it is taken off the air for good.....Fat Chance of that through...

1169 days ago


So now I know why Taylor wanted the funeral in Beverly HILLS. SO BRAVO COULD TAPE IT. Russell's family wants the ceremony in TEXAS where he would be cremated!!!!!!!!! I bet that is what is going to happen......probably TOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING for BRAVO.......cremated? traveling to TEXAS?????? too much work for the BRAVOS and TAYLOR. THAT IS PROBABLY why they are 'CHOOSING' not to tape it. They should not even be airing this fuching season. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EVERYBODY......they are just saying....oh we will not tape the funeral just to take away from the fact that they made the decision to 'GO ON WITH THE SHOW' BLOOD MONEY BLOOD MONEY BLOOD MONEY MORE MORE MORE MORE......BRAVO! BRAVO....what's next....KILLING PEOPLE FOR THEIR SHOW.....blood money FUCHS. I am FUCHING donw watching these DUMB OLD WHORS

1169 days ago


This show is covered with BLOOD....i will NOT be watching it. If you have any shread of ethics or morals.....even a will no*****ch it either. This show CAUSED someone to KILL their anyone out there? where is everybody????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? HIS MOM SAID THAT HE WOULD BE VILANIZED and he would not be able to HANDLE IT..............I BET THEY ALREADY FORKED OVER A BIG CHUNK OF BLOOD MONEY TO SHUT HIS FAMILY UP.....if the show goes on....that would be the ONLY POSSIBILITY! BLOOD MONEY

1169 days ago


Shw is no longer a housewife!

1169 days ago


What What whattttt? You mean these media whores aren't going to pimp this poor weak man's death on TV and make a fortune from it? `He took the punk way out or was murked by one of these buttafaces. Or maybe because the show is so horrible.

1169 days ago


I can't even believe they'd EVEN think about taping that. Seriously???

1169 days ago


They all disliked or didn't understand him, they made that pretty clear at the end of the first season. His family is just looking to cash in on their fifteen minutes of fame threatening to sue Bravo. He signed releases, he played the part on TV. No dice there. Wife number three was divorcing him, so her precious little tears...perhaps over no life insurance and she is still looking at a $1.5 Million lawsuit for defrauding investors and using their money for the show. Round and Round they go......

1169 days ago


Taylor wasn't there. Yeah, she was busy brainstorming ways she can parlay this into some cash not to mention more fame. RIP Russell.

1169 days ago
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